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ew tyrion? no! the hound? yes! bran had a vision about the hound protecting sansa! so maybe a love triangle between sansa x the hound x arya. because i think tyrion is already in love with dany. they will restore the seven kingdoms like aerys and tywin.

Why ew Tyrion? 

In terms of morally dubious ‘good’ guys, they’re both kind of the same, except Tyrion has killed less people. 

Also, a love triangle between Sansa, the Hound and Arya? Pardon me but what the actual fuck? I’m sorry. That’s rude, but seriously though. Arya would never let anyone come in between her and her family, especially if it’s for ‘romance’. That’s not something she’s ever placed much stock in anyways, and even if she did, I think when you lose half of your family, you’re really not going to risk losing even more over something like that. 

Same goes for Sansa. 

Creating a love triangle between Sansa, Arya and anyone is quite frankly the biggest disservice they could do to both women. Love triangles, in general, tend to be really contrived plotlines. Sansa and Arya have lost far too much to throw it all away for any man. 

As for the other thing, I think Tyrion is simultaneously attracted to and enamoured by Dany, as well as terrified of her, of the lengths she will go with her dragons and army to sit on the Iron Throne. Romance between them? Unlikely in my opinion. 

Also, I really doubt the Iron Throne survives the story. And I really doubt Dany is going to be the one to ‘restore’ the Seven Kingdoms. Like I said in a previous post about her progression, Dany is a conqueror, a colonist – and well, a happy ending for colonialism may be one of the most problematic endings GRRM could choose. 

“Winter is here…” Really excited for GoT S7!!

A once in a blue moon own post!! It’s been literally years since I did any digital art; the last one I did was when Sherlock season 2 came out (and you know how long ago THAT was)

Because I’m a weirdo, I decided to do an angle that I’ve never done before. I still don’t know if I did it right, but meh whatever, I’ll get it right some day.

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How do you feel about people constantly pitting starks against each other in the fandom? Mostly Sansa v Arya and Sansa v Jon. Even the actors and writers do it a bit.

Stark Civil War is a sin. It’s disgusting and beyond stupid. It conflicts with the story and their arc as a house… They’ve all been separated since Season 1. All they want to do is go home and be happy together!!! They’re a pack! And they’ve each gone through the series cut off and unsure if anyone else in their family is even alive. Cat died thinking her whole family was dead. Sansa, Arya, and Bran have all had moments where, aside from Jon, they thought everyone else was probably dead. They’ve had numerous close reunions… and now, finally, they’re coming back together. Jonsa took back Winterfell. Imagine what the four of them could do together. The lone wolf/pack quote is so significant here. 

It also has a lot to do with everyone always villainizing Sansa. The fandom pits the sisters against each other all the time. It’s insane. I’m like 99% sure they’re reuniting this season though, so it’s gonna be lit. They’re gonna get along and bond so much more this time around. Amazing.

As for the Jon v Sansa thing… LOL. It’s so dumb. It reminds me of how the writers and actors were trying to insist that Jon Snow was dead after S5. They’re just trying to hype the next season and imply that they’re may be  “conflict” between them. Sorry, but no. I’m like 90% sure LF is gonna meet his demise (finally) this season. And we all know Jon is leaving early on in the season (probably the first ep). Plus, that’s the dumbest, most unrealistic storyline that could ever happen. The wolf symbolism is way too strong for a Stark Civil War to ever happen. It literally makes NO SENSE. It’s fandom bs and writers/actors attempting to hype a new season without spoiling stuff. 

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thoughts on jon and sansa being related? (sorry if you've already been asked something similar)

It’s okay, Anonny ;P 

And surprisingly, I haven’t been asked that yet, though I have discussed it before with friends and stuff. 

The thing is you have to understand I probably have a more accepting outlook on Jon and Sansa because I studied literature at university (wow how pretentious af do I sound?). I looked at a lot of novels from early 16th to late 19th century, and by god, the amount of cousin loving that goes on has become so normalised to me now. It just happens in that day and age. It’s the fodder for repressed sexual frustration in the Regency era. 

Even my beloved childhood story ‘The Secret Garden’ had implicit connotations of a future arrangement between cousins Mary Lennox and Colin Craven. Then you have Fanny and Edmund in Jane Austen’s ‘Mansfield Park’ falling in love. 

Cousins marrying were incredibly common in royal and noble bloodlines (specifically popular around the Tudor and Stuart age in England). The Catholic Church did begin to ban it later on, but then you could still pay ‘dispensations’, which were large sums of money for exemptions that a lot of the wealthier families did pay up. Even so those dispensations didn’t actually deter many people. It was really common for first cousins to marry even in Victorian England among the middle-class. Sure, the controversy concerning cousin marriage began to really take flight in the Victorian era, but it was a continued conflicted discourse, making it that perfect mix of taboo but still accepted enough that you wouldn’t be ostracised from society – like I said, prime fodder for sexually repressed novels. 

Game of Thrones is set in a world similar to pre-industrial revolution Britain where cousin marriage is still a common practice and used for economic gains; therefore, I don’t really have that many qualms about shipping Jon and Sansa even though they are related. I’ve been too normalised to the idea because of what I studied that it doesn’t make me that repulsed. I wouldn’t expressly condone it today or anything, but in the context of Game of Thrones, it’s ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now, people might find it gross because they thought they were siblings up until whenever R+L=J is revealed, but that’s not exactly true. Sansa was the only one of the Starks to mirror Catelyn’s animosity or indifference towards Jon growing up. She knew of him as her half-sibling, but she never engaged with him in any way that would suggest she even knew him beyond knowing what a stranger would know of another who lives in close proximity to them. I believe there’s a reason why there are barely any interactions between Jon and Sansa both in the books and the show, in comparison to Jon and the rest of the Starklings. They don’t know each other. They never developed that ‘sibling-esque’ relationship that Jon has with the others. Say, if we took Jon and Arya, that would be weird imo. They were the dictionary definition of a healthy sibling relationship. Taking that and turning it into a romantic relationship in the end regardless of them really being cousins would be a lot weirder. 

Of course I’ve kind of resigned myself to the fact that everything is upside down in Game of Thrones anyway, so what the hell, right? 

Anyway, those are my very long, rambly thoughts lol. 

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omg but arya killing d@ny in the end is now my new fave theory (i'm horrible i know). but i can see it happening for several reasons-one of which is they both have so many parallels in the books and i think they're going to cross paths eventually. she is grrm's fave after all and will most likely have a shocking and amazing endgame. also there has been very little talk of her arc in s7 and i find that rather suspicious...

Hi anon, sry this took so long!

Initially I wanted to write a long, thought-out meta on this, but since I don’t seem to find enough time (or brain power) to do that, I’ll just give you a short-ish answer now and maybe come back to this topic later. The rest is under the cut, so I don’t offend some peoples sensibilities. You know what this is gonna be about. Don’t like it, don’t read it.

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The Coldest Kiss (Ch.1)

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

Summary:  Based on a tumblr imagine: What if Jon and you were friends, but he wanted to be more. Jon sees you flirting with Robb and preferring his company. So, Jon thinks you don’t care about him at all. That is until a certain, mischievous Stark tells you the true feelings that Jon has for you.

Words: 1147

Read on Ao3:

            The day was going on as usual. Merchants sold their wares, and commoners were doing their daily work. You weren’t wearing much of a coat considering you already felt warm from the unusually warm day in Winterfell. You just finished the last of your daily chores and it was midday.

           ‘Not bad,’ you thought to yourself. You were the baker’s daughter. You didn’t do much of the heavy lifting because your brothers took care of that, but your father knew how talented and creative you really were. You loved baking and creating new pies for him and his shop. The shop has been busier than usual due to the upcoming feast the Starks will be having in three days’ time, so creating pies was not a priority.

           Instead, you were stuck doing the usual daily chores. Heating up the ovens in the early mornings, collecting eggs from market, and other things were your sole responsibility. It took you till the early afternoon to get things done, but since you had extra time on your hands, you decided to go see one of your dearest friends in Winterfell.

           Walking through the castle gates always put a certain rush through you. The castle itself was massive and thick. It was as warm as it was intimidating. People were bustling about and talking about either daily gossip or the warm day. Two children rushed past you. It wasn’t until three seconds later you realized it was Ayra and Bran. You chuckled and shook your head.

           “They’re fast, aren’t they?” Jon said as he snuck up behind you.

           “I swear they get faster every time I see them,” you smiled.

           “What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be doing chores?” Jon gave you a concerned look.

           “I finished them early,” you smiled at him again. “I thought I would come and see you.” Jon gave you a big grin. Usually he frowned and sulked, but when you are around him he smiled more. It made you feel special.

           “I’m so glad you said that because there’s someone I want you to meet,” Jon grabbed your hand and both of you weaved through the servants of Winterfell. Dodging left and right, both of you moved like a team. Each of you responding to each other’s slight touch. It wasn’t too long ago that you ran around like Ayra and Bran did. However, you both learned how to move around people unlike the Stark siblings.

           You had been friends with Jon since you were children. Lady Catelyn was always welcoming of other children playing with her own, however Jon was swept aside. When there was ‘proper’ things to do, you snuck Jon out of the castle (as if Lady Catelyn noticed) and you both stole some bread from your father’s shop (that he did notice) and explored where you could. Now, you both didn’t have time for childhood fantasies. Jon and you were growing up and fast.

           Confused, but excited you followed Jon inside the kennels. He ran to the second to last kennel and motioned for you to come over. As he opened the cage, you eyed the bigger dogs kept inside the cages. They looked hungry, but you knew they meant no harm to you. You turned towards Jon and you saw him holding a ball of snow fur in his arms.

           “(Y/N), I want you to meet Ghost,” Jon said. The small direwolf pup lifted his head. Your mouth dropped to the floor.

           “Is that? Is it really a direwolf? Where did you find him? What? He’s so cute!” You said that all in the same breath. You held out your hands to hold Ghost. Ghost’s white fur was warm in your hands and his cold nose nuzzled your face when he sniffed it. You started giggling at the sensation. He wriggled and squirmed in your arms, but he was easy to manage because he was so small.

           “We found a whole litter in the forest today. Six of them. Ghost is the runt of them,” Jon said.

           “You mean there’s more?” You instantly replied back, eyes wide. Jon chuckled.

           “Yes,” Jon’s smile turned into a frown. “It is a shame though. When we found them, their mother’s body was lying dead next to them.” You gasped.

           “No mother? That’s awful,” you cuddled Ghost closer to you. “Good thing, you found them. Lord Stark is letting you keep them right? He’s not going to make you turn them loose all by themselves is he?”

           “No, he’s not. We do get to keep them,” Jon lowered his voice. “As long as we walk them, bathe them, train them, and feed them ourselves.” You chuckled in response of Jon’s mockery of his father. Jon scratched Ghost’s ears. You looked down into the direwolf pup’s face. Ghost licked your cheek. You smiled, but frowned while you thought about the mother this pup and its siblings lost. Jon put his hand on your shoulder. You looked up to him and saw a serious face.

           “It’s life,” he said. “But, if you still feel bad, you can be his mother.” Jon smiled at you the way he always does, and you felt your stomach flip with joy.

           “And you can be his father right?” You smiled at Jon with the same enthusiasm. Jon stepped closer to you, and he reached for your right arm.

           “(Y/N)!” Robb came strolling into the kennel with his direwolf trotting behind. Jon dropped his hand immediately. “I see you’ve met our new family members. This is Grey Wind.” You set Ghost down, and opened your arms for Grey Wind. He was much bigger than Ghost with grey hair. As you scratched his ears, he rolled onto his back for you.

           “Oh, he likes me!” You exclaimed.

           “He sure does,” Robb smiled. It seemed the Stark boys were happy with their new furry responsibilities. “You’re here early, don’t you usually come around the afternoon?”

           “My father has kicked me out of the kitchen to prepare for the feast coming up. It seems he only wants serious bakers in his kitchen today.” You responded. Jon scrunched up his face and responded.

           “Wait, your father kicked you ou—

           “But you are a serious baker, (Y/N). Surely, your father knows that right?” Robb interrupted. “Sansa adores your lemon cakes. It’s a shame he kicked you out today.”

           “I’ll be alright, Robb,” you said as you touched Robb’s shoulder. Jon felt his heart sink.

           “If you say so. Now, Theon and I were going to go teach Grey Wind how to fetch. Would you guys like to come along?” Before Jon could answer, you spoke.

           “Of course we would!” You started. “Let’s not waste today. Come on, Ghost. Come to mommy!” Robb and you left the kennels with Grey Wind and Ghost trailing behind. Jon took a deep breath and followed in annoyance.

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Jon doesn't have to spend rest of his life at WF but the North is his home and place to be. Most likely his Stark family will need him after the war,their homeland will be destroyed. Not Dragonstone or King's Landing or is it just because he can be with Daenerys? Jon would never be happy anywehere else than the North, same as Ned, Arya, Sansa.

Hi anon,

You know Ned spent most of his childhood at the Vale where he was fostered and he has very fond memories of his time there. In many ways he probably takes after Jon Aeryn more than his own father. Arya and Sansa have both live South and Arya has even lived in Braavos. It was not easy and sometimes quite terrible for the two of them given the circumstances that let where they were. 

My point is that they have at least gotten to experience a world outside of the North, for Ned is was a good experience for his daughters not so much. But they know a world outside of their own. Jon has never gotten to experience a world outside of the North outside of its culture. Why shouldn’t he experience that? 

How can you say he wouldn’t be happy if he’s never experienced it. You have to try something before you can say you don’t like it. Who know’s he might actually like it, you know he was born in the South. 

Also, a lot of people want Jon to be Kong of Westeros, if he is he’ll be responsible for everyone in Westeros not just the North and he would have to be a lot more centrally located in order to rule such a large country. He might want to retire in the North, if he lives that long, but he should be allowed to experience a world outside of that. 



Daenerys Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons, is complete! (I had to add all the titles, I couldn’t resist :P). You can find this adorable little Khalessi on my Etsy shop and get her just in time for the Game of Thrones premiere coming up! I’ll also be creating a little Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, and possibly a very special little Ghost! 

You can find Daenerys HERE.

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I feel robbed by the show. The way dany left Meereen was so rushed. I would have loved to see her rebuilding a bit before she just boarded a ship and said goodbye to daario. I feel like little things like this maybe why show watchers feel dany is a bad person, while I know she would have done more before leaving, all we needed was one scene showing her good will.

Hello anon.

I agree with you, I know Meereen wan’t the best of storylines to put it mildly but it should have had a better resolution. We can deduce from the little information that was given to us that elections where setup and a functioning government was put in place in order to accommodate these election. But I think seeing briefly how a ruling council was left in place, preparations for an election and how the security of Meereen was setup would have been better and more appropriate way to close out on Meereen. Instead of everything worked itself out after the bad guys were disposed of. 

If we want a proper resolution to this arc we’ll have to wait until the books. I can’t imagine GRRM departing Meereen without letting us know what will be done to ensure the continue freedom and safety of the people there. At least so that the freedmen can have a foundation from which to build their new lives. After that it’s up to them. 



“I am Daenerys Stormborn, of House Targaryen. Rightful heir to the Iron Throne, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, the Rhoynar, and the First Men. I am the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, and Breaker of Chains. The Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen.”

“I am Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, and your wrath upon this world is over." 

"I am Moana of Motunui. You will board my boat and restore the heart to Te Fiti.”