Reasons why Naruto turned out perfectly fine as an adult

I know it’s so much easier for Antis to deal with the end of NARUTO by persuading themselves that Naruto is unhappy or changed in an unpleasant way he wouldn’t have if the end was different. Sorry for disillusioning you but Naruto became the adult you could have expected for him to become. 

1. His educational style is similar to Kushina’s, Minato’s and Iruka’s – the persons who shaped him very much

• So, now to the first scene, about which Antis complain that “Naruto is sooo strict and horrible to his own son”.

“And look how sad he looks! He is so unhappy! Isn’t he? His life must be such a pity!”

Oh damn, how wrong that is. Actually, this scene is very similar to a well-known one from the first chapter of NARUTO.

Iruka is looking sad here because he can understand partly why Naruto is behaving that way, although it cannot be tolerated. Out of the same reason Naruto is looking sad – he can understand that Boruto wants more attention from his father, but he can’t accept the way he is trying to get it.

• That’s why Naruto complies with Boruto by showing sympathy. Exactly like Iruka complied with him by treating him to Ramen.

“But his smile looks sooo forced here! He’s sick and tired of his family!”

Forced? Why? He is smiling insightfully because he knows what Boruto is experiencing in his age, since he felt the same. That’s nothing to be happy about, that’s why it’s not a happy smile. Of course he would like to make this kind of pain easier to bear for him, but he can’t, since it’s something he has to deal with on his own. It’s ridiculous to think that Naruto should give up on being Hokage to spend more time with his children, because he is a Ninja and as a Ninja there are more important things – for example like creating a peaceful environment for his children to live in.  Boruto will realize that sooner or later. Iruka says that as well.

• “What about the punch then? He is hitting his own son!”

Umm… I think, this picture says enough:

If you are still not convinced, you can see here that this is just the part of Naruto he inherited from his mother. He already did that to Konohamaru when he wanted to teach him a lesson.

Besides that… This is a manga. Not the reality. There are panels reserved for comedy.

“Naruto does not behave like his father at all!”

Come again?
When Minato couldn’t do anything but trusting his son and telling him that he will be able to manage everything, he patted Naruto’s head. Naruto does the same to Boruto in a similar situation.

• “Naruto grew up with no parents, he should know how important it is to spend time with his son!”
Well, he does know that. But he knows that being the son of a Hokage means responsibility, too. Boruto will learn that this role will also be a source of power. Naruto expects this from his son since he had to learn that as well.

2. He still has most of characteristics from back then

• He is still protective

• He still jokes around with Kurama

• He still speaks very bluntly

• He still reassures everybody that he will take care of everything

• He still smiles like usual (of course he has the face of an adult now)

• He still jokes around about skills as a child

(Everyone who is getting angry because “Naruto is a liar” should calm down, it’s just a joke. Another comedy panel for the readers. Naruto has always been like this. Do not take everything so damn serious. It was so obvious that even Sarada and Chouchou understood that he was joking:

• He still wants to do everything alone

3. Many things changed positively

• His nostalgic face

When remembering old times and his rivalry with Sasuke he looks much happier now. Everything became better.

• His meals are not lonely anymore and there is even someone who prepares Bentos for him

(Every Anti is getting happy that he thought of Team 7 instead of Hinata when receiving the Bento, but that’s just stupid. I am pretty sure that he receives many, many Bentos from his family and he always thinks tenderly about his wife, but now for the first time Sarada gave him the Bento and since she looks so much like Sasuke, it’s just natural that it reminds him of the situation with Team 7 back then. Especially since Kishimoto needed a trigger for Naruto to think of the similarities between Sarada and her parents. And do you really think that Naruto doesn’t love his family just because he had no time to wait for Boruto? This is so ridiculous. As if Hinata is disappointed in Naruto just because he didn’t wait for his Bento. Their bond is so strong that it could never be damaged by something trivial like that. Such things could happen in the real world, but not in the Ninja world.)

• There is someone waiting for him when he comes home

Sooo cute!

• He fulfilled his dream!

• He became more mature

TL;DR Version

It’s okay to wish for a different partner for Naruto. But don’t be a dick. Don’t try forcefully to ruin everything where is nothing to ruin. And don’t try pathetically to interpret things in a miserable way, just because you cannot bear Naruto being happy with Hinata.

Naruto is happy. Naruto became a fine adult and father. Everything is alright.