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Have you seeing the guy covering Sing of the times on sax? I'm on mobile so I can't link, but the guy's name is Luis Graziatto.

this sounds like what i’d listen to if it was the 60s and i was on a roadtrip and we were on this rly long straight away at night and the wind was rly cold but it’s ok but u can look up and be faced with thousands of stars and wow oh mygof

oh mygof im like not even processing yet that tomorrow somehow i will see it oh man oh man oh man tomorrow oh man oh man its tomorrow either we are right or the world is literally made of fucking pudding

my tears: zarry edition

this is rough…but why did zayn say harry was his rock!! no one needed to know but he made sure the world knew that harry was his rock! he also told off an interviewer for calling harry a womanizer! and said “i know the real you” like…….. then the candy tho n g……oh mygof…. or the time harry accidentally hit zayn and he was about to swing at harry but harry like…calmed him down??? harry and zayn have subtle touches?? honestly?? the late night conversations too……….