Why 1103 is woodong day???

1103 is actually the day when Minwoo and Dongwan first met in 1997.

Minwoo’s Diary (published on a magazine in 1998):

“Last year on 1103 is a windy day, Dongwan who was wearing a ‘bread cap’, hip-hop trousers and a big T-shirt came to the practice room. Manager introduced Dongwan who was standing, wearing a jacket with a bagpack–'He will start practicing from today onwards' 

Full of feeling thinking about Dongwan’s first impression.

Then and now, Dongwan always smile.

Still is a friendly, interesting and lively person,

Is someone who brings happiness and bright up atmosphere.”

(Brief diary content)

“去年11月3日是一个凉飕飕的日子,带着面包式的帽子(直译了不知道是啥)穿着hip-pop裤子和大T- shirt的东万来到了练习室 ,
是一直给人们带来快乐并活跃气氛的人 ”


Cr: WoodongBar Eng trans: xsterois