Some Fates doodles I did during my Hoshido play. All the cool ladies (also trolling Azura)

Also news for the French friends! I will attend the Japan Expo in July, where you will find me, some nerdy Fire Emblem merch and a doodles collection booklet full of things like this! :D Stay tuned for more infos!

Last drawing for @fefemslashweek, this time of Kagerou and Orochi! Today’s prompt was open format, so I figured I’d draw them again, this time a bit more intimately…

[Previous FE fanart]

I had the great honor of participating in this Fates Zine! Here is a preview of my piece!! I really enjoy kagerou and orochi’s relationship so I wanted to depict a calm scene of them just hanging out, kagerou painting and orochi sharing stories. 

There’s a lot of great art in it so consider ordering a copy here

There’s also a twitter to look at all the other previews for this zine!!