"Laying here doesnt feel the same."

“Haha Tyler Carter is just perfect. Some details for the smut imagine is like maybe he just came home from a tour and surprises you, and then you end up having sex. Thanks.”

Title: ‘Sad Ghost" by:Issues

I laid there, squirming around in the disappointingly empty covers, Tyler’s pillow hugged up against my body, the scent of his cologne lulling me to sleep like a musky lullaby. 

As the hours passed so did my consciousness, by 3am I was finally asleep, the mixture of the warm sheets and Tyler’s pillow comforting me as my eyes finally fell closed. 

I had nice dreams for the short 6 hours I got to sleep, they were all small sets of the same thing, Tyler. weather it was us together cuddling, or him coming home early they all had him in it, and I couldn’t ask for a better dream.   

I finally get the strength to move out of the bed as I read '5:55’ on the alarm clock.

“I’d only get 5 more minutes, it isnt even worth it.” I mumbled into the empty, quiet room as I flipped off of the alarm and slipped on my house shoes and started to make my way down stairs into the kitchen.

“ah, the sweet smell of Coffee at ungodly hours of the morning.” I grumbled to myself as I heard the slow drip of coffee start as the clock finally hit '6:00am’

I slowly turned around and looked at the calender to see what time zone Tyler was in today, wondering if I was going to get a call this early, or after I got off of work.

As I searched for today’s date on the calender I heard my phone begin to buzz on the counter top, I jogged over and slid the 'answer’ button over before his ring tone even had a chance to start.

I held my phone at arm’s length, waiting patiently to see Tyler’s beautiful face.

As I looked away to start getting my coffee together I heard the small 'ding.’ and Tyler’s lovely voice.

“Good morning beautiful.” He spoke as the boys yelled in the background.

“Its morning here to by the way.” He giggled lightly as he looked what he could see of me up and down.

“well in that case good morning handsome.” I smiled to him, looking at his perfectly straight, pearly white teeth as his lips stretched up into a smile.

I blushed lightly and looked at his face as we were in silence for a moment before Michael ducked his face into the camera. 

“Don’t worry Y/N I’ve been treating Tyler just right!” He spoke with a wink as he grabbed Tyler’s face and forced his lips onto his cheek. 

Tyler giggled for a moment and got up, walking over to another door, as he closed it behind him the speakers were flooded with blissful silence. 

“well now that you can hear me properly, good morning my beautiful princess.” He spoke sweetly, his pure blue eyes staring into mine as he smiled.

“Good morning my handsome prince.” I spoke, smiling back to him as I took as sip of my coffee and leaned him up against the mirror of the dresser.  

“I need to get ready, but you can sit there.” I smiled to him as I went over to the closet and picked out my outfit for the day.

I set out my pencil skirt and white dress top before I walked over to the dresser in front of where I had set my phone.

“Its kind of funny now that I think about it, an office worker and a major rock star dating, its odd but it works.” I smiled as I looked up at him

He laughed for a second before his head shot up and looked over to the corner of the room, another voice began to talk as Tyler hung up on me.

I sighed and texted him 'you’re lucky you’re cute Carter.’ before I hurriedly slipped on my clothes and did my makeup, grabbing my coffee and phone before I rushed out of the door and to my car. 


I sighed and shoved my key into the door, forcing it open as I dropped everything and answered my phone that had been ringing for a minute almost.

“hello?” I spit into the phone, unaware who was calling before I answered.

“woah baby, what’s wrong baby?” Tyler asked calmly.

“Oh, sorry…work was just shitty.” I Sighed as I stomped up the stairs and flung myself into the door of Tyler and I’s shared bedroom.

“Oh, well hey baby, look up into the mirror for a second.” He spoke quietly into his phone.

“Why?” I asked hatefully as I looked up into the mirror, seeing Tyler sitting on the edge of the bed.

I dropped my phone and gasped as tears welled up in my eyes and he walked over towards me.

“Because I need you to see how beautiful you are princess.” He spoke quietly, moving my hair to one side of my neck, pressing his plump lips onto the soft skin of my neck, just below my ear.

“Tyler.” Was all I could manage to get out before I looked up a him, hiss blue eyes glassy with un-shed tears.

“hey baby, we got done a couple of days early and I wanted to surprise you..looks like I chose the right day too.” He giggled and sighed before slipping his index finger below my chin, lifting my face up so he could press his plump, soft lips to mine.

“I’m glad you’re here.” I smiled to him as I sat up on the edge of the dresser, resting my thighs on his hips, my calves and feet falling limp by his side.

“do you want to tell me what happened?” he asked quietly as he rested his forehead against mine.

“I don’t really feel like talking anymore Tyler.” I spoke quietly as I draped my arms over his shoulders before I pressed my lips onto his, his hands cautiously settled onto my hips. 

I slowly slid my right palm down from his back, down his shoulder, then I finally rested my hand on his chest, feeling at the collar of his shirt I tangled my other hand up in the shorter ends of his hair at the back of his head. 

I let a small gasp into his mouth as he pressed his slightly hard member against my thigh, searching for the friction that he desired.

“Tyler.” I whispered to him as I removed my hand from his collar and down to the lining of his pants, my fingers playing with the elastic of his boxers.

He groaned slightly as I let my fingers brush over the swollen head of his member, his hands shaking as he pressed his face into the crook of my neck, his lips and teeth going to work immediately.

 I leaned my head back and released a breathy moan, my hands gripping at the edge of the dresser as his lips worked diligently on my skin, pressing down hard enough to surely leave marks in the morning

I began to work at his belt buckle as his hands snaked around my hips,, one slipping up my back to undo my bra.

I moved my hands skillfully down his torso, and down to his belt, unzipping his pants after i had un done his belt, shuffling his pants down to his ankles, leaving him in just his boxers.

Tyler finally moved away from me and swatted my hands away from the bulge in his boxers as he scooped my half naked body off of the dresser, leaving my shirt and shorts on the floor. 

“no, tonight is all about you baby, i’m going to make you feel like even more of a princess then you already are.” He whispered to me, leaving a smile on my face and goose bumps on my skin. 

He slowly ran his hands down my sides until his knuckles brushed the lace at the top of my panties, he slowly slipped the tips of his fingers into the lace, and pulled the fabric away from my skin, the fabric sticking slightly to my dripping core.

“god Y/N, you’re so easy to excite.” He nearly whispered as he leaned his face down, blowing hot air onto my core.

I shuddered slightly as the wave of pleasure washed over me. he finally attached his lips to my core and an involuntary moan spilled out of my mouth.

He groaned onto my clit as he slipped his tongue along my slit, lapping up my juices as his fingertips drew small circles into my skin. 

“baby, Its been so long since i’ve had you, just fuck me please.” I groaned to him as I watched his eyes light up with a flicker of passion that i’d never seen before.

“I’ve always wanted to hear you say that baby.” he smiled to me, exposing his perfect smile as he lifted my legs to bend over his shoulders.

he softly placed one of his hands onto my tummy as he put the other hand on the shaft of his member, helping him to ease himself into me, groaning in satisfaction as he did so. 

“fuck, you’re so tight.” He mumbled as he began to slowly rock back and forth, his face contorting in pleasure as he locked one set of fingers with mine.

“3 almost 4 month will do that to you baby.” I breathed, taking in all of the sensation he was giving me, his length filing me completely, almost painfully as he slightly re-stretched my walls to fit his size.

I cried out in pleasure as he finally had enough room and lubrication to thrust his full length in and out, slamming my g-spot as he did so.

“baby, I getting close.” I whimpered, moaning lightly as he thrust out, leaving only the tip in until he slammed right back into me.

“Let it go princess.” He cooed, lightly rubbing his hand on my stomach as my walls clenched around his still moving member, causing him to pause for a moment, to feel my liquids release, causing him to thrust faster, searching for his own high.

he finally began to move slowly, until he stopped and groaned his mouth falling into an 'o’ shape as he spilled his seed into me.

after a second or two of staying like that he moved my legs from his shoulders and collapsed next to me, pulling my sweaty body into his equally as sweaty chest.

“hey Y/N, I love you baby.” he spoke into the quiet room, the only sounds were our heavy breathing as he waited for my response.

“I love you too Tyler.” I smiled, pulling his face down to mine for a sweet, small kiss.

For the singer, Tyler Carter - Inspired by the song “Disappear (Remember When)”

Most powerful, beautiful song I have ever heard. Thank you.


My Day With Issues… Yes I’m serious:

So this week has been FUCKING UNREALISTIC. I just had a jam session with Tyler Carter, Aj, and Scout… one thing lead to a fucking nother and BAM this son of a bitch. I got plenty of signatures and selfies. I sang stingray affliction. With Tyler Carter. He’s such a doll, seriously nicest guy i have ever met like totally laid back, and is all about the music. Scout and Aj are so silly. Scout showed us what kind of programs he uses to arrange the beats and how it works. We talked plenty about what kind of strings should be on our guitars.. IM NOT TELLING I MEAN COME ON. We got a sneak peak at a music video, but out of the respect for them I’m not telling you what it is. I promise its beautiful and its coming. They wrote on my shoes.. and my chest. I had a convo with Aj and he told me my shirt was dope and he fist bumped me. Yes he did. He signed my shirt and said “ right on the boob” When i sang Stingray Affliction to the instrumental… Tyler smiled and patted my back and i quote said “ This girl right here should just sing with us she knows it all” . I proceeded by having an inner panic attack. OH AND FOR ALL YOU FAN FICTION WRITERS. Tyler reads all that shit and he told me he does read it. so for all you sick muthafuckaas.. go take it down he thinks its weird. Hahaha. MISSION ABORT basically for all the people i know you’re almost worse than the directioners. But its ok we all have #issues hahahahah bAAADUMchHHHH. Why I’m so mad at myself i don’t knowww. hahahah ok ok il stop. Then he gave me much needed advice for stage fright. he said - GET OVER IT. then he laughed and told me just to get in a zone where I’m with myself. The set was unreal, also not telling the set because whats the fun if you know whats coming? During the set, scout blew me a kiss, then he walked over and gave me the set list. MAWAWMFAWNFLW yes i have the set list. Then MICHAEL CROWD SURFED DURING PERSONALITY CULT. ugh like yaaas. He also came over and said “This is for all those who feel like outcasts” and he screamed and grabbed my hands. Lets just say this was the most amazing day of my life- I apologize for this long ass thing but its needed

So here are pictures of me spending my day with Issues!

I feel like this genre is really receptive of kids that need more, of kids that need salvation within lyrics. And when I say that, I don’t mean religion… I mean they need something to take their mind away from, you know, the world, because the world is out to get everybody. But I feel like what they do have is our bands, and this label, and the other labels, and this subgenre of rock n roll music or metal. It’s not all about partying… and stuff like that, it’s about what’s real in life. I respect the fact that when they felt like there was nobody there, they turned up the volume, and there we were.
—  Tyler Carter, Issues

Issues- The Worst of Them (Acoustic) 

This is what happens when I go over to my best friend’s house and she plays her music