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Okay, so since I’ve been holding onto poor Anon’s creek prompt for, like, three months, how about a preview to prove I’m working on it? Ahaha…

“Ooh, Mr. Professional.” A little laugh. “You look really cool with that camera, Craig.”

“You think?” Craig snapped a picture of him, and the flash went off brighter than either of them expected.

“Do-o-on’t. Craig, I look awful.” He’d just gotten over the flu, the worst case in South Park. Craig had had it, too, and was probably where he caught it from. But Craig was just exhausted and slightly dehydrated, while he’d been bedridden and violently ill all week and was only just okay to have company again.

“No, you don’t. You look great.”


“Truther.” Craig snapped another picture with the camera tilted for an angle, a real artistic shot if he did say so himself. He pulled up the image on the viewfinder. Most of the frame was a jungle of strawberry-gold hair sticking out in every direction; a forehead wrinkled cutely with alarm at the flash, light eyes near the bottom of the picture, freckles and the hint of a nose just in sight. “You always look great. When will you feel okay enough to make out again?”

“Ugh, Craig, go home, you creep.” He chucked one of his pillows in Craig’s direction. “I’ll puke again.”


“Shhhhut up.”

Current word count: 8243…and counting…

SP We've seen alot of nasty things.... 😑

I’ve seen a lot of things that we’d all wish we’ve never seen…..

At the beginning when we saw all of Liane Cartman’s seduction scenes and i mean all of them… Then we moved on further the years when we saw Randy jacking it so much that he exploded U know what… Sharon giving Randy a hand job…

Then even further on the years, we’ve seen some more disturbing kinky scenes that we were wish we’d skip….

Then we finally get to the game….

Then there was the nasty sex scene between the new kids parents…. Which I and alot of fans thought was the worst kinky thing that U could ever see on SP…..

Boy was I fu**ing wrong….. 😕

As we finally get into season 20…. Episode 4….. We see the highly disturbing piss scene between Gerald and Shelia Broflovski….

It took me days to work up the courage and stomach to watch the full thing… Before I was just covering the screen in disgust…

Just hearing the horrible piss sound… That was the most horrible kink scene in SP, i have ever saw in my entire fandom life…

I actually hated myself for thinking the TSOT sex scene was the worst…

I can go on forever telling of how the piss scene was so disgusting….. Still Wish I could earse that out of my mind…

I hope U all liked this walkthrough of disturbing SP….

If there was anything that You thought was more disturbing please leave in the Reply box… I know that there was much more….

I’m also sorry that I posted this really late but I wanted to make sure this was perfect for explaining….

Alot of things I had to change to make this 100% Great….

Stay SP…