What is there to say about love? You could sweep up all the words and stack them in the gutter and love wouldn’t be any different, wouldn’t feel any different, the hurt in the heart, the headachy desire that hardly submits to language. What we can’t tame we talk about.
—  Jeanette Winterson, from “Atlantic Crossing,” The World and Other Places

I had a dream in which I doubted all my artistic abilities and I sat in front of my sketches and almost cried, but then euclase showed up and said that all kind of art is amazing and with enough practice I will be able to achieve any goal I want. All I have to do is to keep going and never give up.

It was literally one of the most positive dreams I had, ever.

A quick lil’ update.

🔥: Here at Nextale, we are most definitely human, too.

🔥: Sometimes, we get frustrated with art. 

🔥: There are other times when we just get so frustrated that we stop caring and give the problem to our partner.

🔥: But…in the end…we will still have quality Frisk’s. 

🔥: And THAT fills us with Determination. 

🔥: Next update is underway, everyone. Thank you for your patience! ;P