Uncommon AUs

Remember that one scene where the bandit told Merlin to empty his pockets and Merlin just whispered “I shan’t” in a really pissed off deep voice. Because I do. I think about that a lot.

OMG so I was re watching Prisoner of Azkaban and having major Remus/Sirius feels as usual, and then I was scrolling through my tumblr when some Merlin stuff popped up on my dash and it hit me!!! I know Andrew Garfield is often used on tumblr as a young Remus but I couldn’t get the idea out of my head of Eoin Macken (Gwaine in the show) being young Sirius and Colin Morgan (Merlin) being Remus. I think they could look SO much like their younger counter parts, maybe Colin’s hair is a little dark, but still. Like, even their characters in the show are so perfect!!! Gwaine is the out there, drama queen full of spirit and a bit of a bad boy maybe. Merlin is the talented, smart, maybe a bit more introverted guy who has a huge secret and constantly thinks he’s a monster and isn’t good enough. I don’t ship Merwaine that much anymore tbh, but man did that hit me in the feels. Anyone else see the comparison who is in both fandoms?

I will always applaud all of the people (cast, crew, and writers) that worked on Merlin for not outright denying the fact that Merlin and Arthur are gay (or any other orientation that one might headcanon) and even encouraging that the fans consider Merlin and Arthur’s relationship strong enough to be thought of as romantic, unlike other people (*cough* Moffat) who flat out deny that their characters could even possibly be gay (or any member of the MOGAI community), both within the context of the show and as a commentator.