What I need from GoT Season 7
  • Sansa does NOT betray Jon and they rule the North together.
  • Jon to be good at being king.
  • Tyrion gets his own plot rather than being one of Daenerys’ minion side plots (because seriously, wtf was going on in season 6?).
  • Arya takes out atleast half of her list.
  • Jaime realises that Cersei is a crazy mf and goes to join up with Brienne.
  • Jon and Jaime meet again.
  • Arya and the Hound meet again and kick some ass together.
  • Jon and Tyrion meet again.
  • Tyrion and Jaime meet again.
  • Bran, Jon, Sansa and Arya meet again.
  • Arya and Gendry meet again.
  • Arya and Nymeria meet again.
  • Ghost and Nymeria meet again.
  • Theon and Jon meet again. 
  • Theon and Sansa meet again.
  • Actually, more Ghost in general.
  • Daenerys and Jon meet.
  • Cersei and Daenerys throw down 2K17.
  • Jon and the Night King throw down 2K17.
  • Yara vs Euron throw down 2K17.
  • Tormund, Davos and Jon brot3
  • Tormund flirting with Brienne cause that shit’s amazing.
  • Sansa telling Littlefinger to fuck off, once and for all.
  • Viserion and Rhaegal get Tyrion time.
  • Bran tells Jon who his real parents are.
  • Rhaegar’s harp in Lyanna’s tomb.
  • Jon becomes besties with Viserion and/or Rhaegal (they don’t get enough love, tbh)
  • The Mountain vs The Hound.
  • Lyanna Mormont vs the White Walkers
  • A funeral for Ned Stark.
First Son

Anonymous asked: Hey can I have a Jon Snow imagine where to reader is dornish and she marries Jon Targ who needs to provide a heir for Dany. The reader starts to get upset she has to give her first son away to the throne and gets upset with Dany, idk the rest I’ve seen fanfic like this seems like a cool idea but Thank you!! I love the imagines! (-:

Here you are, anon! I do not own Jon or Daenerys. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: Um…threatening to take another’s baby?? implied sexy times

Pairings: Jon Snow x wife!reader, mentions of Daenerys

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You crossed your arms over your chest in anger as you glared at your new husband. Jon’s dark eyes were full of defeat. “Why doesn’t she have her own children?!” you practically shouted at him. You and the newly discovered Targaryen had an arranged marriage, but you’d come to love the man. Right now, however, you wanted nothing more than to throttle him. “Why should I give up my child for her? She is perfectly capable of taking a king and bearing children of her own!”

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Robbie...dabble thing...

((Sooo I had feels and kind of started this without really thinking about what I was writing…decided to share it with all of you lovely people!))

Word Count: like…445…

His hand brushed up your side and you couldn’t help but become instantly breathless. His Tully blue eyes watched you, lit with desire and happiness…emotions you hadn’t seen in his eyes in oh so long.

Your nails scrapped up his back as his lips fell onto yours, so gentle and teasingly slow that both of you giggled at the unified groans of annoyance that slipped from your tongues. His skin was warm under your touch and you felt your heart flutter at the gasp that slipped from his lips as your hands left angry lines on him.

It had been too long…far too long…both of you so busy with work and school, with family and with friends. You just seemed to lose track of time…but mostly of each other. It had come to blows there in the kitchen at one a.m. and then his hand was wrapped around your throat, shoving you against the wall as you ripped open his dress shirt sending buttons in every direction. His free hand grabbed angrily at your ass as your hands tangled in his hair and pulled his head back, smirking in victory at the hiss of pain that fell from his lips.

Somehow…sometime later…the two of you ended up in bed, fighting for dominance as he ripped your clothes off and you left claw marks over every part of his body you could reach. The first round was nothing but the two of you fucking the hate, the anger, and the frustration out of your systems. The second round was rough just like you were used to him being when he needed you, when he was trying his hardest to show how much you meant to him. And that round…the round the two of you were getting at was slow and giddy. It was the good feelings that were left over, that had you both stumbling and giggling. You were both exhausted but so in the moment you didn’t want to sleep just yet.

“I love you, Y/n Y/l/n Stark.” Robb mumbled as he pulled back, his arms shaking from exhaustion but still he held himself above you with an easy smile on his soft pink lips.

You brushed a hand through his hair, your whole world smiling down at you was everything you had ever wanted and everything you had been missing from him. “And I you, Robbie. Always.”

He nodded, an auburn curl falling into his eyes as he repeated, “Always,” and then he shifted his body and joined your bodies together once more that night. His body sagged slightly as the two of you moaned and rocked the bed so slowly and so gently.

My GendryxArya Playlist

1 Furr - Blitzen Trapper
2 Gone, Gone, Gone - Phillip Phillips
3 Take Me Home - Us The Duo
4 Oblivion - Bastille (stolen from @halailah ‘s own playlist found here )
5 Home - Phillip Phillips
6 This is War - Emily Kinney
7 In Your Hands - Joshua Radin
8 That’s What’s Up - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
9 Need the Sun to Break - James Bay
10 The Scientist - Coldplay
11 Say Something - A Great Big World
12 Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard
13 Oceans - Seafret (stolen from @miladyaryastark - thanks!)

Chapter 15: The Lost Kraken

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Your life with the Starks is great, it’s more than you ever imagined. You and Jon Snow have a beloved little secret, but will that change all very soon? What will happen to Jon and especially you as new series of events start to stir causing a plethora of mishaps and sinister evil beings try to plot against the Starks, what will you do to play your part in the Game of Thrones?

Chapter 13  Chapter 14  Chapter 16

Warning: Some sad shit happens

Word Count: Long as fuck

I was walking the halls of Winterfell trying to find some more candles for Lady Bolton, Ramsay went on a hunt with Myranda so I was free to help Lady Bolton. I wish I could say I hate her, but she the most sweetest people I have meet since Winterfell was rebuilt. I made it into the dinning hall, I looked at the large window that appeared before me, I trace the bottom edge of it. I look out as I see the snow falling again. This is where I meet Ramsay… the monster. I didn’t have bruises on my face anymore, he decided he liked my face more and just marked my body.

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anonymous asked:


This has been in my inbox for about a month or so lmfao so sorry but hey, here’s some random headcanons: 

  • Rickon loves to skateboard. He has a bunch of longboards and bought a segway recently, and he loves going out and rolling on his boards. 
    • He’s super into rollerblading and ice skating too tbh, anything where he can move on wheels and whatnot he’s down for. This kid barely walks anywhere lmfao. 
  • Arya definitely takes martial arts as a kid, and then boxing when she’s older. She’s at the gym pretty much every day and the girl’s got abs for days. 
  • You know these kids have had double dates with each other and it’s the cutest and the younger siblings always try to get the older ones to pay for everything. 
    • When Sansaery + Throbb double dated, Margaery and Sansa charmed Robb into paying for the entire meal and he didn’t even realize it until he was halfway home. Theon just found it hilarious. 
  • Bran and Rickon could have easily had their own rooms but they chose to room with each other until Bran was 10 years old, before that they always bunked together with Rickon on the top bunk. 
  • Robb has an entire collection of sports jackets it’s just ridiculous at this point tbh his whole wardrobe is filled with them. 
  • Arya and Rickon are the kids who will see a huge puddle and go out of their way to splash onto them. 
  • Sansa’s definitely painted and decorated her room herself; it’s all pink and floral-ly, and she loves to help the other Starks decorate their rooms when they want to change it up. She gets a bit bossy but everyone’s super pleased with their rooms afterwards. 
  • Jon has an umbrella that has a Star Wars design on it and he takes it out proudly every time it rains. 
  • Jon and Bran always do long Star Wars and LOTR movie marathons; they will spend the entire day watching these movies with little to no breaks. 
  • The Starklings are awful at horror movies because Sansa, Jon, and Bran get terrified, Robb and Arya don’t, and Rickon straight up laughs when someone dies, so there’ll be a mixture of screams and laughter at every jumpscare.