A son’s faith in his father is absolute when he is small; especially when that father is the only parent the boy has. Arthur was no longer fighting back anger - his vehemence had passed with the darkness of the night. Now, he was only tired, his stomach weighed down by resignation and anguish. He believed Merlin. His father had lied.

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omgosh thank you so much for the compliments and supporting my blog. Here is some Gwen and morgana smooches for you. since i promised i would draw more. <3.

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#45: ‘Can you two be serious for one second?’ asked Character-A, glaring between the duo. They shared a small smirk before hastily looking stern. The look lasted all of a moment before they cracked up, Character-B muttering a small, ‘Nope, impossible.’ – With Arthur and Merlin

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Hello! For your "bbc merlin characters+when the writers actually followed the legends" post, would you mind telling what works those quotes are from?? I just love them all so much. Thanks!


arthur: from arthur by stephen r. lawhead (from the pendragon cycle series. highly amazing books. highly recommend. i’m reading them now and his quotes about arthur make me weep)

morgana: from malory’s le morte d’arthur

gwen: from bernard cornwell’s the winter king

merlin: from the hollow hills by mary stewart (and my new fave quote about him. haven’t read this book series yet, but after i found that quote, i gotta!)

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Could you do HC for being Arthur's sister from BBC Merlin??

  • Getting to live in the castle and wear gorgeous clothing and never having to ask for anything
  • Arthur would be over the top protective and wouldn’t want you to leave his sights
  • You’d be just as stubborn as he was and you would try to do your own thing
  • Having all of the knights flirt with you, much to Arthur’s discomfort
  • Asking Arthur to help you learn to fight, and training with him
  • “Come on, don’t go easy on me”
  • “I’m not, you’re just that good”
  • Being there for each other after Uther dies and Morgana reveals her true allegiance
  • Teasing Merlin together, but realizing how much Arthur actually cares for him
  • Arthur and you going on horseback rides through the woods around Camelot
  • Befriending Gwen and watching the two of them fall in love (and trying to set them up)
  • Most likely falling for one of the knights, or Merlin, because they are some of the only people you see besides Arthur
  • Arthur trusting you more than nearly anyone else
  • Having a close relationship with Gaius because he took care of you and Arthur while you were growing up
  • Being a valued member of the round table, one of the people that Arthur trusts the most