Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

This quickly became my favourite show ever, and not just because of my love of the Douglas Adams books its based on. (Same author as Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) It is a detective show with a sci-fi supernatural twist that creates a brilliant atmosphere of comedy and intrigue. Every character is incredible, with unbelievable chemistry and acting.

(You didn’t hear this from me, but the cast has a level of diversity that Sherlock can hardly imagine, and handles mental illness with 100% more dignity despite it using a made up example of it.)

It means its tagline of “Everything is  connected”. Every plot point, no matter how small, is resolved satisfyingly. Analysing every background detail and theorising is rewarded. 

It’s on Netflix everywhere but America, where it is available via BBC America.


Obvious recommendation, sure, but still true. Character development is handled incredibly well, with Joan Watson progressing into an equal to Holmes in a way that feels natural. She experiences same sex attraction and actually talks about her process of dealing with it. (EDIT: Sorry to mislead: I’m thinking of Moriarty’s interest in Joan. Must have picked this reading up in an analysis somewhere rather than the canon show. Whoops!)

It also has a canonically autistic woman date Sherlock and it addresses the various difficulties that may arise from that. (It made me cry: it really understood the experience of a section of people that are never represented.)

It talks about race, drug addiction, transgender politics, and million other hard hitting topics while maintaining a mystery, humour and loyalty to the source material.

Hi everyone,
I thought I might just summarise what’s happening over in Syria.
• Aleppo, the biggest city in Syria, was a stronghold for the Syrian resistance in the Civil War
• The resistance are a collection of various rebel groups that have been fighting against the oppressive President Bashar al-Assad since March 2011
• In the last few days, after a long offensive led by Assad’s forces and supported by militants from Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, Aleppo fell to government forces
• The surviving civilians remain at high risk of being shot or bombed as hostile armies target their attacks at residential districts and hospitals
• Escape routes are blockaded by hostile militants who hold anyone trying to leave Aleppo hostage (if they’re captured) and threaten them with death
• So, the survivors are trapped in a besieged city with dwindling supplies of food, water and medicine/instruments, and it is very VERY difficult for aid organisations to access and help those in desperate need
• On top of that, this genocide is receiving very minimal media attention in Western countries like Australia

We cannot let this stand. Besides donating (which is so important if you can spare the money!), raising social awareness is CRUCIAL to ensure that the cries of the innocent adults and children being persecuted in Syria do not go unheard.

Please, learn more about the crisis. Reblog all the tumblr posts, share all the Facebook posts and retweet all the tweets you come across. Talk to people and educate others. Attend protests and vigils. Actively show your solidarity with the victims and stand up against tyranny and power abuse.
Most importantly, stand with ALEPPO.
Do not let them suffer in silence, alone.


“Good to meet you too.” You said, sliding your hand out of HR’s lingering grip. “I’ve actually heard a lot about you.”

“That’s funny, Joe hasn’t mentioned anything about you.” He replied with a sticky smile that had you blushing.

“Because if you were any thirstier, you’d make the Sahara look like an oasis…” Joe mumbled, which caused you to snap a glare in his direction.

“Dad.” You scolded quietly before glancing back toward HR who was anything but offended; his enthralling blue stare still traveling over every curve of your face as if he didn’t know what true beauty looked like until he laid eyes on you.

“If you don’t mind me asking…” He started again as he crossed his arms and leaned forward to shoot you a playful wink. “Do you speak French? Because ma-damn.”

“Good lord…” Joe growled.

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine being Joe’s Daughter and HR Hitting on You*