Hey guys. I’m happy to show you the very first screenshots of Nimoyd, our new game. This is the game I’m working on with Jeffrey. It’s just the two of us.

NIMOYD is a 2D open world roleplaying game. You play Nimoyd, an everyday alien teenager, and his goofy friend, Nudge, who landed on Earth or a random planet. You unlock new characters and heros with different abilities and strengths over time. It is a generated 2D open world with a roleplaying focus and some heavy combat, with interesting stories, quests, worlds, creatures, plants, biomes, items, abilities and woo hoo stuff – and a major quest. Many of these things are generated while you are playing, such as beliefs, laws, NPC relationships, or factions, or the damn weather. Yes, it has, like all RPG’s nowadays, some survival and crafting features, but it is about heros, classes, abilities, items, and some unique features. More on that until release. 

The art style is influenced by Moebius, Ghibli and a few mangas, because we love that. The 2D animation style is not like Disney, it is not Banner Saga-like nor Don’t Starve-like, because we try to be a bit different on that too. There will be multiplayer for sure, but let’s finish singleplayer first, so let’s see how it goes. Our influences would be probably Sid Meier’s Pirates, without the pirates and the ships, Oregon Trail, and Don’t Starve and Bastion to some degree, and DOTA 2 for combat, of course, without the MOBA and the tactical gameplay parts, and in 2D, hand drawn, hand animated – which I will all explain and show over the next months in our new weekly dev updates. 

I try to do dev updates every Friday, every 1-2 weeks, so stay tuned. It will be probably released late 2017 to summer 2018? First things first, or so.

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Cheers, Rafael


I’m collaborating on a game! Read about it here.

It’s summer and you’re babysitting an odd girl you met on the street. How will you spend the summer with her? The game will be released in a few months. 

Created and written by Nina Freeman, written and drawn by me (Laura Knetzger), and coded by Aaron Freedman. Music composed by….to be announced…>:)


A lil followup to a previous post. There is a black and gold “original Gashat” that I took to be THE original Gashat in the story, forgetting that they usually use that word to refer to something that is exclusive to the toyline.

But yes. All Kamen Rider: Rider Revolution for the 3DS advertises something called the Super Ex-Aid Box, which contains a double-sided poster, a keychain of the mascot for Mighty Action X, and an original Gashat with a unique transformation line. They indicate that it will indeed have cover art, despite appearing blank here.


I play a video game! Bioshock Remastered to be specific.