Clothes of Kagome Higurashi

  • skirt - スカート- sukaato
  • blouse - ブラウス - burausu
  • dress - ワンピース or ドレス – wanpiisu/doresu
  • cardigan - カーディガン - kaadeigan
  • pullover - プルオーバー – puruoobaa
  • loafers - ローファー - roofuaa
  • schooluniform - 校服 - こうふく- koufuku (notice: seifuku is just a uniform of any type!)
  • pyjama - 寝巻き - ねまき – nemaki
  • pyjama - パジャマ - pijama
  • sportshirt - スポーツシャツ – supootsushatsu
  • sportswear - スポーツウエア- supootsuuea
  • sneaker/ sporty shoes - 運動靴 - うんどうぐつ - undougutsu
  • evening dress - 夜会服 - やかいふく - yakaifuku
  • knee socks  - ハイソックス – haisokkusu
  • stockings - 靴下 - くつした - kutsushita
  • swimmsuit - 水着 - みずぎ
  • bikini - ビキニ - bikini

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Imagine Miroku’s face when he holds his precious twin girls in his arms. They already look so much like Sango, they are perfect angels, and has the sudden realization that men like him exist and they’ll be grown in the blink of an eye. Having lovely daughters is divine punishment for being a womanizer.


anime: Inuyasha

music: kaytranada - bus ride


So, there you have it. The people who swear to never be bullies are the worst kind of bullies.

These people are not your friends. I know, because I was one of them.

They love drama.

They will do anything they can to find drama

Even if they pretend to be your friend.

Even if you don’t deserve it.

I’m not going to tag people. Its not worth my time. I’m leaving the fandom, and I don’t know if I’ll ever come back.

I’ve uploaded a ton more screen caps on my Google Drive.

Go read them, if you want to. They talk about Jade, aka moonlightdiva, who they chased out of the fandom. They trash talk inusmasha. They mock inuijiness. They talk about hating magicampanula. They drag Cynthia through the dirt. They mock sinuyasha and call her crazy. They talk about what an “asshole” inubae is simply because they have differing opinions. They mock the “beans,” who were sinuyasha’s friends, only for being her friend.

They stalked people and relished in bullying them.

And I stood right there with them, like the complete shit stain I am.

I’m absolutely certain they’re going to find all of the awful shit I did too, and post it, and I’m okay with that. I’ve made my bed, and I’m willing to lay in it. I’ve already been framed and told to kill myself. What worse can they do?

I haven’t slept because of how guilty I feel. I can’t eat. I have done nothing but sob for hours. I am sick with disgust at myself for ever being a part of this, and falling apart because the people that were once my “friends” stooped low enough to tell me to kill myself, especially for my husband, when they know how bad my self worth issues run, especially with him, because I couldn’t ask for a better partner, and I feel like a failure as a wife.

Goodbye, everyone.


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my emotions in a nutshell. GUYS, WHY ARE YOU SO AMAZING ? LIKE I LOVE ALL OF YOU! to think I could get to 1005 followers like wow! Best birthday present! I feel like Rin in a field of followers (yes that was a pun not a typo xD) I LOVE YOU GUYS. AND OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR 

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LOVES YOU GUYS! I am completely content with this fandom and everyone is so nice. 

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I will be taking questions today! ask me anything. also be taking requests, want another Inuyasha reality tv, ill do it. whatever you guys want :) 

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