Husband: Inuyasha

A/N: I’m almost done with the next chapter of Feudal World (probably be posting mid-day tomorrow), but I had to get this off my chest after listening to Matt Bomer singing his version of Heaven. It’s a quick water-mesh drabble; look at it like a string of words that has no plot, no character development, just words about our favorite OTP.

726 words.

Being married to Inuyasha was no walk in the park.

But it was a calling to my soul that I do believe resonated within me since the moment I was born into this world.

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Sango “Oomasa Aya”

Fanart by me ©

Sango by Rumiko Takahashi ©

Requested by eruriku

2 pinks for her kosode - Green for her mo-bakama - Purple for her Miroku

I love what Meselfandwhy wrote for her art and I’d love to borrow those words

“I like to think that Kagome brought over nail polish to the feudal era so she and Sango could have a girls night of pampering”

and I think we need more Sango’s smiles

PS: I used marco color pencils and charcoal

this fandom is so wonderful, like everyone is there for one another, and supportive of works, and funny, like we feed off each other and create inside jokes. Everyone is creative and contributes in their own way. We never let negativity poison us, but we’re always ready to stand up for one another. THIS FANDOM IS BEAUTIFUL

but we’re all going to hell

#inuyasha from #animeexpo today!! Pls ignore my awful footware, they’re splints to keep my injured feet from moving ;-; proper footware next time I promise!!