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Ok cuties, I decided to create this so that I can organize myself better and so that you guys know what’s comming up here, I know I generally just post randomly but I don’t like that a lot so , in order to fullfill your requests and my creative booms, I’ll list here some things that i’m working on. Most of them have release dates but some of them I just have to think about it for a little more.

The link to this will be avaiable at my description.

(F : Fluff / A: Angst)

Reactions :

-EXO reaction to you fangirling over them : 23/01

-EXO reaction to seeing you crying : 28/01

-EXO reaction to you being terrified by thunderstorms : 30/01

Scenarios :

-Unexpected (Kyungsoo) (F) : 19/01 link

-Who’s gonna save us now ? (Chanyeol & Kai) (A) : 21/01

- Give love a try (Tao) (F) : 26/01

Fanfictions :

- Can you keep a secret ? Part 12 (Sehun feat. Jungkook)

- What is love ? Part 8 (OT12) : January

- I was already addicted to you. Part 6 (Kai) 


- Kris as your boyfriend snapchats : 20/01


Oh god😂😂😂I remember this…EXO Showtime was the best😂


When the camera man is a Luhan-stan 😆 #exo #ot12 #luhan #luge #kpop #kpop2 #kpopforfans

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Mistake (M)

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word count : 12.8+k words (long as fuck sorry ; v ; not!)

genre : angst, smut, horror

summary : Baekhyun, to all of his fans, is a loving, care-free, talented person but what they don’t know is what he is off camera. This the story that would change EXO’s history.

warning(s) : character deaths, cutting, suicide/sudical thoughts (please do not read, if this will affect you…)

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