Short Merlin Fic Rec List

As promised, here’s my next fic rec list. No one requested any other ships so y'all are stuck with my Merthur obsession again :) These are all one chapter fics, no real theme connecting them, I just decided to pick ones that weren’t terribly long for those of you looking for a quick Merthur fix :) Enjoy!

In no particular order:

Post-It Note Romance

Word Count: Just about 10k

Summary: Merlin has never had a secret admirer before so he’s fairly certain this one has the wrong guy.

My Comments: Please everyone go read this it is precious.

Finally Breaking

Word Count: Almost 9k

Summary: The debate!AU. In which Arthur makes a fresh start, a new friend, and a complete mess of understanding what’s actually going on. Also, there are arguments. Lots and lots of arguments.

My Comments: Love the debate teams. Perfect way to capture their banter.

A Favor Between Friends

Word Count: 9k

Summary: Arthur asks Merlin for a favour and ends up breaking his heart. It’s all his own fault, Merlin knows, but it’s still hard to be around Arthur all the time.

My Comments: We all know exactly where the misunderstanding happens, but our poor boys are oblivious as usual. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t last too long.

In Dreams

Word Count: 6k

Summary: King Arthur is dead, and Merlin is forced to live on in solitude. But at night, Merlin dreams. And his dreams might not be as one-sided as he thinks. (A post-finale fix-it.)

My Comments: Personally, I never saw Merlin going back to Camelot post season 5, but this fic is beautiful. If he did go back to Camelot it would have to be for Arthur, and having this connection with Arthur is the only way I see that happening. Beautifully done.


The Advent of Coffee

Word Count: 11k

Summary: Merlin’s daily visits to Castle Grounds for his coffee fix have become something of a habit, so when everyone else goes home for the semester, he keeps them up. The baristas seem to like him, for the most part, and as Christmas approaches, things start to get interesting.

My Comments: Just as adorable as every fluffy coffee shop au.

This Dance of Days

Word Count: 8k

Summary: In which people get married, Arthur is confused a lot, Uther gives relationship advice, and Merlin isn’t scared, except when he is, but only a little bit. Also Merlin steals things, and Gwaine is up to no good.

My Comments: Established relationship, which I usually don’t go for (I’m all about the UST) but this was  a fantastic illustration of the relationship between the two. Very different from any other est. relationship fic I’ve read before, definitely recommend.

If Greater Want of Skill

Word Count: 5k

Summary: Merlin’s Friday isn’t going to plan, to say the least. Especially when he takes the wrong late-night bus and ends up in Frat Row where he meets Arthur, the annoying frat boy that sits behind him in poetry class, who, by the way, is entirely to blame for the drunkenness, betting, sex, and poetry reciting that follows.

My Comments: Fantastic. Arthur and Merlin angrily reciting poetry during sex? Why would anyone say no to that? (Yeah…PWP).

Roses by Any other Name

Word Count: 4k

Summary: At 6:22 in the morning, Monday through Friday, Arthur walks into the coffee shop where Merlin works. But when Merlin calls him the wrong name, Arthur keeps quite and lets him carry on with it.

My Comments: Another very cute coffee shop au.

Picture Says a Thousand Words

Word Count: 4k

Summary: so it’s a good thing Arthur takes great photos and Merlin loves to write columns, then.

My Comments: AHH THIS IS ADORABLE. Written mainly through emails and Merlin’s feature articles.

Chance Meetings and Less Chance Events

Word count: 13k

Summary: As Arthur’s luck would have it, Gwaine has requisitioned his and Arthur’s flat to shoot a home-made porno. This means that, unless he wants an eyeful, Arthur has to go elsewhere to study and chill. That’s why he starts frequenting the Student’s Union Café, a place he doesn’t normally like and wouldn’t be seen dead in. Well, until he’s conspicuously always there.

My Comments:  This is great. Lovely little uni au in which many presents and several awkward moments are exchanged. Cuteness follows.

It’s Warm Enough In My Arms

Word Count: 6k

Summary: Arthur and Merlin are best friends. Gwaine thinks they should be more. Secretly, Arthur agrees.

My Comments: Oh, Arthur. So silly. What’s the best way to seduce your Merlin? Break the heater of course. 

Avalon High: the best plot twist

Ok, I’m just gonna rant about this a bit more. *spoilers ahead* The plot twist was incredible. For the whole show, we are fooled into thinking this is another plot centering around a guy. Getting the guy, helping the guy reach his true potential. But SURPRISE, Arthur is the main character, Allie. That’s right everyone, Arthur is a girl. The male love interest, supposedly King Arthur, is now seen for what he really is: a movie girlfriend, like Peeta. Basically, he takes that role. She defends him. She works the whole show to protect him, but in doing so is actually realizing her true potential. She does what needs to be done, and in the end, she’s the one standing in front of him, shielding him, sword in hand, while he lies helpless on the ground. Even her best friend, Miles (or Merlin), has a very secondary role to her, being the movie best friend. And it’s actually really awesome that this was the direction they chose.

When you review the movie, she is the doer, the one making decisions and being the protagonist, and most of those things actually involve discovering her destiny and trying to protect people. I know much of this protections centers around her love interest, but how many teen romances can claim that the female lead is actually carrying the story based upon her own actions, actions which don’t revolve around the guy all the time? How many romances can claim that? And then she gets to realize, basically, the who whole movie she was trying to be the movie girlfriend, but she was actually the king, the chosen one, the great warrior who lives to protect Camelot and the earth and everyone she cares about, complete with an epic sword battle. They spend much time describing Arthur and how great and noble he is, in a very traditionally masculine, kingly kind of way. And then they go and apply it to her, without even flinching or changing her at all. They say early on, she’s athletic, stubborn, has a strong sense of right and wrong, all the clues are there, but we don’t expect it because of the kinds of stories we’re used to hearing (and because Arthur is a man in the original tale and most incarnations afterward, but still…). And then they go and reveal the plot twist and it actually works really well and I’m actually really pleased with it and wish people talked about it more.

Ok, rant finished.

Seriously? Why do we never talk about Avalon High? I mean, sure it’s pretty cheesy, but it has one of the best plot twists ever, it’s a modern version of the story of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table, and Merlin is basically a bitter version of BBC Merlin, the armor is actually really cool, and it has a freaking sword fight at the end. Like an actual sword fight, not a horribly cheesy one.

The only downside was that Merlin and Arthur didn’t get it on. (So to speak.)

Merlin uni!AU: trying not to fall into the wrong bed while drunk = mission failed. 

Just a quick something before i head to bed because i seriously can’t come up with something for the Merthur party and i hope this will re-heat my brain a little.