[CR: HANAMASUBS] [160206] The Boss is Watching

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Shinhwa’s Andy Hilariously Reveals Shin Hye Sung’s Secrets on ‘Weekly Idol’
Shinhwa’s Andy features on this week’s episode of ‘Weekly Idol’ as the special MC, subbing in for original host Jung Hyung Don, who recently took a hiatus to treat his anxiety. The episode also features Shinhwa member Shin Hye Sung as a guest, and you know if two Shinhwa members get together, hilarity is sure to ensue.

[16/02/11] Andy at SBS’ Cultwo Show

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TOP Media’s Update:
잠시 후 SBS 파워FM ‘두시탈출 컬투쇼’에 #앤디 가 출연합니다! 모두 본방사수! 많은 청취 바랍니다~

Cultwo Show’s instagram:
사장님이 출연한다 #앤디 #andy #키위왕자 #신화 #신화창조 #top미디어 #컬투쇼 #cultwoshow

Why I can't have a bias in Shinhwa

Me: I have decided, my bias is Junjin!

(Watches ‘i live alone’)

Me: … Okay my bias is junjin and dongwan

(Watches m countdown roco drama stage)

Me: … And hyesung

(Watches andy on variety shows with up10tion)

Me: …… alright let’s not forget andy

(Minwoo updates his instagram)

Me: (sigh) minwoo as well

(Looks at a photo of eric)

Me: (flips table) okay I’m done. What is a bias. I give up. Shinhwa wins. I love all of them.


Weekly Idol w/ Shin Hyesung and special MC Andy!

Already laughing at the beginning with nervous Hyesung and sassy Andy, especially when he’s like “I’m the special MC. I do what I want; forget the script” LOL

The groups I follow
  • Shinhwa
  • Teen Top (produced by Andy)
  • Stellar (produced by Eric)
  • VIXX (reminds me of Shinhwa)

I think I see a pattern.


Shin-dancer, Yonggyu’s Instagram Update:

Jinnie KKT avec Yonggyu Oppa

(La promesse que Jinnie a fait à Yonggyu oppa l'année dernière, la promesse que Jinnie achèterait une voiture pour Yonggyu)

JJ: Hyung (rire)
JJ: Mais
JJ: rire
Yonggyu: umm
JJ: Si (un jour) je laisse tout, je te prendrai (pour être avec lui JJ) sincèrement, la chose(personne)que j'aime,tu le sais n'est-ce pas?
Yonggyu: kkkk
JJ: kkk
JJ: Hyung (rire), achetons-là une prochaine fois kk
Yonggyu: TT TT
JJ: Tu as toujours travaillé dur toutes ces années pour SHINHWA et pour moi, merci.
Yonggyu: Merci Choongjae ya TT TT