Things I Forgot/ Nearly Forgot to Bring to College

I thought I packed everything I would need and more, but here’s a list of items I forgot, or nearly forgot, and also some things worth mentioning!

  • Sponges: Bring at least one! You can’t keep rinsing your tupperware with water. It gets greasy!
  • Plates: I brought a mug, tupperware, and utensils but no plates. Granted, I could use my tupperware to eat things, but a plate would’ve come in handy. I mean, I had to smoosh my pizza into my tupperware container just to microwave it.
  • Face Towels: I figured I would just bring my regular shower towel to wash my face in the morning. But it’s actually a lot easier to have those small face towels. All you bring in the bathroom in the morning, at least for me, is a toothbrush, toothpaste, and face towel (and cleanser).
  • Tablet: I did not think I would need my tablet, since I use my phone and laptop regularly and at home, I used my tablet for fun. But for my classes that have heavy reading, it would be really convenient to bring a tablet and not a laptop to class! 

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