What Pitch Perfect Has Done To My Life.

1. Everytime I Hear Titanium playing, I always thought about the Bechloe Shower Scene.
2.I started saying ‘aca-scuse me?’ rather than ‘Excuse Me?’
3. Pitch Perfect fanfics is my favorite bedtime stories.
4.Everytime my friends has a crush on a singer, I always said they have a 'Toner’ for them, which resulted in my friends to looked at me weirdly.
5.Everytime I heard someone sing acapella, I always compared them to The Bellas or The Treblemaker.
6.Everytime I See a cup, my first thought is, 'Can I use this for the cups song or not?’
7.I can’t sing or listen to 'Wrecking Balls’ or 'I Saw The Sign’ without laughing anymore.
8.Everytime I used a plaid shirt, I always thought, 'Oh My God, I’m changing into Beca Mitchell.’
9. I started quoting Pitch Perfect in every random situations.
10. Everytime I heard someone said 'Nodes’ or 'Vocal Nodules’, I always thought about Chloe.
11. Everytime I see something Star Wars related, I always thought about Anna Kendrick and Benji Applebaum.
12. I can’t hear the word 'Hunter’ without thinking about Stacie.
13. I always compared any DJ I Know/Heard (except David Guetta,) to Beca Mitchell.
14. Everytime I See a redhead woman, I always compared them to Chloe
15. Everytime I see an uptight blonde, I always thought about Aubrey
16. I can’t watch the breakfast club without thinking about Jesse
17. Everytime I hear the word, 'Creepy’ I always thought about Lilly
18. Pitch Perfect soundtrack is always on repeat on my iTunes.
19. Everytime my brother watch Spider-man, I always thought about Bechloe tent scene.
20. I cannot read an angst Bechloe fanfic without being hit by the feels so haaaaaaaaard (please tell me I’m not the only one.).