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"Can I tell you a secret?" with HR and Cisco? Pretty please!

“Can I tell you a secret?”

Cisco doesn’t even look up. “Is it legal?”

H.R. hesitates. “Yea–no–yeah, yeah, it’s legal.”

Cisco puts down his newest cold gun and raises both eyebrows. “H.R.”

“It’s totally legal,” H.R. affirms. “In … some countries?”

At that exact moment, a small, unmistakably lively creature wiggles in the front of his jacket. Cisco is on his feet in a second. “Oh my god what did you do.”

In response, H.R. opens his coat – and a red panda hops onto the floor. “I think it’s a raccoon.”

Cisco scrambles after it as the panda trots away. “No, no, no, no, come back!”

“See, I saw this article,” H.R. explains, fishing an entire folded newspaper out of his coat pocket. “Darnedst thing. I think it belongs to the zoo?”

“First,” Cisco says, grunting victoriously as he snags the panda, yelling when its claws dig immediately into his arm. “OW.”

“Usually they let the lions loose – ‘running from lions!’ It’s a hit. Must be 25 or older to participate.”

“How did you survive on Earth-19?” Cisco asks, wrestling to hold the panda.

“My wits, charm, and great beauty, of course.”

To H.R.’s immense disappointment, they have to return the panda. But they get their pictures in the paper, which makes him happy.

Most of these characters didn’t give a rat’s ass that HR died. And yeah, he was no Iris West. He wasn’t the love interest, the daughter, the sister, the best friend. But HR deserved more than a semi-teary farewell and Savitar seeming like he cared more about killing him than any of the people (aside from Tracy and Cisco) seemed to care about him dying.

Barry barely mentioned him after he died. Joe didn’t seem to care at all. Julian had an, “Oh wow, I missed a lot,” kind of reaction. Iris showed barely any grief about the situation until the funeral.

Like, I know the show didn’t care about HR, but this is just disgusting. And I’m probably one of about ten people who care because I see people shitting on him in the tag already.

So.. HR. We need to talk about HR. He acts like he’s oblivious to any negative comment that comes his way, and he just goes on living his super-positive life. But then. Every once in awhile. We see a different side of him. A side that lets us know that he hears everything directed toward him. A side that lets us know that he’s not oblivious, not even a little. Earth-2 Wells wanted to know why HR was still here, and HR didn’t act like he even heard it; he just continued to be a ball of sunshine. But then when E-2 Wells was asleep, and HR was alone, he made a comment that really hit me. He knows E-2 will be really angry when he finds out his daughter wants to stay. And you know what HR did? He smiled. An almost manipulative smile. That reminds you that HR doesn’t really let these things go. That is what I want to see more of, and I’m tempted to rewatch all the episodes he’s in just to see more of that side.



Defending HR when Harry Wells snaps at him.
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The slap was so loud it echoed. Your hand stung as soon as it met with the side of Harry’s face, but the satisfaction you felt was completely worth it. A few seconds passed by and everyone just stood there in silence looking at you with shock on their faces.

“Sometimes you can be a real ass.” You told him as he turned his face back towards you, his fingers gingerly rubbing the red hand print you had left there. “Watch your tongue next time.”

He and no one else said anything. Narrowing your eyes, you took HR’s hand in your own and pulled him out of the room, wanting nothing more than to escape the center of everyone’s attention.