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When the Governor returns, he’s gonna kill me first. Michonne, my brother, then your girls. Glenn, Carl, the baby, whoever else is left. 

                                                                                      He’ll save Rick for last so he can                                                                                             watch his f a m i l y and friends die ugly.

That’s who you’re dealing with. 

the walking dead » season three; episode eleven » i ain’t a judas

Thief / Negan

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REQUEST: Hi again. Could i please ask for 23 and 36 with Negan? Thank you by @kjs-s

A/N: I don’t know I kinda kept procrastinating this one, but here we go :D Hope it is as requested! (A spider walked over me while writing, I had a real heart attack ._.)

23. “Have you lost your mind?”
36. “You’re hiding something from me.”

Warnings: very slight mentions of sexual assault, guns, cursing

It was late at night, as you sneaked into the big storeroom. You were so glad Dwight wasn’t on guard duty tonight, you could have never skulked past him. But you made it and were now standing in front of the big weaponry stock. So many guns and rifles, all with lucille engraved.

You chose a glock and took the lightweight weapon in your hands. Easy to balance out, you thought while hefting it.

Suddenly you heard a footstep behind you. You remained completely silent, not moving an inch. It was dark, the other person didn’t have to see you.

Then another step. And another. Somebody was peacefully sauntering towards you.

You thought about hiding. Maybe you could sneak under a big table or something. You just took a first silent step, when you heard a tongue clicking. “Well, well“, the voice of your leader rang through the hall. You coursed to yourself. Under all the people, it had to be him. “What do we have here?“, he asked and you carefully turned around. You put the gun in the back of your belt, hiding it away.

Negan was taking long, slow steps towards you. Lucille was resting on the shoulder of his leather jacket. “Now don’t tell me you’re a fucking sleepwalker and all that is a god damn accident“, he said and stepped into a small ray of light, coming from a spotlight outside the building.

He looked severely annoyed while shaking his head. “Won’t you just fucking tell me what you’re doing here, so we can go on from there“, he demanded and you tried to say something, but couldn’t find any words.

What should you tell him? That you were here to steal a weapon for your own protection? You knew what happened to people who stole, they met the iron or worse.

“I…“, you started in a miserable attempt. Negan noticed how to tried to come up with something. “SPEAK!“, he suddenly yelled and made you jump. You heart was pounding like crazy.

“I just wanted to have a look“, was the best you could think of and you flinched. What a stupid excuse.

He came towards you, eyeing you closely. “You’re hiding something from me”, he said. You looked up to him towering you, your eyes were big in shock. How could he have known?

You absentmindedly grabbed onto your back, where the gun was still in your belt. Of course he noticed and he put his hand behind you, without looking away from your face. He slapped your hand away and his eyes widened as he took a hold of the weapon. He pulled it out and slightly nodded while looking at it.

You could tell he was contemplating, probably thinking of how to punish you. He was still standing very close, you could smell his cologne and the leather of his jacket.

“Have you lost your mind?”, he asked and a dark chuckle escaped his throat. “You know how we handle thieves, right?“

You gulped and nodded. You would meet the iron, that was for sure.

“Why?“, he wanted to know, which slightly took you aback. Would the reason even matter or would it make it worse?

You decided to go for the truth, your fate was already decided, you would suffer for it anyway. “There’s this guy, he tries to, you know… he kinda scared me the last time so I figured…“ - „So you figured you should shoot him?“, he asked blankly.

“No“, you stared up at him. “It was just to be sure if something happens, I can help myself“, you admitted and saw him slowly nodding.

“I think I should pay him a visit“, he decided. You felt your jaw slightly drop. “Thank you“, you said with a tiny voice.

“I mean, I still have to punish you for not telling me, so… you’re working in the kitchen, right?“, he asked and you nodded. “I’m setting you on guard duty at the fences, for the next week“, Negan said to himself and then winked at you. “Of course you’ll need a gun then. Why don’t you have a look around?“, he suggested and gave you back the gun. You stared after him, as he was leaving the big room with slow steps.

You got knocked the f*ck out!

So, this is an imagine I wrote for my friends challenge!
@yellowtheremarvelfan celebrates 600 followers and I was happy to join!

Being said, there is not much information about this imagine, so enjoy it!

Words: 1321

Ever since the world went to shit, I had two constants in my life.
Shane and Daryl.
Since my brother apparently  didn’t survive his gun shot wound I only had them after THAT night.
The night, where the dead didn’t stay dead and became alive again.
Or something like that.

Anyways, Shane took care of me and my nephew Carl, as well as for his mom, Lori.
Shortly after that we met Carol and her family, as well as some other people.
Including Daryl and Merle Dixon.
Daryl Dixon.

Grumpy. Silent. Big Heart and mostly, undeniable hot.
But that’s just it.
The two of us never really got a chance to get to know each other better and now, settled in at the prison, I don’t want to make things any more awkward.

That was then and now I am busy otherwise.

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so, i went to visit my buddy today and we were talking about megacon because we’re going on sunday. anyway, that conversation turned into a twd topic … then a norman reedus topic … then a caryl topic. basically, it went like this. my friend is cw.

cw: i think nr is bi.

me: ???

cw: he kisses guys and have you heard him talk when he’s not daryl?

me: yea i’ve heard him talk when he’s not daryl. and so what if he kisses guys? he kisses ladies too. he’s kissed andy, jeff, sarah, steven … he planted one on danai … umm, he kisses mel every chance he gets. he also licked her face at least once. people apparently thought he and em kinney were dating and said it was gross because she’s so young and he was like nah we are not dating i have kissed all of them and i mean ALL of them.

cw: true. daryl needs to have a relationship on twd.

me: well i and fans on tumblr think it’s going to be with carol if he gets one.

cw: nah not her. it’s probably going to be some chic on the side. carol is way older than him.

me: she’s actually only 3 years older … and i’m not sure about a side chic. look how far he’s come with carol. he doesn’t hug anyone else the way he hugs her or look at anyone else the way he looks at her in team fam. he hasn’t either. he also has bad trust issues but it’s pretty clear he trusts her a lot. i don’t think a side chic would be plausible for daryl because gaining someone’s trust especially someone who’s been physically abused and has ptsd is hard. daryl wouldn’t just sleep with some chic. nr himself said “if daryl falls in love with you he’s gonna love you for the rest of his life.” he also said he adores mel as much as daryl adores carol.

cw: you got a point but i still think he’s going to have a fling with some random chic. plus he said they’re more like sibling bond.

me: *sighs* he said that and also this: as far as romance is concerned he already has a relationship with carol. so he’s kind of all over with it. but he also said he’s not allowed in the room when they discuss it. and sibling bond??? okay sure because i totally look at my brother with heart eyes and hug him like that… so i and my tumblr fam and norm and lennie james are still going to caryl on.