This work… oh my… thiiiiis work… thought it would be a death of me but wanted to finish it so much no matter what and finally FINALLY uh~

There was actually a sketch somewhere out here. Ah, here it is^-^) and a WIP… changed a lot, huh…

After so many centuries, Aithusa is nearly as large as Kilgharrah was… Merlin’s developed magic had been able to heal the white dragon, relieving her of the crippled bones and stunted growth caused by her long captivity. He would always feel guilt for what Aithusa had suffered, though she felt nothing but love and gratitude for her kind, sad-eyed Dragonlord… Well, after many a tantrum about having to wait in dank caves and dense woods for Merlin’s too-brief visits, he’d begun (with varying degrees of success) to transform Aithusa into a much smaller form so that she may visit him as well. He’ll admit that it’s nice to have some company while waiting for Arthur…

Ah, so I drew (and wrote) this in response to freyambrosius’s request for “Merlin with cats”! Was gonna just draw him being smothered with random fat kitties, but then I got lost in deep head-canon territory, lol… Hope it’s enjoyed! ^^


I was in the mood to draw Merlin with an undercut again! Also, since buffycuddlespigs requested “some more tattooed Merlin” a while ago, I threw that in as well… Punk!Merlin was pretty much inevitable! x)