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Is it hard for you to actually be a bisexual guy? I mean they aren't really that much accepted in the LGBTQ community, right?

No anon it isn’t hard for me simply because I’m more than my sexuality. All of this really isn’t that much of a big deal for me. I don’t let my sexuality define who I am.
The thing is that in rl I don’t bring this up on my own because I honestly feel like people shouldn’t care about who I want to be with. It’s not like I am ashamed of that or something - People should just mind their own business when it comes to that imho.
About the community: Yes, I read that apparently intolerance is a big thing in the LGBTQ community and it surely saddens me but tbh I don’t care about their or anyone’s opinion on that matter. I know who I am and that’s what counts.


Mun’s gonna be on vacation for a month or so after the following week and I’m going to try and still post but if I end up not that’s the reason why!!

I still have older asks I’ll prioritize but I’ll open the ask box so there’ll be fresh content (maybe about the comeback??? eye emoji) when I get back :,)