#tbt It’s been two years since we did this shoot about the upcoming @piercetheveil album. Today you can FINALLY hear the first song from that album…about time guys. Go take a listen

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I’d like to tell you that everything went as planned, but it didn’t.
I’d like to tell you that we never lost our way, even when the roads got too dark to see, but we did.
I’d like to tell you that there’s an explanation, a reason that all of this happened the way that it did, but there is none.
These are our misadventures.
—  Misadventures Trailer : Pierce The Veil
New Pierce the Veil album, “Misadventures”

For anyone wondering whether or not this rumor is true, I am here to confirm it. Yesterday, I reposted a screenshot of the supposed set-list for the new album. It later on got taken down by instagram, the reason for this being that Fearless Records themselves reported it for copyright issues, which clearly means it is legit. If not, they wouldn’t have taken down my picture for the said album. For more information on this you can go on my instagram (@cancerous.kellin)  

A new single is said to come out March 24th titled “Texas is Forever” and the actual album will be released on May 12th. Now all that is left is for us to actually “Hold on ‘till may’.

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