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You've mentioned before that the are lots of cool point 'n click adventure games that haven't been properly appreciated. Do you know of any that are like... Beneath a Steel Sky, but without the misogyny?

Depends on what it is about Beneath a Steel Sky you’re interested in.

If you want something that’s similar in terms of both gameplay and aesthetics, your best bet would probably be Technobabylon. It has its own set of issues, mind - I’ve previously discussed it here.

On the other hand, if it’s the late 1980s cyberpunk aesthetics you’re after, but you’re willing to bend on gameplay (i.e., think less Monkey Island, more Snatchers), you could have look at 2064: Read Only Memories. I’m only a couple of hours into it, myself, but so far it seems like a perfectly charming late cyberpunk pastiche. One of the only examples of the type that I can think of with the option to play a non-binary protagonist, too - it even lets you pick your own pronouns.

On the mutant third hand, if you mean you want something that plays like Beneath a Steel Sky and its ilk, but it doesn’t have to be cyberpunk specifically, you should totally check out The Shivah. Short version: you’re a clinically depressed rabbi at a poverty-stricken synagogue in inner-city New York trying to unravel the truth behind a mysterious inheritance. The audiovisual aesthetics are like film noir meets Neo Geo. There’s rabbinical question fighting. High concept as all get-out, naturally, but for some of us that’s a plus!

I was just thinking about some stuff and then it hit me.
Imagine if there was an ‘Avatar the last airbender’ game, in VR!
I would sell my soul (or if I had to the soul of every human being, to be honest) to be able to bend! And this would bring me one step closer to actually do it!
All the possibilities! Just imagine it!