Axel and Demyx by twin fools

YAY!!! I finally got to cosplay from Org XIII! Naka Kon was a blast and I’m really grateful for everyone who came to say hello, hang out with us and generally just made us feel welcome :) I was overwhelmed at the reception we received, who knew that so many folks around Kansas liked our stuff??? Now we know and if we can help it it won’t be long till we’re back in the area ;D

Demyx is :iconvandorwolf:

Photo by the AMAZING Impressions Photography

A little something I’m working on.
Square-Enix just recently released their take on Spider-Man and Iron-Man. I saw that and then the gears started turning… So I wanted to do a piece for Marvel, Disney and Square-Enix just in case they decide some KH comics. I wanted to go ahead and add the Millennium Falcon as well. It makes sense because Disney owns both Marvel and Marvel is doing Star Wars titles right now. I’ve always wanted to work with Square Enix and Marvel so here’s to making that dream come true! (the keyblade you see is something I came up with called the “AVENGING ENDEAVOR”.) #kingdomhearts #marvel #disney #squareenix #ironman #spiderman #bighero6 #starwars #nikolasdraperivey