starry starry signs

the poets: taurus, capricorn, scorpio

the performers: gemini, leo, sagittarius

the children at heart: aries, cancer, gemini 

the romantics: aries, cancer, libra

the kindest souls: cancer, pisces, libra 

the wisest minds: taurus, scorpio, capricorn

the creators: taurus, leo, aquarius

the dreamers: sagittarius, pisces, virgo

the musicians: virgo, libra, capricorn

the artists: leo, scorpio, aquarius

the brave ones: pisces, aries, sagittarius

the free spirits: gemini, virgo, aquarius

Vince Heliotrope Mod for DST Live!

With the character of Vince from @deoxyrebornicleic and art by @animeshowfan, and some custom scripting by moi~, the mod is ready to go on Steam Workshop!

There may be some slight graphical bugs to it, so I hope anyone who plays with him lets me know about it so we can fix them, but for now, please enjoy!

Get Vince here!


Merry christmas to all ~ 

It’s been a while   i didn’t draw anything ~ since I’m recovering ~ 

I was re watching kuroshitsuji last night and then automatically went to my tablet.

Actually this was a doodle unexpectedly it turns to be a fanart ? … 

Anyways I always liked how he looks~ vincent phantomhive such a charming man . 

I hope all like it ~ <3 

If you want to download it with full size and rate it  ~ its at my  pixiv 

And thank you !!