Howl - Stiles Fanfiction

Summary: Samantha Cameron, Allison’s best friend back in San Francisco, has decided to come to Beacon Hills to live alongside her. Sam’s arrival in the small town has caused a lot of heads to turn … including Stiles’… Though, this girl is anything but ordinary, and because of her past, it will in fact cause many problems to occur in the crazy, supernatural town of Beacon Hills.


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Chapter 42

“Do you think this lipstick’s too dark?” Allison asked as she turned her head to the left and then to the right in the mirror in front of her. She peered over to the bathroom where Sam was still getting ready.

Sam popped her head out to look at her friend. “No it’s good.”

“Alright” Al exhaled. “I think I’m ready then. You?”

Sam looked at herself once more in her large bathroom mirror and decided that this was as ready as she was going to be. She stepped out into her room and subconsciously began to fidget with the silver heart on the necklace that Stiles had given to her a while back.

Just as Allison caught the slightest glimpse of the girl her mouth hung open. “Oh my god, Sam you look incredible!”

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We’re all entitled to lazy days sometimes. Don’t believe us? Meet Alawa (“the lazy howler”), a beautiful Canadian/Rocky Mountain gray wolf who lives at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY. In this delightful video she’s enjoying a relaxing nap on the ground when she hears her fellow wolves begin to howl. Her instincts kick in and she joins in the howl…sort of.

But even a lazy wolf’s howl is an awesome sound:

[via Neatorama]

This is a personal piece I’ve been working on for a while now.

It is a tribute to Studio Ghibli and just how much of an impact their work had on me and my life. 

PS. Sorry for the pixely output, unfortunately tumblr only allows 2mb gifs, and the animation is much bigger than that.

For the much better and fluid version visit the deviation link 

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