Please Help/Signal Boost

Hey, everyone. 

If you don’t know me, my name’s Roxie. I’m 23, and on the ‘higher’ end of the autism spectrum (even though I hate that terminology). I am also queer and have been supporting myself with very little assistance since I was kicked out of my house after coming out at 16. I have few friends, very little family, limited abilities due to getting overstimulated, and a criminal background (one count of distributing alcohol to a minor and two counts of trespassing, due to sleeping in some questionable places after I got kicked out), which makes existing pretty hard. Earlier this year - specifically at the end of April - I lost my home and was living in my car, crashing in guest rooms and on couches of coworkers as often as I could without inviting unwanted questions, leaving my pets with one of my friends for the duration.

Despite all this, I somehow managed to get a great job at a country club. I was waiting tables for a generous hourly wage, as well as the possibility of getting insurance. I was able to afford to rent a room in a house starting this month, and finally was reunited with my dog and hedgehog. Things were finally starting to look up, so of course something had to go wrong. I got severely overstimulated and had a meltdown at work. A manager berated me for this and then I got upset. They demanded to know what was wrong and kept pressing the issue to the point that they implied me getting up and leaving the office would result in me being fired. I felt uncomfortable and pressured, but admitted my breakdowns were at times related to being autistic. Once I disclosed this, the manager told me they’d talk to HR about what we could do and that I might need to move to a less hectic area of the club, but that she would have some answers for me the next time I came in.

The next day I was scheduled to work, they had written up my papers for dismissal. They cited ‘poor job performance’, despite me having no written or even spoken mediation in regards to poor performance aside from this one instance. 

I’ve filed a case with my EEOC and the HR representative has taken my statement on the matter to the president of the club, however she advised me that nothing much could be done, as my termination was already processed. To me (and to her, once presented with all the facts), this was an instance of workplace discrimination based on a neurological state I was never legally obligated to disclose.

REGARDLESS, I’m now out of a job, out of insurance, renting a place and paying for utilities that I CANNOT afford. I can almost definitely draw unemployment or even get a settlement from the EEOC eventually, but for the time being I am very suddenly and unexpectedly broke.

I have to pay rent, my phone bill, my share of utilities, and then surplus for food for me and my pets as well as gas while I look for another job. I can’t rely on anybody else, so unfortunately, I HAVE to ask total strangers on the internet for help. I’m not asking for anything huge, but if even all of my followers came up with just one dollar, it’d be a huge help. If you CAN help, please send any donations to If you can’t, please don’t feel bad. I know times are tough all around. But if you could signal boost, I’d really appreciate it, as well as any advice or guidance you may have. I’m beginning to think working from home might be the best option for me, but I know nothing about it. I don’t really know what to do now. 

Thanks for reading!


- Jiutóu -

Finally got time to start edit the rest of the photos! Been super busy lately ><
I’m gonna compete in a cosplay competition with this cosplay in two weeks! And I’m working hard to prepare the show for it! Really don’t wanna let Kim (or should I say my wife now? Damn you Katie…….Jk, we cool, I’m embarrassed, but we cool ;w; ) down. Learning some guandao techniques and stuff, might post some practice videos if people want me to >w<
But the main performance will be filmed at the con, and posted on my YouTube channel ^w^

Cosplay (and photo edit): N1njaG1rl
Photo: Marie Louise
Series: High Rollers
Character by: Kim
Character Design: Nina-Serena