Teen Wolf Season Five

“On the eve of Senior Year, Scott and his friends find themselves facing the possibility of a future without each other, a next phase of their lives that might take them in different directions despite their best intentions. Little do they know that outside forces are already plotting to break the pack apart long before they ever see graduation. New villains that use a combination of science and the supernatural for a malevolent and mysterious purpose that will eventually pit Scott and his friends against their greatest enemy yet.”

jerakeenc said:always-a-girl!stiles is an awkward, scrappy, sarcastic girl who has always hated being protected. just ask her dad. so she does not find derek hale’s savior complex hot in the least. nope. not happening.

THIS PROMPT IS AWESOME!  I love always a girl!stiles, I hope you enjoy this:

“No,” Stiles says. She wriggles her hands, trying to loosen the ropes around her wrists. They’re slick with blood but she’s trying really hard not to think about that.

Derek is very carefully expressionless, but there’s a tightness to his jaw. “No?”

“Absolutely not, nope, no way.” She huffs a lock of hair out of her face. She’s tired, bruised, and sweaty – she needs to brush her teeth, her feet are bare and scraped and she is five seconds away from crying big sobbing tears of humiliation and relief. She’d seen Derek framed in the doorway, big and competent and so handsome, honestly, and her entire body had just sagged, adrenaline rushing out of her, there are parts of her brain leaping around yelling hurray about being saved, but Stiles is not doing this.

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This list is a bit of a departure from my usual style, since I haven’t had a chance to sit down and re-read these before writing out more detailed thoughts. But, since the official teenwolf tumblr so kindly asked for a list of pro tennis player AUs, it seemed like a good time to dust off this recs blog and let you know that I do have another list (and a few longer-form recs) planned for April. Now, for the tennis recs!

Love All | tattooedsiren | Explicit | 47,602

When Stiles Stilinksi steps foot onto Court 8 at Roland Garros, it’s everything he’s been dreaming of for the last nine years, and everything his life has been building towards since the first time he held a tennis racquet in his hands fourteen years ago.

It’s kinda funny, Stiles thinks, that his first game in a Grand Slam (that’s right, he’s playing in a freaking Grand Slam) is against a fellow American. Hell, he’s a fellow Californian. Derek Hale is slightly taller than him, his face is stubbled and just as grumpy in real life as he’s seen in numerous photos and video coverage. And yeah, in any other circumstance Stiles might admit that the stubble and general sense of ‘stay the hell away from me’ totally works for him. But right now it’s just intimidating as fuck.

Chasing Number One | metamorphosis2011 | Mature | 18,530

Meet Derek Hale, the world tennis number one and a “gift from god” for the sport. The 'Iron Man’ from the US, four years at number one, unchallenged, with an unrivalled run of victories. Enter Stiles Stilinski, the 17 year old wunderkind from Germany, hot on his tail, chasing his spot at number 1. Surely there is no time and place for the small complication that is romance in the competitive world that is performance tennis. Definitely not if everyone else has their say!

Cornetto Cupidity Love Story | hazelandglasz | Not Rated | 3,229

Inspired by a Cornetto advertisement
Derek plays Wimbledon, Stiles is the line umpire who calls on his fault–and ends up with a tennis ball to the head

Sterek Tennis AU | tumblr gifset by stileslovesderek | fic by kateafterdark

World ranking Tennis players Stiles Stilinski & Derek Hale keep getting paired up in all the grand Doubles tournaments, which gives the world their A+ entertainment but might be a problem because Stiles is kind of falling in love with Derek and it’s affecting his performance.

sterek sport AUs: Tennis | tumblr gifset by riidus

Derek Hale, the grouchy world no. 1, and the winner of more Grand Slams than most people believed was even possible, finds himself beaten in one of the most important matches of his career by cheeky newcomer Stiles Stilinski.

The strife is on when Stilinski winks at him after his ace is in the final nail in Derek’s coffin, eliminating him from the whole tournament in the 2nd round. Derek, having always been stoic and sensible, can’t help his childish need to prove himself better than Stiles. He has no idea how this kid could get under his skin, so fast and unnoticed. The rivalry between the two of them continues throughout the season, fueled by the press and gossip.

When Derek gets the news that he and Stiles have been chosen to represent the US at Davis Cup, he knows he can’t decline, even though he finds it hard enough dealing with Stiles and his brash attitude when he’s on the other side of the net.

When their Davis Cup matches take them to Spain and they are forced to train and room together, Derek discovers that there might be another reason for his obsession than just showing Stiles who’s better. When the realization strikes, there’s already no way of going back. He never thought he could fall in love again until it actually happened.

Tennis pro Derek Hale gifset with story tags

#tyler hoechlin#tennis pro derek hale is at the height of celebrity#a series of high profile tournaments have combined with his good looks and left him a worldwide name#he’s seen left and right rolling into taxis at 3am with the latest supermodel#and while it’s getting him splashed all over the tabloids it’s not doing much for his game#so his agent decides to get one of the up and comers to be his training partner#enter stiles stilinski#a new face in tennis who’s already making waves with his powerful serve and sense of humour#derek resents being forced to train with /anyone/#let alone some teenager who just got his first racquet#but of course he ends up liking stiles a lot more than he meant to#and stiles helps derek come back to earth and focus on his game again#and derek…#well derek teaches stiles a bunch of new stroke techniques#very occasionally they even involve actual tennis