EXO: The Scooby Doo Edition

Solving mysteries is hard. 

Solving mysteries with EXO? Next to impossible.

Suho: The leader of the gang one who suggests that everybody split up and search for clues

Suho: Let’s split up gang! 

and everybody’s@ him like: “ummm the last time we split up, we lost Kris & Luhan, maybe we shouldn’t split up again…” 

Suho: I said LETS. SPLIT. UP. 

Tao: The one that goes missing and we never hear from again because Y’ALL decided to split up. 

*in loving memory*

Sehun: The self-centered pretty boy who could care less about solving mysteries and is lowkey shading everyone all the time.

“The only mystery here is why you decided to wear that outfit”

Lay: The guy who’s stoned all the time with an unhealthy collection of tie dye t-shirts, and eats all the scooby snacks. He also always saying some weird shit.

Lay: Hey D.O, you should try these! They’re delicious!

D.O: Uh, Lay, those are for dogs

Lay: “……so????  The moon was made for sheep’s eggs but you don’t hear me complaining”

D.O: …………you should really cut down on the weed, dude

Lay: *pulls out blunt from his mouth* what?

D.O: the smart and sarcastic one that has to put up with everyone’s shit and is always wearing a turtleneck all year round making everyone wonder what he’s hiding underneath them.

Xiumin: the one who’s suspicious about everything and always saying “I dunno, I have a bad feeling about this guys” but nobody listens to him and they proceed to make embarrassingly bad decisions that potentially endanger people’s lives.

Chanyeol: Lay’s partner in crime who has long limbs like a great dane. He like long walks at the park and howling, lots and lots of howling.

Baekhyun: the travel-size version of Chanyeol who’s always following him around. He’s always getting into trouble.

Chen: the one who’s always trying to use the mystery machine to get laid.

“we have a mattress in the back, wanna hop in?” *waggles eyebrows*

Kai: The villain who befriends the gang but is actually a mad scientist with multiple personality disorder.

“and I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids and thAT GORGEOUS DOG! WHAT BREED IS IT?? I HAVE THREE DOGS TOO! I CALL THEM MY BABIES AND *sobs* OMG I MISS THEM SO MUCH” *Laughs maniacally*

Scenario : Baby Feet Baek

I’m so sorry that this took so long and its really sucky! I’ve never written a Scenario before so i’m so sorry if this isn’t like, what its supposed to be? If anyone has like tips or something please let me know! I really drew a blank on this, that’s why I haven’t done this in a couple of days and i’m sorry its really short. D: Anyways 

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OT12 is so cute


Sehun at the end tho