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Lily and Sirius friendship headcanons... GO

Sily Headcanons

  • Sirius taught Lily how to braid hair.
  • Lily was the one to introduce Sirius to The Sex Pistols.
  • They constantly compete for the position of “Jamie’s True Love”
  • Lily is the only one allowed to brush Sirius’ hair
  • It’s because her hair is #perf 
  • Siriusly, they’re like the Perf Hair Squad
  • The only fist fight Lily ever got into was defending Sirius’ honour.
  • They have a secret handshake. 
  • Sirius and Remus came out to Lily first…
  • Well… more like she walked in and was like “I FUCKING KNEW IT”
  • She did a victory dance
  • They both decided they were going to learn to cook one day and it ended up with them covered in Merlin-only-knows-what and laughing on the ground
  • Remus and James almost cried over the mess.
  • Lily was given away by Sirius who had to run over and jump beside Jamie for best man
  • Sirius was with her when her water broke
  • Lily stole The Jacket all the time. (Sirius only cared a little bit)