Merlin and the Sword (watching and group chatting)

Merlin and the Sword is a lovely trashy movie! Come and watch it with us this 27th September!


This is a very homemade streaming as… not really a streaming. We will get in the chatroom all together and then we will start the youtube video of Merlin and the Sword at the same time! The video will be in English without any subtitles, the quality is not the best so earphones might be useful. The move is one hour and a half, which means we’ll probably take a 15 mins break at 40 minutes in. 
The chat room is free and open, you won’t need to register, just to chose a nickname.

If you come in late, no problem!, we’ll tell you the minute we are at so you can watch it with us!


27th September (this Tuesday), NY (EDT) 5 pm

the time is 5pm EDT:
Rome 11 pm
Sidney 7 am the next day
New York 5 pm
London 10 pm
(convert the time here)


You can find MERLIN AND THE SWORD at this link.
The CHAT GROUP instead is here on chatzy (click on Normal connection if you get the https not allowed warning)
(refer to this post for any changes!)

…. SO

 all you need is 

  • to write down the time
  • open the video and let it load, a little before the time (link here)… well, my personal suggestion would be to download the video before
  • meet us in the chat (link here)
  • wait for the countdown!
  • (check for any changes in this post, just to be safe!)
On the House

@alloverthegaf have some Merwaine because I too know the struggle of very limited fics for an otp :D

The first time Gwaine sees him, he walks straight into a wall. Percy snorts behind him and says, “Smooth, mate.”

“You alright?” Lancelot asks worriedly from behind the counter, not quite masking the amusement in his eyes.

“Fine,” Gwaine murmurs distractedly, his eyes darting to the window, but disappointment settles in his stomach. He already walked away. “Just fine.”

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