For those of you who aren’t aware, National “Hate Misha Collins” Day is coming up...

National “Hate Misha Collins” Day (Yes I’m completely serious) is May 31st.

A couple of things I want to get out there. Yes this is a real thing and yes people do go on to twitter, tumblr, facebook and other social media sites to harass, provoke and instigate Misha Collins. calling him out, writing nasty things to the writers of his show ‘Supernatural’ and as recently as last year, trying their hardest to get him fired from the show

Some even send him death threats.

It got so bad last year that Misha’s fellow actors and actresses rallied behind him, slamming the Misha Collins haters to a pulp.

I just want to say, why you would choose to openly, blatantly hate on someone with such a huge fan following is beyond even me. Are you prepared for the shit you will receive from various people who love Misha/Supernatural or who are just against such a disgusting degree of bullying in general? Are you asking to be called out? Please don’t be one of the stupid ones.

You have every right to dislike him, you have every right to dislike his acting. But you have absolutely no right to threaten him, threaten his employees and the people he works for in any degree

How could anyone possibly hate this man? He’s never done any wrong. (Despite a few obnoxious tweets but we’ve all been there). He is amazing. He is kind, generous, funny, talented among many other things. He has his own charity for crying out loud. He goes out of his way to make fans happy. He has saved so many people’s lives without really knowing who they were (Myself included.) I just don’t understand why people could be so hateful.

So, here’s the deal! This year I want to counter IHMCD with ILMCD! That’s right, me and you and everyone who loves Misha Collins, we’re all gonna fight back with our own version of this day. 


Show your support by tweeting to Misha, sending him a facebook message, or even writing something nice on tumblr about him. We’ll wash out all those haters. Also, write “ILMCD” on your wrists and make those photos go viral on twitter. Get #ILoveMishaCollinsDay trending on twitter. Show those haters who is boss. We are family, we are one. And I know my family can pull this off.



Jared Padalecki has cancelled yet another appearance, hasn’t been heard from in two weeks.

Please spread the word through the fandom.. It has just been confirmed that Jared has cancelled yet another appearance on short notice. His social media accounts have been dark for almost two weeks.

Please, if you have the time, it seems as though Jared still needs some love, support and encouragement from his Spn family. If you want to contribute to the “Open Letters to Jared” Campaign, please click here and submit your letters to him. There are so many campaigns going around, if you wish to contribute more. Those include but are not limited to this, this, this and this.

Always Keep Fighting, Jared. We’re still with you and we aren’t going anywhere.


Sam & Dean | Tracking Aeroplanes
“We can do this.”

…or in other words, always keep fighting.


I’ve watched this like 100 time , literally ! i can’t get enough of it !

anonymous asked:

Prompt "always sneak in Dean's bed at night, because only cuddle with him make you sleep"

You had difficulty sleeping…it wasn’t uncommon. You very rarely could sleep on your own and travelling all over with the Winchesters certainly didn’t help matters. It wasn’t uncommon for you to sneak into someone else’s bed to allow you to finally fall asleep…after all fatigue was a soldiers worst enemy and while you weren’t necessarily the common definition of a soldier, the life of a hunter was very close to one. 

It was with great care and walking on your tiptoes that you left the sofa which you had been resting on, it being your turn to take the sofa as there were only two beds, and made your way towards a single bed with a large lump under the covers. Dean. 

When you reached his bedside you slowly lifted on edge of the duvet and wriggled your way underneath it and beside him. He turned sleepily over to face you, his eyes blinking open and adjusting to the dark to be greeted by you snuggling against him as he had expected you to do. 

“Hey…” He whispered down at you, his head lifting from the pillow to watch you with bleary eyes as you shifted about. 

“Hi…” You mumbled against his shirt, already feeling sleep closing in on you finally. 

“Can’t sleep?” You nodded slowly, and Dean wrapped his arms around you pulling you closer against his chest and laying his head back against his pillow knowing that now you were in his bed you’d fall asleep.