(Edit) I’m keeping him cause ugh. Can never have too many ocs. And I like him too much ;P <3 Now I need a name <3

small gifty for sickingfucking, who has been a pretty big artistic inspiration of mine as of late ;v; my harpy, hayden, pestering her totally precious harpy boy paloma.

i’m sorry some of paloma’s colours are a little bit off, some of my markers weren’t quite exact but i tried to get as close as i could!! and i’m sorry it’s such a small silly thing– i would’ve drawn something in my usual/more serious style but i’m not competely confident with bird-like anatomy yet and i just. could not resist drawing these guys. ;v; i hope you like it!!

Update on Miss Hayden!

After testing today, our audiologist concluded that Hayden has moderate-moderately severe hearing loss in both ears. She can’t hear soft tones at all, and she probably can’t even hear us talking to her unless we are really close to her.

Her hearing loss is in the inner ear, and it cannot get any better. Our plan is to get her hearing aids by the time she is 6 months old.