160925 Yoon Kyunsang’s IG: A photo with the hyungs + “Oh Hae Young Again” Actress Kim Mee Kyung’s comment

Yun Kyunsang:

A photo with the hyungs!
Oct.14 we’re coming.. dun dun!
#ThreeMealsADay #LeeSeoJin #MunJungHyuk #YunKyunSang

kim_mee_kyung (she played Hae Young’s Mother in “Oh Hae Young Again”):

Aww!  My son-in-law!

Source: Yun Kyunsang IG  + Translation: EricMun.tumblr


Shinhwa’s interview with Shinee on KBS before their This Love performance~


[160925] Kim Dongwan “SPECIAL NIGHT” in Japan

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Official FB:
“Will come again to show an even better side!
Pleased to meet you!”
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Je reviendrai pour montrer une facette de moi-même encore meilleure !
J'ai été ravi de vous voir !


Shinhwa on Invisible Man (Eng Sub)

It’s been a while~


[160925] Noh Hong Chul’s morning radio broadcast - Shinhwa, Eric & Dongwan were mentioned.

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Noh Hongchul a mentionné Shinhwa, Eric et Dongwan lors de son émission radio:

Après avoir mis Brand New de Shinhwa~ Il a dit que l'année après celle qui arrive sera celle des 20 ans de Shinhwa. Ils sont vraiment les légendes des idoles, il a également mentionné Eric pour Another Miss Oh et Dongwan pour I Live Alone, ainsi que l'émission à venir dans laquelle “3 personnes cuisinera 3 repas par jour”… il n'a même pas mentionné la chaîne de l'émission, il a aussi parlé du film “Bittersweet Life” dans lequel Eric joue un tueur sans dialogue qui a été rediffusé durant le Chuseok.

~19→25/09/2016 Récapitulatif | Summary~








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something all kpop fans should know

SHINHWA are the real legendary idols.

Aside for DBSK/TVXQ, SuJu and, this year, Big Bang, not many idol groups can claim to have been together for a decade and more. (Big Bang are like the only idol group that I can remember having the same lineup for 10 years.)

SHINHWA are the only one who have been together for nearly 20 years. They have been dubbed the best idols in the variety world and extremely talented individuals. They even have their own companies. (for example, Andy’s company are responsible for the existence of Teen Top) The best thing is that when their contract expired the first time, their original company only wanted to resign Eric. They left the company together, had to pay a ton of money to keep their name and pursued their careers together.

SHINHWA ❤ the legendary kings and idols.

P.S.: Not trying to cause Fan World War III, but this is something you should all know. Many new kpop fans are only stanning their faves, but have -1% knowledge of K-Pop amazing history.

P.S.S.: Also, respect the senior groups. If it was not for them and their hard work, I doubt kpop would have been just as great. Hell, none of the new groups would be where they are today. For groups to be doing well in Japan, the pioneers like Super Junior, DBSK/TVXQ, BoA, KARA (disbanded), Supernova (and also K-Rock bands like FTIsland and CNBlue) had to go head to head with Japanese artists.