[Scott and Sara running around with something]

Shepard: Let me see what you have

Scott & Sara, excitedly: A knife!!

Shepard: NOOO

Kaidan: Oh my, god why do they have a knife

[somewhere in the background]

Wrex: They gotta learn young

Do Not Go Quietly ch. 37

A Twin Shepard Zombie AU

A/N: Update: Still sorry for the heartache.


Miranda washes the blood off her hands and watches the angry crimson swirl around the water and disappear down the drain. If only the rest of this problem could go away so easily. She’s not totally sure when the rest of her senses will come back, or when she’ll be able to eat without wanting to throw up. All she knows is that right now, she can barely hear or feel, and her ability to take account of her surroundings is really minimal.

You’ve done all you can, she tells herself. But she’s been here before, and it’s not the first time she hasn’t been able to save someone. It might be too soon to tell with Kaidan, but she knows the feeling she has in her gut, and it’s not a good one. With Jane, she had a full medical arsenal and could operate properly, and keep her pumped with meds and other equipment. Here, she’s got a bunch of bandages and ketamine, and can only pray the wound isn’t worse than it looks.

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