The glo fever

if there is any thing that has created much anticipation of it’s coming it is surely Glo’s arrival in Ghana. this days it has become the talk of the moment, let me give some scenarios to better understand what I am talking about.

My dad was having difficulties on his Mobile network, the normal one switched off or out of coverage area and he said:“ this network they should just wait if glo comes I am going to be among the first people to get on their network because I here they are going to give better network service”. My dad is more convinced that a network that was suppose to arrive earlier is going to be the best, is that not a fever. This not the case with my dad, I can guarantee that half of the more 24mil. people in Ghana always point to glo’s arrival as something that would satisfy all their communication needs.

Unfortunately I also have the fever, and as someone who is aspiring to be an entrepreneur, I have decided to dedicate my time my resources to finding out the cause of the fever, to what extent glo is going to influence communication in Ghana, and finally how information technology inclined individuals can take advantage of this fever.