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Merlin filming


Merlin Memory Month. Prompt Day 11- Path III- Emotion/Mood: Vulnerable.

Merlin clenches his fist, horrified at what he had done, and perplexed. You can’t initiate a bond… not without reciprocation.

“I want it Merlin,” Arthur says, hoarsely.

Merlin whips around, because Arthur doesn’t know what he’s asking for. “I will hear your every stray thought, feel your every emotion.”

“And I, yours.”

“You aren’t listening, idiot!”- Beloved, cherished, “We will be tied, forever. I should break it while I can.”

“No!” A pang of distress run through the fledgling bond. Arthur grabs his face in his hands, his eyes determined, yet oh so vulnerable. “I want it.”

“Okay,” Merlin nods.

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