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do you really think v/m will come back for the 2018 olys?

omg i cant believe im getting invested in ice dance again, pls abraham i am not that man


on one hand, ice dance judges are like notoriously snitchy about teams that stay too long and really, all you have to do is look at v/m this last quad to see what an uphill battle they will potentially face with the judges if they do decide to come back. but on the other hand…THE FIELD IS LIKE SO WEAK. a post-olympic season is always a year of serious calibration as teams try to make their mark but even so this season blows chunks man. if the field still looks like this a year from now, i can’t help but think (wish???? hope?????) they will come back. i mean who could possibly challenge them? weapo is a mid-rate placeholder team lbr, chock/bates is like 5% actual skating and 95% madison mugging to the judges, papadakis/cizeron are interesting but v young and unpolished (also they have a nice fd this yr but they are usually v eurotrash and tacky), shibsibs are never getting anywhere as long as marina keeps treating them like third-class citizens, and the russian couples are p much a mess rn (victoria sinitsina girl pls love urself). fs is a sport constantly in flux so i could be eating my words next year but honestly COP ice dance teams are all starting to look the same and i honestly haven’t seen a single fd this year that isnt plain sloppy or just ripping off old vm/dw lifts

(also as much as vm have tried to put a happy spin on their sochi experience, they’re probably bitter af because of the whole marina situation because i certainly would be. i wouldn’t be surprised if they felt like they had unfinished business or unfinished potential to live up to. pls note i am 100% making this up and it is based on absolutely nothing at all except my ~feelings)

Ah, bem melhor seria
Poder viver em paz
Sem ter que sofrer
Sem ter que chorar
Sem ter que querer
Sem ter que se dar

Mas tem que sofrer
Mas tem que chorar
Mas tem que querer
Pra poder amar

Ah, mundo enganador
Paz não quer mais dizer amor

Ah, não existe coisa mais triste que ter paz
E se arrepender, e se conformar
E se proteger de um amor a mais

O tempo de amor
É tempo de dor
O tempo de paz
Não faz nem desfaz

Ah, que não seja meu
O mundo onde o amor morreu

Ah, não existe coisa mais triste que ter paz
E se arrepender, e se conformar
E se proteger de um amor a mais

—  Vinícios de Moraes em Tempo de Amor
Showing IP address on login screen

If you want to show IP addr on login splash screen after reboot there you go. Edit file

# sudo vi /etc/rc.local

insert just before line “touch /var/lock/subsys/local” :

sed -i_bak -e '/Addres/d' /etc/issue
IPADD=`/sbin/ifconfig | sed '/Bcast/!d' | awk '{print $2}'| awk '{print $2}' FS=":"`
echo "The IP Addres is: $IPADD" >> /etc/issue

Why do I think that this can be helpful? I don’t know about you guys but I use VMs a lot and it drives me nuts if i can see VM screen without knowing what is the IP address and specially if i have to check it manually and I have so many virtual machines up and running in the same time!