Tell your friends about the petiton!

The petition for ITF to get a 90 minute special has gained some supporters, but new signatures have slown down dramatically over the last few days.

If each of my followers would tell two of their friends, followers, family members etc to sign this petiton, we’d worry about cracking very different milestones than 1.000 supporters!

So please please keep reblogging post about this and spread the word.

If you are reading this, even if you are not in the ITF fandom, please take a moment to sign the petition as well.

In The Flesh is an amazing show and the fans really deserve closure after all the campaigning they have done!

If you would like to know more about ITF, the fans are always happy to tell people about the show so please feel free to message one of us!

For the ITF fans: It is amazing if you reblog all these posts, but please don’t forget to actually ask people you know to sign this as well! View it as one more little step that you can personally bring us closer to a 90 miute special. Thanks!


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Hey the fleshdom, I know we’re all busy celebrating Dom’s unexpected tweet but let’s not forget to act.

Dom has said to hit the like button on his tweet so he could have an estimate of how many people would be interested in a special. He needs numbers if he wants to bring this 90 minute new content to life. He needs us.

So go hit that like button, go share his tweet, go make the hashtag #InTheFlesh trending again…

Show them how undead we are.

  • me: oh I'm fine thanks
  • also me: In the Flesh was cancelled two years ago for no reason leaving me in a pit of self despair and infinite sadness. Since then, my life makes no sense. I'm still bitter and angry, I'm still thinking about Simon and Kieren and all those beautiful and deep characters. But I'm perfectly fine Brittany thank you for asking.

guys, please sign THIS petition for an in the flesh special. I know a lot of fans think it may be a dead end and that nothing will come of it but interest HAS been shown and there’s just under 200 signatures needed to reach the target.

the 90 minute special is going to tie everything together and give a real ending to the show. dom has already given small pieces of info about what could happen (possible new lgbt characters! healthy lgbt relationships!) and this show is so important. it’s shown mental illness, several lgbt characters and dealt with important topics. a 90 minute special may not be much but it’s something and we’ve all been waiting so long to get this and we almost have it!