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Hello! If it not to much, Could I request a fluffy scenario with crocodile, Mihawk, doffy, and kid ? Thank you and good luck with your blog!(=^ェ^=)

I’m so sorry, but I cannot do Mihawk, Doffy, and Kid due to me not knowing those characters much at all. If you read the rules, I have a list of who I can write for. However, Crocodile is on the list, so I wrote something for him. Again, I’m sorry. Here you go though! And thank you very much!

“Mmmh,” you mumbled into Crocodile’s chest. It was a beautiful morning. Yellow rays of the sun poured into the room in the shape of streams, some of them casting upon the both of you as you slept. However, Crocodile knew it was time for him to get to work. Unfortunately, you weren’t the kind of person to let someone go easily when you were in a cuddly mood.

“(F/n), let go. I must go discus with Nico Robin about her work over the week. It’s very important,” he warned, tone deeper than usual. You only replied with a drawled out groan, and the man rolled his eyes. Sometimes he found it cute, although he’d never admit to it for the life of him, but today was critical.

“(F/n),” he huffed, attempting to pry your body off of him. Right then he was reminded of his amazement at how impressively you were able to be as physically clingy as you were. Sitting up in the bed, you latched onto his torso like a magnet. Crocodile growled in annoyance.

He ahmed, knowing fully well you were awake. “I will give you the count to three. If you do not remove yourself, I will forcibly pry you off of me,” he declared. When you didn’t respond, he began his countdown.

“Three…” Nothing.

“Two…” You didn’t even twitch a muscle.


“What work do you even have to do?” You suddenly interrupted him, pressing your cheek to his chest. Crocodile didn’t smirk in victory with how he was finally able to get you to talk, but frowned instead. You were always so nosy.

“It’s very vital work,” he replied with a monotone voice. You rolled your eyes. Your lover was always so serious. Really; in anything he’d do, he was always so intense. Even though you knew this was his personality, it was starting to get on your nerves. He could really use some fun in his life. You wondered if it was becoming unhealthy.

You groaned, tightening your grip. Craning your neck, you stared up at him with tired eyes. “Please, stay with me? Just for a while longer?” Before he could answer with what was guaranteed to be another, ‘I need to, it’s important,’, you cut him off. “I…never really see you anymore. You’re always out doing work that’s apparently very secret. So secret that you won’t even tell me.” At your own words you felt your heart drop.

Crocodile stared at you before sighing. Without a word, he wrapped his arms around your waist. Before you knew it, you were lying on his chest. A dark scarlet grazed your cheeks.


“Quiet,” he grumbled, pushing your head into his chest. You didn’t move, stiff for a while before slowly realizing how he threw his pride and duties away for just a bit longer for you. Snuggling into his warm form, you could hear his strong heartbeat.

“Thank you,” you whispered, closing your eyes with a sigh of content. The man hummed in response, tightening his grip on your smaller waist.

You were sure to bug him to stay with you a little more every morning from that point on.


My squeals were not enough. Aasdhkajdhkaldhakdj

Come oooooon, Toraoooooooooooo~!! 

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Cavendish is my favorite, would you cosplay him?

Pay attention to me..!

This one was so fun, oh my gosh. I probably took 35 pictures. 

Also, I would like to dedicate this to Mar-chwan because last time they complimented my Law cosplay and I nearly shit myself.