Hopping is fun 3D action game that focuses on the joy of jumping up and down on a trampoline.

With a story depicted through a cool black and white silent movie visual style, you play Ginny, the daughter of the circus master who loves to test her skills on the trampoline.  Ginny can jump remarkably high, but the real test of skill comes down to timing – as you time her jumps to avoid increasingly complex waves of obstacles.

It’s a surprisingly tough game, with stylish black and white visuals and unique trampoline bouncing gameplay – a unique platformer where the platform doesn’t move, but the obstacles do.  Hoptastic fun.

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mcglarin asked:

I'm probably going to have dreams about falling if I can ever stop playing Tedzy and go to sleep!!

Hey, mcglarin

We know that exact feeling! You keep getting a high score and you’re like…

Then one of the rock walls shows up: 

But then you get a power up! 

Have fun with the game, pal, and get some sleep! - Noah 

(Want in on the “Tedzy” fun? Download the game here!)

Running RPGs: Simple Game Aides

I previously discussed organizing when running an RPG, and I can’t say enough about how important that is…just makes it all so much easier.

But part of organizing is coming up with some game aides that work for you. Below is a photo of some important aides that’ll speed up set-up time and game play.

Gamemaster Screen: There’s a lot of people that don’t play with a screen and that’s perfectly fine. But most of the time that screen is less about “hiding” your dice rolling (though I personally love keeping my group wondering what’s going on), and more about some good tables to have at hand instead of digging out the Player’s Handbook.

Dice: I’m not talking about your own dice. I’m talking about a few extra sets you can loan out. Almost every session, in a larger group of players, you’re going to run into someone that forgot their dice. And gamers are notorious for not wanting to let anyone even touch ‘their’ dice, much less let someone borrow them and ‘gasp, the horror’, roll them. Having a few extra sets on hand will stav off potential drama.

Pencils: A lot of people have moved almost fully into digital (I have several of those). But most of those I play with still work via paper for their characters and so having a pile of cheap pencils on hand is always useful.

Tracking Initiative: I’ve done this a lot of different ways, and a small white board is the best way I’ve found to track initiative. The one shown is $12.49 at Staples. I then spent another $14.99 on magnetic business cards. I then cut them into thin strips and then left on the backing tape to hold the name of players and various “foes”. I can run multiple games/groups via this same process (all the names are stacked up to the right/bottom when they’re not actively in a game) and easily erase and re-order tags as players call out their Initiative for each combat. My absolute favorite way to work this now.

3x5 cards: These are a must for me. I use them in two ways. First, by having a stack on the table and ready pencils, it encourages players to get into character and slip me notes of things their doing that the other players would not be aware of; this has really boosted that side of game play. Second, I use them as an easy way to track monsters. It’s a little hard to tell, but the 3x5 card on the Monster Manual lists the following: ‘Kobolds’ (4 of them, 5 HP each); ‘Acolyte’ (1, 9 HP); Ambush Drake (1, 22 HP). It then includes page references to each monster to the book (or adventure, which ever is more appropriate). Finally it has a “Sally Port” designation at the bottom. All of that allows me to easily know when these monsters will come into action, which pages in the book to quickly flip to for additional game rules/stats, and an easy format for tracking damage on each monster.

As I previously noted, not trying to say that anyone has to run their games exactly like this. Instead, just providing some examples of what I found works the best and hopefully you’ll find something useful for your own games, or perhaps it’ll inspire you to give GMing a chance!


Layla's 5-Day Laurant Challenge!!!

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to put out a 5-day SanHora-themed challenge! And since I know a lot of people in the fandom aren’t great with the whole drawing thing, I tried my best to make this as open-ended as I possibly can - which means you can do ANYTHING you want, be it a piece of art, a theory post, a short fic, a gif set, or just an essay explaining why you like this thing or that! So long as it follows the day’s theme, anything goes! Everyone, please do your best!

(Note: The challenge can extend past the 5 days if you want, because I added BONUS TRACKS! It’s a couple of ideas that not everyone will be able to answer, and they’re not required to complete the challenge, but if you want to do something with them, go right ahead!)

Day 1 - Favorite Horizon
Day 2 - Favorite Maxi
Day 3 - Favorite Character
Day 4 - Favorite Moment
Day 5 - Favorite Song

- Part That Makes You Cry
- One True Pairing
- Best Revo Character
- Silly AU
- Favorite Live Performance
- Make your own bonus, too!