Just Some Thoughts (contains spoilers!)

I want to talk about something Happy says in the second box below. Natsu, Lucy, Happy and Erza are going after Gray. Erza is explaining why Gray didn’t tell Juvia about the mission he went on. She tells them it’s because not many people should know about a mission and Juvia could have gotten into trouble (for instance if she was to follow Gray). Happy then says “so it was for Juvia’s sake too…”. I find this comment really interesting, especially because he trails off, like he though better of finishing that sentence. To me, Happy is saying that like Gray to Juvia, Natsu too chose not to tell Lucy (in person) because it was for her own good. I’m sure he knew that if he told her she would try to talk him out of it or follow them. Natsu then says “but still…” and just like Happy his sentence trails off. It’s also like he’s agreeing with Happy but saying Gray still shouldn’t have left Juvia behind. Which is really hypocritical of him because he left Lucy! As you can tell I’m still pissed about that >:( 

I think the … at the end of each of their sentences is really important though because it’s like the two of them are having an unspoken conversation. Both knows what the other means but they’re withholding the information from the others. 

Maybe Natsu is being so hard on Gray about leaving Juvia because that’s how he feels towards himself for leaving Lucy. Though it seems he doesn’t care at all. Lucy has tried to bring it up twice now and Natsu just replies “err…” and Lucy moves the conversation on. I don’t understand, I mean this is Natsu we’re talking about, he hates when Lucy cries or someone hurts her. He would totally fight someone for hurting Lucy in anyway. Could it be that he’s battling himself? Doe he see himself when he looks at Gray and Lucy when he sees Juvia? Is that why he was so serious about bringing Gray back for Juvia? I think Natsu feels really guilty and he doesn’t know how to make it up to Lucy. When Lucy brings it up he sweats and looks like he doesn’t know what to say BUT HE SHOULD FREAKIN SAY SOMETHING. WHY CAN’T HE JUST APOLOGIZE? Does he feel like an apology isn’t enough or does he really feel like he doesn’t need to apologize? I wonder if he thought a lot about what he would say to Lucy when he returned. He had a year to think of an apology and yet he has nothing to say.

Just my opinions, I hope everyone’s not mad at me for being so harsh of poor Natsu. Sorry it’s kinda long, but thanks for reading :) 

When posting your last chapter of your Fanfic:
  • Me:*writes sad chapter*
  • Me:*posts it and reads comments*
  • Me:*evil laughter* Now I know why Hiro Mashima enjoyed trolling his readers so much <3
If Lucy never joined Fairy Tail

-All of the girls that Bora kidnapped would be slaves

-Kabey melon would have never been at peace with his father because natsu would of burnt the daybreak book.

-Lucy figured out that lullaby was dark magic

-All the guild masters would be dead because Lucy didn’t use Virgo to get past the wind barrier.

-Loke would have died

-All of Lucy’s spirits would probably have abusive/mean owners (besides Aquarius, cancer and Taurus)

-The first guild hall would of not been destroyed therefore the guild wouldn’t be as laid back

-Gajeel and juvia would never join fairy tail

-Gray, natsu and erza would have not been so close

-Laxus would have never rebelled so quickly because the reason he rebelled was because fairy tail was beaten because of Lucy. Making Laxus, freed, bixlow, and evergreen never good guys

- Mira would have never awoken her she devil form. Therefore never truly seeing that she needed to move on from lisannas “death”

-All fairy tail members would have died. (Let me explain) Lucy, natsu, happy, Wendy, Carla, and Gajeel were the only people not trapped in the lacrima in edolas. So Lucy would not have saved natsu and Wendy, and because Gajeel would have never joined, gray and erza would have never been freed. Therefore they could not save natsu and Wendy from being drained of their magic and the king would of killed all the exceeds and members of ft.

BONUS (Because everyone would be dead anyway)

-Cana would never tell gildarts that he’s her dad

-The love and Lucky guild would have been robbed.

-Lucy would have to marry and have children with someone she didn’t love.

-Aquarius wouldn’t have “died”

- eclipse wouldn’t have activated because Lucy has 3 gold keys

-Lucy wouldn’t have been in the 7 year gap.

And worst of all…

-Gajevy, gruvia, nalu, and graylu wouldn’t exist….

So don’t you DARE tell me that she has no purpose in this show.