Santa Clara Vanguard 2013 Les Miserables


I don’t know if anyone noticed this (because it gave me a little chuckle when I first saw it in Walnut, CA at Corps at the Crest) but in SCV12 (Music of the Starry Night), there’s a set with a giant zigzag across the field that forms just before the corps begins Mars. 

OKAY so Mars (the actual planet) does this thing called retrograde motion every two years or so where it appears to move across the sky, reverse in direction, and then continue back in its original direction (forming a zigzag shape if tracked). I mean, obviously is better at explaining it than I am.

So moral of the story, I don’t know if Pete Weber was being tricky or clever or just coincidentally wrote the drill to look like Mars, but I thought it was cool little gem and thought most people wouldn’t have noticed it. The more you know.