"Beware" by .Rekhyt.Ankh.

Well hello lovely Teen Wolf fans! It’s that time again. Before everyone Loses Their Minds over “Echo House” tonight, let’s look at more lovely fan art! 

One thing we’re particularly proud of with this gallery is that countries all over the world are represented - showing just how far and wide this little show has managed to reach. Today’s piece comes from the country of Azerbaijan! This piece is “Beware” by .Rekhyt.Ankh.

When we asked .Rekhyt.Ankh. for permission to hang this piece, she gave us “the right to print it, hang it and love it till the end of time”.  This is exactly what we intend to do!  We love this piece! From Stiles’ beautiful, mysterious eyes, to the awesome background - this is a fantastic addition to our gallery.

Thanks so much, .Rekhyt.Ankh.!  Your piece is loved by all, especially Dylan! 

Check out all of our previous pieces here and see you all next week!

Also, be sure to check out “Wolf Watch” tonight directly after the show where our gallery, (and some of our pieces!), will have a little cameo!

Teen Wolf: The First Time He Sees You

Derek: He’s in complete awe of you…

Isaac: Immediately knows there’s something supernatural about you and well…he’s not known for his subtlety…

Scott: You get assigned as his lab partner. He introduces himself, getting tongue-tied looking at you…

Stiles: Turns on his “charms” and immediately goes over to you…


Peter: You’re the newest member of the pack and Peter sees you as “fresh meat”, taking a special interest in you straight away….

Aiden: Ethan knew as soon as he saw you that Aiden would like you, you were just his type.

Teen Wolf: The Way He Looks At You

Derek: These days he mostly looked at you with a gaze full of worry. He was terrified that something was going to happen to you no matter how many times you tried to assuage his fears…

Stiles: When you told him you were moving he couldn’t handle it. He tried to keep himself together but eventually his defenses broke down…

Aiden: He pretended to be all tough, like he didn’t need anyone or anything, but when he looked at you his hardened glare softened and an expression of happiness and love replaced it….

Scott: He always knew when he had done something wrong so he used his puppy-dog eyes to his advantage and looked at you, as if begging for forgiveness. When you finally gave in his cute smile would spread across his face, lighting up the room….

Isaac: He thinks you don’t notice, most of the time you don’t, but every once in a while you’d look up to see his gaze on you, love in his eyes…


Me During Tonights Episode:

Me Watching The Preview Of The Rest Of The Season: