Now that Nintendo of America have confirmed that the New 3DS is releasing in NA on Sep 25, it’s time to invest in some coverplates to spruce up your spankin new 3DS

You could order coverplates from Most of them are fulfilled by Amazon and thus prime eligible. If there’s a coverplate that you want but can’t find there, head on over to Play-Asia.

Happy shopping :)


The Stowaway is essentially a short greyscale recreation of the first Alien movie, putting you in control of the xenomorph as it stalks the crew one by one, growing larger, faster and stronger with each brutal kill.

It’s a super stylish and brutal stealth game, with you sneaking up and mauling the crew to death one by one.  You’re not strong enough to take a full frontal assault, but the crew aren’t too bright, so you can lure them out and attack when they get close.  As you grow larger with every kill, you’ll soon go from a feeble little bug to a massive bloodthirsty monster.

There does seem to be a bit of an issue with some crewmembers getting stuck in the walls occasionally, but other than that The Stowaway is an excellent retro xenomorph excursion.  In space no-one can hear you slaughter!

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People don’t realize how harmful this new DLC culture is??? It’s big game companies trying to make more money out of us! If big industries start doing this to gamers, every game company out there will do the same.

They are selling unfinished games. Not everyone have a new gen, not everyone can buy DLCs.

Dlcs are supposed to be a complement, not something mandatory.

I think what people aren’t getting is that the entire group aside from Chris, Sam, and Josh are a bunch of shitty people. Just because they aren’t outright mean doesn’t mean they’re any better than Emily; they ALL thought that that “prank” was okay. Ashley and Mike would have shot Emily based on a damn hunch. Jess seems just as horrible as Emily if we being real, sure she ain’t mean to Mike but she did call Matt a giant oaf for no reason??? Did yall forget that??

What I’m saying is that they’re all unlikeable characters so stop fooling.


Name That Famous Celebrity - Roseanne Barr vs. Demi Lovato