Und alles was zwischen uns passiert ist, all die Streitereien und die Missverständnisse, haben uns nie davon abgehalten, wieder zu einander zu finden. Und genau deswegen glaube ich, dass wir zusammen gehören, auch wenn es manchmal schwierig ist, denn du bist dieser eine Mensch für mich.


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spacekid-ty asked:

Tell us about this good day you had!!

okay so it started at like 8:30 this morning (early af right?!) and I had to get up, but i did everything really quick and got everything together so i was able to sleep for another hour and that was really good. so then i went to work with my dad and felt super productive so i wrote a whole bunch because i realized i never write anymore and it was like a+ my friend. then, my mom comes and she brings me chocolate chip cookies and like i love those things so much. and then i realized badlands was on spotify and i screamed and locked myself in the office and just completely jammed. but then my best friend (s/o to jared gonzalez ilysm) texted me so we talked for like 8 hrs about Beyoncé and starbucks and how much we hate floroda and i could not stop laughing. and then like, this girl that i have liked for about a year and a half now started like, dating. no joke and im still freaking out ahhhhhhh i have no clue what to do. and then idk just now badlands is on again and i did my nails for this thing i have tomorrow and im so stoked like what a life i live i am so happy omg

My expectations are so high with everything, and while I’ve been more realistic with the controlling majority, I still feel a pinch encouraging me to carry on. And I will! Expecting to be heard as I want to, expecting to be seen as I intend, expecting to be treated and cared for with the level of detail I keep. Otherwise why would I waste my time? I shouldn’t see it any other way. I’ll always keep them, as should YOU