“日本デビュ-10周年 記念party.
ひらやまさん あざす。
メンバも あざす。
スタプも あざす。
ファンのみなさんも あざす。
오랜만에 옛 영상들 봐서 부끄러웠지만 좋은 추억이네요~ㅋ 감사합니다.^^”

“I was embarrassed to see the old photos after such a long time but they are good memories~ ke thank you.^^”
Heo Young Saeng And Kim Kyu Jong Attend Kim Hyun Joong's Fan Meeting

Heo Young Saeng And Kim Kyu Jong Attend Kim Hyun Joong’s Fan Meeting

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On April 29, Kim Hyun Joong held his fan meeting “Anemone” at Seoul’s Olympic Hall. As he was talking to fans, he shared, “I am thankful to Kyu Jong and Young Saeng who came today.” Thinking that they would be in the audience, he asked them to greet the fans, but they had already left at that point. In response, Kim Hyun Joong joked about them only updating their Instagram and going.


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songs which introduced me to kpop , groups with such amazing potential  and that no longer exists, its sad that because some shitty politic of the company most of them just disband and newer had chance to shine as they should