Snake Friends:

(1) アフリカニシキヘビ (2) ブラックマンバ (3) タイパン (4) ハブ
(1) African rock python (2) Black mamba (3) Taipan (4) Habu (Protobothrops flavoviridis)

(5) キングコブラ (6)  アマゾンツリーボア (7) エメラルドツリーボア (8) ヒョウモンナメラ
(5) King cobra (6) Amazon tree boa (7) Emerald tree boa (8) European ratsnake

(9) ツチノコ (10) ヤマタノオロチ
(9) Tsuchinoko (Cryptid/Youkai) (10) Yamata no Orochi (Youkai)


Some Fates doodles I did during my Hoshido play. All the cool ladies (also trolling Azura)

Also news for the French friends! I will attend the Japan Expo in July, where you will find me, some nerdy Fire Emblem merch and a doodles collection booklet full of things like this! :D Stay tuned for more infos!