My fish tank
The live stream of my fancy goldfish tank! Currently there's only one fish in it (my ryukin Munch). You can see him swimming around, looking for all kinds of...

I found out YouTube actually has a live-streaming option! :D Time for me to check it out. Lights are still off, but I’m so excited! I really like how people can see when the lights will be on and stuff. :)

maybe if the stream is a success I will add something like a moonlight-thingy so there will be things to look at even when it’s dark. But that’s not something to think about now. Let’s just see how it works :)


A few pictures of my goldfish tank! I just did a water change. I still need to scrub the algae off the back of the tank, but it’s hard to reach and I was lazy. D:

Also took out the valisneria so I could put the Giant Bamboo back - the valisneria was kinda melting and not growing really well. It also didn’t help that the parts of it which were growing, got pulled out by Reshi. Oh well. This looks nice too!

Auri's looking much better!!

I went home today to bring some stuff and decided it’d be a good idea to check up on her and Reshi. She’s looking much better! All the red spots disappeared. I think she’s a lttle lonely, though.

I did a 100% water change in Auri’s quarantaine tank so she’d be fine until friday. If she’s still looking good I’ll put her back in the main tank with Reshi :)

Update on Auri

Auri is still doing well :) She is in a quarantinetank right now, with an airpump and medication. I’m not there right now, because I had to go to my parents for Christmas, but my friend is watching her. I hope poor Auri feels better soon.
Last time I saw her she was still really active and happy, so I think she will be allright.