Merlin [to Arthur]: Sir Leon did a very detailed assessment of your last three patrols. Leadership? Top grades. Swordplay? Highest marks since Morgana. Under people skills, he drew what I think is a little poop, with knives sticking out of it.

Arthur [insulted]: WHAT?

Merlin: That’s bad right? Well, given your family history, I'm surprised it’s not worse. But, I think you’re the Once and Future King. If I’m wrong, you go straight back to being a prat.


Leon [embarrassed]: It was a porcupine. It was not a poop.
Merlin: No, I’m pretty sure it was.


Imagine: Merlin saving you, while on a hunting trip with Arthur and taking you back to Camelot, where you fall in love with Merlin. Since Merlin is so close to Arthur, the King gives you and Merlin money, so that you can afford a wedding. [x]

Arthur: Have you asked Y/N to marry you yet?
Merlin: No! I can’t ask them to marry me- we haven’t got the money to pay for that. 
Arthur: Merlin, I can-
Merlin: -I know that Y/N deserves the best, but I can’t afford that; I don’t want to give them any less that they deserve.
Arthur: Merlin, I can pay for the wedding.
Merlin: What? A-are you sure?
Arthur: Yes, you and Y/N both worthy of a wedding, and I don’t mind helping out.
Merlin: Thank you… Honestly, thank you.

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“The Witching Hour Part 1,” the 5th episode of our Merlin Season 6 script, is now available for reading:

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Summary of Episode 5: Things are shaken up at Merlin’s flat when his old arch nemesis takes up residence just down the hall. Meanwhile, Mordred, Accolon, and Morgause take matters into their own hands to attain their goals. Flashbacks to Camelot show Merlin training a brilliant but untrustworthy new apprentice.

**This project is not affiliated with BBC or Shine in any way. We do not claim, nor intend the impression of, any rights to BBC’s Merlin, nor the characters created by Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy. This is merely a work of creative commentary and is in no way for monetary gain.**


I know a lot of other actors have very nice eyes whatever the colors and I know a lot of other actors have pale eyes, but somehow Alexander Vlahos’ eyes completly blow my mind . George Blagden, Colin Morgan, Evan Williams and Bradley James (alex’s co-star in Merlin and Versailles) all have beautiful blue eyes, and yet, every time I watch Mordred or Philippe d’Orléans on screen I’m just like “woooaaah look at the eyes!!”. Weird.