Brenda: “Where are we?”

Frank:”I don’t fucking know”

First time drawing the sausage and the bun

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ok ok but. Imagine. Tweek. Covered in Freckles. Craig loves them. a lot. "Dude, you look like you're covered in stars." "Damn Craig that's really gay." "No no but listen-" Craig connecting them with a marker and naming the 'constellations' after all the shit he likes about Tweek. Someone asks Craig what he think the most beautiful view on earth is and Craig deadpans "Tweek's face." Just. Tweek with freckles.

i LOVE holy shit?? i can image that tweek has so many freckles that the “constellations” just end up looking like someone scribbled all over him and craig is so infatuated that he thinks it looks stunning but in all actuality it looks horrifying

(i would make this a read more but i only have mobile now so i can’t lol just pretend it’s a read more)

i feel like i need to actually like….Do Something abt my depression bc i’ve felt like shit the last few weeks and yeah a lot of that is due to external factors but also, like, i feel like lately I’m just a miserable and unpleasant and unlikable person to be around, idk. i hate feeling lonely and i hate isolating myself/lashing out at my friends bc i’m so unhappy. also realizing that i have v serious diagnosed deprezion that hasn’t been treated since HS or first year of college…..i always somehow manage to put getting back into therapy at the very bottom of my priorities and even tho my dad is supportive about most things me getting treatment for my mental illness is not really one of them (ironic bc both my parents were therapists)…idk i also know there are things i could do myself like journaling and reading my tarot regularly and working through my old DBT binder that would help me feel at least more grounded but i truly cannot get up the motivation to do them. i’m worried that this is a really dangerous place to be when i’m about to start my Div and the effect that could have on my already-shaky mental state!

also i’m really freaked out about this liver thing and getting an ultra sound next week….idk having chronic health issues is really scary and i’m so so so scared of getting sick and dying young like my mom :( idk i just really wish i at least had my computer back bc i didn’t realize how much having that accessible escapism contributes to me keeping a generally well-balanced mood which sounds dumb probably but w/e. i dunno i just feel like the last month i’ve felt really sad and angry and just super duper lonely. there have definitely been strong good moments in that time (i.e my surprise party and dinner the other night and just general good times w ppl i love) but overall i just feel like i wake up ready to try hard and give the day a chance and then by a couple hours in i’m wishing the day could be over already. i don’t really know how to end this post, i guess i’ll just….keep trying to make myself journal and hope my computer gets fixed soon and all my test results come back ok and maybe i’ll look for a therapist actually finally but more likely then that i’ll just try and drag myself out of this hole.

there’s a rly good meta about why lexa is slytherin and how her fandom completely erases a lot of her characteristics and all of her flaws so they can pretend she’s a limp hufflepuff noodle who cries all the time but i can’t reblog it i’m assuming bc op is of the mindset that i hate their fav but i just wanted to toss out into the void that its officially my fav lexa post and i will continue to love it from afar while it rests in that untouchable block bubble so i can only gaze at it fondly


me and @nicotinee-nightmaree were talking this weekend about our au involving ship children and decided we’d be style and kenman kids respectively if we were part of it so i drew little fusions???

inspired by vikconder’s creek, staig, bunny, and twenny fusions. i dont mean any harm but if they’d like me to take down the pictures i will

achilles is so often called gay by the community and straight by society even though he fell in love with men and women. freddie mercury is known as the most famous gay man even though he self identified as bisexual. channing tatum is constantly called straight even though he’s dated men and women. evan rachel wood and angelina jolie and drew barrymore–all self identified bi women constantly called straight.

sappho wrote love poems for both men and women and yalls response to the idea that she might have been bi is “there was no concept of bi/gay back then!! let’s focus on the fact that she was sapphic!!” to the point where her name has become synonymous with gay and she’s called a lesbian icon and y'all only seem to have issues with “concepts” and labels when the concept/label is BI. why am i not surprised?

anyways while like its important to dismantle the common bi stereotypes (like the fact that we sleep around, or we’re into threesomes, or we’re always 50/50) its also important to not erase the bi people who do all of those things

some bi people like casual sex. some bi people like threesomes. some bi people don’t have a preference for a specific gender. some bi people don’t want to settle down. some bi people are poly. and none of them should be made to feel bad for any of that, or like they’re giving the bi community a bad name by “perpetuating stereotypes”

biphobia, bi erasure, and harmful bi stereotypes are never our fault