This is the beautiful commission @chimchiri drew for me <3
I wanted a picture of Barry using his new powers on Hal to soothe him and give him hope. 

I commissioned an artist friend of mine to make these for my living room and just got em all hung up! Aren’t they wonderful?? Arrowverse girl power, all the way❤️

  • Legends of Tomorrow writers: So we lost one of our main heroes. We are thinking of addressing it tonight. Show how the team suffers and then we are thinking of including..
  • Arrow writers: More suffering through flashbacks. Show how they lost people in past. How they hate themselves. Really bring home the drama
  • Supergirl writers: Shutting of their humanity. Becoming cold and distant from each other as they can't handle the pain within themselves.
  • The Flash writers: A doppelganger. A Stein from another universe who will join the team!
  • Legends of Tommorow: ....we were actually thinking of a time displaced Furby that ends up being worshiped by the Vikings as a God of War that commands them to take over North America. Although we couldn't afford the rights to Furby so we are thinking of calling it Beebo
  • Arrow writer: How is our show related to yours?
  • Supergirl writers: Are you on any medications perhaps?
  • The Flash writers: Ok but let's go back to doppelganger Stein...