Heres an ITF TKD kicking video by Aaron Gassor from Wales, UK. Excellent technique. He does tutorials and stuff too. Check it out.

Taekwondo Kicking and Training Sampler on the BOB (by GingerNinjaTrickster)

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Tekken 3 Arcade Intro (Hwoarang performing the ITF pattern ‘Hwa-Rang’)

I love this intro so much - the amount of coins I have put into Tekken 3 machines in my life is probably best not though about :p . For a year or so I played it pretty much constantly in the arcade. I love how Hwoarang is named after an ITF Tae Kwon Do pattern (and a Korean warrior class), and is also doing an ITF pattern in this intro (which is of course 'Hwa-Rang’). 

Other details which were cool was that depending on which button you pressed during Hwoarang’s 'You Win’ victory animation, he would do different sections from ITF pattern’s including the W-shaped block which I particularly liked :D. Also (from player 1 side) back + LK and then back +RK (etc.) performed the 'twisting kick’.

I am extremely excited about Tekken Tag Tournament 2, as Tekken Tag Tournament was always my favourite, it was pretty much Tekken 3 mechanics and feel, just with better graphics and more characters; after Tekken Tag Tournament and from Tekken 4 onwards we have had the 'New Jin’ with his admittedly pretty cool moveset, but I just am STILL not used to him and am hoping that TTT2 will have 'Real Jin’ as an option. Using 'Devil Jin’ isn’t really a substitute as I hate cheap moves like his laser shot from the eyes, and I can often do those by accident when playing as him :/ .


It’s hard to be a Diva, baby - It’s hard to be

It’s hard to be the Diva, it’s hard to be Divine
To live the life of fever with your guts on the line!
It’s hard to be the Diva, the stories I could tell
My life may seem like heaven, babe, but boy is it hell!

Cause it’s hard, yes, it’s hard, oh it’s hard, baby, it’s hard
It’s a hard hard hard hard lot when you’ve got to be
Diva! (And I’m the Diva!)

Just keepin’ your veneer up can be a full time job
To build a great career up when you were once a slob!
Well, people can be vicious, with minds so crude and small
But I won’t break the dishes - I’m a big hearted gal!
(But it’s hard…etc.)

BANSHEES: Diva d-d-Diva divine…(etc.)

I hate to be immodest, I hate to be a bore
But when you greet a goddess get your face on the floor!
If you want to please the Diva,
Good taste you must exude
You can lie and steal and cheat
But honey, never be rude. (Cause it’s hard…etc.)

BANSHEES: Diva d-d-Diva divine…(etc.)

But don’t get over-eager cause when all is said and done
In the limelight with the Diva there can only be one.
It’s hard to be the Diva, but take a tip from me
It may be hard to be the Diva, but it’s so much harder
not to be! (Oh it’s hard…etc.)

It’s a hard, hard, hard, hard lot, I kid you not
A hard, hard, hard, hard lot, my nerves are shot!
A hard, hard, hard, hard lot when you’ve got to be Diva!

BANSHEES: You better believe her!
DIVA: And I’m the Diva!
BANSHEES: (endlessly) You better -
DIVA: Shut up!



So I’ve seen a ton of people who say they won’t watch BBC’s In The Flesh because they’re “not into the whole zombie thing”. WELL BUDDY I GOT NEWS FOR YOU. For starters, the term ‘zombie’ is politically incorrect. The right term is Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS) sufferers, the Undead or (according to some radicals) the Redeemed. 

secondly, I made you a list. 


  • Oppression  - A lot of people in this show were not too happy about PDS sufferers being integrated back into normal society. The Human Volunteer Force (HVF) were a vigilante army-style group who took it up on themselves to protect the living from the undead when they were in their 'rabid’ untreated state. While this is arguably a good thing, most of them were not at all pleased about PDS sufferers being allowed to live in their communities. PDS sufferers deal with bullying, slurs ('rotters’ and 'dead 'uns’) and even murder simply because they are PDS. There’s even a radical, anti-PDS, living-extremist political party named 'Victus’ who are now representing Roarton. 
  • Complicated family relationships - so our protagonist is Keiren Walker, a PDS sufferer from the small, fictional, Lancashire village of Roarton. He has a younger sister, Jem, who just happens to have been one of the fiercest and most well-known fighters in the Roarton division of the HVF. So obviously there’s a lot of tension and awkwardness there. Not to mention Keiren’s dad who, despite being adorably awkward and bumbling, has no clue how to cope with the news that his only son is PDS. Especially in series one, Steve Walker skirts around Keiren’s condition and almost tries to pretend it doesn’t exist. But Keiren’s not the only one with family issues. In Series One we see the horribly complex relationship between Keiren’s (also PDS) best friend and possible romantic interest Rick and his father, who was the head of the HVF. 
  • Poor self-image/low self-esteem -Keiren is so upset by his appearance as a PDS sufferer that he feels the need to put a towel over the mirror when he removes his cover-up mousse and contact lenses (given free to all PDS sufferers when they were in the treatment centres, so they can mingle back into normal society). He also for a short time wore the contact lenses all the time, even when sleeping. 
  • Mental Illness -Keiren suffers from depression. Or rather, according to BDFF (best dead friend forever) Amy Dyer, he’s a 'soppy optimist with depressive tendencies’ - the tendencies being suicide. Jem has PTSD, often suffering from nightmares and flashbacks of the things she did during the rising and the consequent war between the living and the untreated PDS sufferers. Simon Monroe, a PDS extremist, has shown signs of being mentally unstable. 
  • Sexuality - Keiren, the main character, is queer - most likely pansexual. A direct quote from the show’s creator “Keiren’s not gay, but he’s not straight. I think he’s more in love with the person than their gender." It was strongly hinted, though never confirmed, that Keiren had a romantic and/or sexual relationship with best friend Rick before they both died. However he frequently joked with "BDFF” Amy that they were going to get married. And we now have canon proof of his romantic interest in Simon. The best part of all of this? Neither Keiren’s sexuality or his mental illness are defining points of his character. 


  • Strong BAMF female characters who are not sexualised in any way. Keiren’s sister Jem is tough as old boots, sassy as hell, basically an all round boss-ass bitch and not sexualised. Amy Dyer, Keiren’s “BDFF”, is a ray of sunshine in the admittedly dark nature of the show. She’s bubbly, bright, funny, self-confident, she has hella fashion game, and is not sexualised. Maxine Martin is the leader of the Victus, strong in her opinions, self-confident, clever, driven, level headed and not sexualised. Also, this totally awesome love-to-hate-her politician is a woman of colour, and a damn sexy one at that. 
  • Despite the dark nature of it, it's funny.There are great lines in this show like “Your brother’s got a habit of popping back.” - Steve Walker. “I ate breakfast five years ago and I’m still full.” - Keiren Walker. “Village of the damned, how may I help you?” - Amy Dyer. “Not body parts? My breasts? My… derrière? Filthy animal!” - Amy Dyer (asking Keiren what he and Simon were talking about. 

This is Luke Newberry (Keiren). Pretty, no? 

Emily Bevan (Amy Dyer). Lovely, isn’t she? 

Harriet Cains (Jem Walker) AKA my dream woman. 

Emmett J Scanlan (Simon Monroe). He is the sexiest man alive do not fight me on this. (He’s also Irish, what’s not to love.) 

Kevin Sutton (Gary Kendal). Do not let Kevin’s adorable pretty face throw you. Gary is the king of the cock wombles.

Wunmi Mosaku (Maxine Martin). Again.Don’t let her beauty fool you. She’s a dick. (But the kind of dick you can’t help loving.)


In the Flesh is the best thing ever to happen to the world and if you’re not watching it why not because you should be. 

It’s on Sundays at 10PM on BBC3 and not watching it is a waste of owning a television.