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A cold, unmoving heart -

Some Nalu/ Gruvia angst for you all, based on that latest chapter of Fairytail (chapter 428). I took inspiration from one of the ‘Code Blue’ theories and a song called Flaws by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

I would say I hope you enjoy it, but I’d be concerned if you did. (*warning* you may need tissues). To read something a little bit lighter then you can go look at my other fics here

“The weight, I’m gone
In my skin, I’m lost
Tangled in the bones of this love
Melding to the flow of your blood”

“My- My stomach… ngh… It hurts…. I- It….AAAGGHHHHHH!!!” 

A bloodcurdling scream escaped from between Lucy’s lips, her arms tightening around her stomach, hands clawing at her abdomen as if she were trying to rip out the pain at it’s source.

“LUCY!!!” Natsu screamed, reaching out to her desperately as the blonde mage tumbled towards the hard stone floor. Her knees buckled, hitting the stone tiles with such force that her entire frame shook violently. Natsu growled, lashing out as the mess of chains which held his body in place confined and constricted him, preventing him from helping her.

“YOU BASTARD!! WHY ARE YOU LETTIN’ THAT BITCH HURT LUCY??” He snarled fiercely, “LET ME OUT OF THESE DAMN CHAINS, I’M GOING TO KNOCK SOME SENSE INTO YOU!! WAKE UP GRAY… WE NEED YOU…I need you… You’re still part of our family so quit actin’ like a jerk and help us bring Fairy Tail back!!” 

Gray stared blankly at his former guildmate, his cold gaze meeting the fire mage’s furious expression for the first time. “He needs, me…?” Gray blinked What did he mean? The idiot. Why was he so determined to get him back? They weren't friends. No, they weren’t… And he didn't need them anymore.

 “The book of Zeref is all I need, it’s the only thing I care about… Fairy Tail is nothing more than a memory and you’re an idiot if you think things can just go back to the way they were…” Gray replied callously, the chilling sky blue colour resurfacing in his eyes. As he spoke, Natsu’s words faded into nothing more than a simple sequence of letters. Words meant nothing, they were pointless. A meaningless, useless jumble of letters. Words wouldn’t bring his father back, words wouldn’t destroy E.N.D. Words wouldn’t change his mind.

“Oh how sweet!” Mary chimed, leaning over Gray’s shoulder, a huge grin fixed on her delicate features, “Gray, your little fire friend here wants to save you…. But you don’t need saving, do you?” Her smile was sickly, it was too sweet, too innocent. “You know exactly what you’re doing, right…?” It made Natsu’s stomach turn.“What are you doing to Lucy!!?” He spat through gritted teeth, horrified by the celestial mage’s current condition, her body contorting and writhing on the floor of the hall, just metres away. She was in agony. 

“What was that little fire dragon? You want to know what’s wrong with your dear celestial friend…?” She giggled playfully, the expression on her face changing suddenly. Her eyes growing wide with excitement and her smile twisting into a sickening, sadistic grin. “Why don’t you tell Natsu yourself, sweetie…” she snickered, turning to Lucy. “Do you really want to find out, Natsu Dragneel?” Mary purred, before clicking her fingers and sending Lucy into another fit of chilling screams. 

Lucy felt like she was on fire. Every inch of her body engulfed in hot, merciless, torturous flames. These flames were black, and thick and heavy. They weighed her body down, weighed her down so she could do nothing but let out scream after agonising scream as they pinned her to the floor.

Her ears picked up on various voices, distorted by the sound of her own screams. Despite the unbearable pain she was in, something told her she was safe when she heard Natsu’s voice amidst the haze of heat and torture… he was shouting, of course he was… He was trying to save her. Like he always did.  A fresh shot of fire coursed through her veins, causing her loose her train of thought for a moment, her heart hammering wildly in her chest and her lungs screaming for air. A few seconds passed before another voice echoed inside her head, a cold and sharp voice, cutting through the heat… Gray? He sounded nothing like he had a year ago, it pained her to see one of her dearest friends so changed, so cruel and unfeeling… Why was he doing this? A female voice spoke next, there was a high pitched and sweet element to the voice, something which Lucy would have found comforting, if it wasn't for the dark undertone is exuded… Suddenly Natsu was shouting again, and from his tone of voice she knew he wasn't directing his words to Gray, it must be the female…

N-Natsu…. Gray…” she rasped, her voice fighting to be heard, “Please, I- want you… To… St-…. AGHHHHH!!” A fresh series of flames shook through her, far worse than before. Far, far worse. Her body convulsed, a searing pain emanating from her abdomen. Her body reared up off the floor, as if she were a puppet on a string, being pulled up off the ground. Her back arched off the tiles and a guttural sob tore up her throat, tears overflowing in her eyes, spilling over her cheeks… “Natsu…”

Natsu watched Lucy’s limp body in horror. Had Mary increased the pain? “STOP IT” He cried, Lucy’s shrill and agonizing cries piercing straight through him. “STOP” He repeated, his eyes wild and ravenous for revenge. He couldn’t take it anymore, he couldn’t take seeing Lucy in this much pain.


“Juvia….?” Gray mouthed, the name causing something deep inside him to stir, but he ignored it. He couldn’t let his emotions get the better of him. “I left Juvia behind behind because she’s irrelevant to my mission, I didn’t need her getting in the way…”

“That’s a lie and you know it Gray. I’ve known you long enough to see that you feel guilty about leaving her… You love her don’t you?”

“Love” Mary chuckled, disgust obvious in her voice “Ha! Gray, in love with that obsessional, idiotic water mage i've heard so much about…. That’s unlikely.”

“You don’t know him like I do, bitch… Gray, tell me how leaving Juvia behind was the right thing to do?  Tell me that leaving her behind was worth while?”

“You’re one to talk.” Gray interjected sharply, “you left all of us behind to go on some stupid training quest… Didn’t you? You left Lucy behind didn’t you? Do you have any idea how much pain you put her through… How excruciating it was watching her fall apart as we tried to pick up the pieces. Atleast I stayed with Juvia while she needed me, I’m assuming she told you about all the time we spent together? You can’t say the same for you and Lucy. You left her when she needed you most..”

With every word, Gray could see Natsu’s anger begin to fade, changing into a mixture of regret and guilt. It made him weak.

 “I bet the pain she feels now is nothing compared to how you made her feel when you left, Natsu….” Gray muttered, but he knew Natsu could hear him. “Let him go, he won’t do anything as long as we have Lucy” The chains loosened around Natsu’s frame as he fell to his knees, eyes filling with tears as Lucy’s screams continued to echo around the hall. Gray was right… He had done exactly the same thing, he’d left Lucy behind… The Idiot.

Lucy was shocked by Gray’s words, which called out to her amidst the flames,  “I bet the pain she feels now is nothing compared to how you made her feel when you left, Natsu….” What is he saying? Why would he say something like that to one of his friends? “N….a….t….s..u… Don’t… l-listen…” She wheezed, her voice inaudible, even to Natsu’s sensitive hearing. “Natsu… Ple-ase…”

“Let her go…” He sighed, his voice husky from crying. “Please…” He repeated as Mary laughed uncontrollably beside a motionless Gray. His mission to destroy E.N.D took priority…. But…. Seeing Natsu like this, pleading on his knees… He began to think about his friends, he real friends. Something was stirring inside him, a familiar feeling which he hadn't felt for a long time… “Juvia… Natsu… Lucy…” He mouthed, “Fairytail….”

“What are you wittering on about?” Mary turned to Gray, a confused expression painted on her lovely features, she seemed uninterested in the blonde mage who was still enduring her torture, at least she’d stopped screaming.

“I… I….” Gray began, unsure of what he was thinking, let alone was he was trying to say. “…Natsu… Juvia… She’s okay?” he stuttered, unsure of himself.

“She’s okay now, Wendy’s taking care of her. She turned into the rain woman when you left, and then she got sick, partly from exhaustion, partly from the cold… She speaks about you as if you’re coming back to her anyday. She refuses to give up on you…. We all refuse to.” He smiled wearily, looking up at the ice mage, that sounded more the Gray he knew. He was going to get him back whether the ice freak liked it or not. 

“Juvia…” Gray repeated in his head, her name forming on his lips “I’m sorry”

“GRAY-SAMA!!” Juvia cried, sitting up with a start, had she been dreaming? She could have sworn she had heard Gray-sama’s voice calling out to her.

“Juvia, oh you’re awake!” Wendy rushed over the bed, placing one of her delicate hands on Juvia’s head, “Your fever has gone down, but you need to rest.”

“Juvia thought she heard Gray-sama’s voice, but it doesn’t matter… Where are Natsu and Lucy?”

“They went to go find Gray” Wendy exclaimed,

“Yes, Natsu seemed rather adamant about going and finding him for you, he’s trying to get everyone back together” Carla added, sitting on the end of the bed, smiling sheepishly at the two mages and her fellow exceed. “What? Natsu and Lucy went to go find Gray… for Juvia?” She replied in astonishment, tears filling her eyes, “I hope they’ll both be okay… And that they find Gray-sama…”

“Now, don’t cry Juvia” Wendy smiled, wiping away Juvia’s tears. “I’m sure they’ll find Gray and everything will be just fine. They’ll be back here in no time” the wind mage beamed, her tone light and full of optimism.

“Juvia hopes so… Be careful Lucy, Natsu… Come home soon, Gray-sama…”

“Oh dear… Whoops, I may have overdone it this time, silly me!” Mary giggled to herself, dancing around the hall in a frenzy of laughter. What in the hell was she on about? Natsu raised an eyebrow at Gray who froze, the ice mage’s eyes locking onto something to his right. “Gray, what are you staring at?” Natsu turned his head to see what it was Gray looked so terrified about. “Sorry little fire mage, looks like your friend just couldn't take the heat” Mary chimed, as Natsu’s gaze locked onto Lucy’s limp body which lay, unmoving and sprawled out across the the floor. “Lucy…?” 

“LUCY…?” Natsu snarled, tripping over the chains that lay at his feet as he stumbled towards the blonde mage’s body. “What’s wrong with her?” He cried, falling down beside her and taking her in his arms, she was cold. “What have you done… What have you done…” Natsu muttered, confusion and denial fixed on his face as he stared down at Lucy, her eyes closed. Unmoving.

“Well I would have thought that was obvious, she’d dead… Passed on to the other side, left this world, gone forever, never coming back.” Mary interrupted, her tone almost amused.

“What did you say?” Gray snapped, his hands in fists by his side. His body shook with anger and tears filled his eyes. He’d been selfish, he’s been so selfish and his selfishness had killed Lucy. He’d let one of his closest friends die because he had put some stupid book before her “Natsu, I…”

“We can save her, we have to save her. I promised I’d always be there for her. I promised I’d protect her….  She can’t die. She won’t die as long as I’m here.” Natsu stuttered, placing his hands on her chest, leaning down to… kiss her?

“1..2..3..1..2..3..1..2..3″  Natsu began, his hands pumping down on Lucy’s chest, leaning over her face to press his mouth on hers every ten seconds or so, breathing hot air into her empty lungs. “Come on, Luce… Don’t die on me. You’re stronger than this, I know you are, so open your eyes!!” Minutes passed, but Natsu refused to stop. Lucy’s body remained motionless as he persisted in performing CPR, crouching over her lifeless form as Gray continued to watch in disbelief. The only sound in the hall was that of Natsu’s heavy breathing and of air being forced into vacant lungs which refused to breathe on their own.

“Natsu, you need to stop…. She’s… Gone” Gray leaned down and placed a hand on the fire mage’s shoulder, who seemed unaware of the interaction. “Natsu… She’d dead.” Gray mumbled, his face pale with grief.

“No…” Natsu whimpered, tears overflowing in his eyes as he stared down hopelessly at Lucy’s face. Her cheeks were pale, almost translucent in the candlelight and despite the peaceful expression formed on her delicate features, her face had lost all it’s colour, all it’s brightness… Those lips, that had always reminded Natsu of summer roses, now resembled the colour of the lilacs that used to grow outside the guild in spring. He ran his rough hands through her golden hair, the colour of sunlight, which lay, messy and tangled around her face, framing her features. Like a halo… And it made sense, because she looked like an angel. And that’s what she was… To Natsu… An angel. And oh, how he loved her. He loved her and he would have given anything to see her warm, brown eyes staring up into his one last time, a beaming smile on her face. He wanted her alive. So he could tell her…

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, Luce.” He began, his voice barely a whisper as he cradled her in his arms, “I tried to protect you, but I should’ve fought harder. I’m sorry that I didn’t keep my promise. I guess I’ve broken a lot of promises recently” he paused, thinking how she’d probably smile at this point and tell him how stupid he was, “Can you hear me Luce? I want to tell you some things, they’re pretty important so I hope you’re listening, wherever you are… Firstly, I want to tell you how I hate myself for leaving and I how I hate myself for hurting you, I wish I’d told you sooner how sorry I was… You know, I missed you every day when I was away. Every single day. And I want to tell you how much I love you, Luce… I suppose I didn't have the guts to tell you before, but I do now. And I wish you were alive to hit me for not telling you sooner…” He imagined she’d laugh at that, and probably kiss him too, “I want to tell you how I can recite every mission we’ve been on together from memory, I can remember every time you'd shout my name with that look on your face when I put myself in danger, but I did it for you Luce, you know I did….Next, I want to remind you how much your spirits love you. How you treated them like family and how they all thought of you as part of their family, Don’t worry, I’ll look after them, I promise… There’s one last thing, are you still listening Luce?… I want to tell you how I can remember every second of the time you spent at Fairytail, with Gray and Erza and Wendy… With Juvia and Happy and the exceeds. With Gajeel, Levy, Loke, Laxus. With Jet and Droy, Freed, Bixlow and Evergreen. With Romeo, Macao and Wakaba. With Elfman, Lisanna and Mira, with Cana and Gildarts… And with me. They’re all going to miss you so much, I’m going to miss you, you know I will. because you were Fairy Tail, Luce. You were everything a Fairy Tail wizard should be. You were kindness and courage, beauty, and friendship and determination and magic… I’ll bring the guild back, for you. I promise. Because I know above all, you’d want our family to be happy… 

… So, you coming Gray?”

“Something wrong Juvia?” Wendy asked, looking up at her worriedly as she sat up in the bed.

“something just doesn't feel right, that’s all…”  She sighed, turning her head to look out the window .

“Oh look… It’s raining again…”

Finally finished my angsty, chapter 428 inspired fic. I hope you’re all ready for Nalu/Gruvia angst…

I’ll post it a bit later, and give you all some time to prepare yourself *warning, you may want tissues* I bet you can’t wait!!

Why am I such a horrible person? Why did I write this fic?

remember I mentioned I’m a big Grey fangirl XD yep !Anyways I tried to really push the perspective in this one, although its not perfect i think it’s a good stepping stone to something better. I’ll have to experiment and practice more of these perspective views, I’m still not very comfortable with it , but im getting there XD Sorry for not posting much men art, I’ll be doing sexy kakashi for this term since I promised a few terms ago.

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