I love how BBC’s Merlin is really just a story about two young people trying to find their ways in the world and essentially grow up.

Merlin is constantly going to Gaius and the dragon for advice. Merlin and Arthur continuously make their own decisions - what they feel or think is right - and sometimes they fail.

It’s okay to go to someone else for advice - someone older, someone who’s been living life longer. It’s okay to make our own choices. And it’s okay to fail. Everyone does at some point. Aren’t we all just kids trying to find our way in the world?

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#45: ‘Can you two be serious for one second?’ asked Character-A, glaring between the duo. They shared a small smirk before hastily looking stern. The look lasted all of a moment before they cracked up, Character-B muttering a small, ‘Nope, impossible.’ – With Arthur and Merlin

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