Colouring practice on my own character; Tiny. She will be representing me (The mun) from now on!


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🌱 My First Game Jam: Summer 2016 is finished! 🌱

Go play some games!

This jam has around 100 incredible entries by hard-working jammers and many by people who have never made a game before! It’s an incredible effort to learn something new and create a project under a two week deadline, and we’re still blown away by all the fantastic work. If you’d like feedback, post to the playtesting thread.

If you participated in the jam (even if you didn’t submit a game), remember to fill out our exit poll! This will help us plan for our next jam in Winter 2017! (And yes, you can still participate if you’ve done previous jams.)

Continuing a project or starting a new one? Check out these productivity tools! In addition, don’t forget to back up your work!

Great job everyone! See you this winter!


Kojima Productions Logo Movie Trailer

Holy shit why is kojima so cool!!!