If Lucy never joined Fairy Tail

-All of the girls that Bora kidnapped would be slaves

-Kabey melon would have never been at peace with his father because natsu would of burnt the daybreak book.

-Lucy figured out that lullaby was dark magic

-All the guild masters would be dead because Lucy didn’t use Virgo to get past the wind barrier.

-Loke would have died

-All of Lucy’s spirits would probably have abusive/mean owners (besides Aquarius, cancer and Taurus)

-The first guild hall would of not been destroyed therefore the guild wouldn’t be as laid back

-Gajeel and juvia would never join fairy tail

-Gray, natsu and erza would have not been so close

-Laxus would have never rebelled so quickly because the reason he rebelled was because fairy tail was beaten because of Lucy. Making Laxus, freed, bixlow, and evergreen never good guys

- Mira would have never awoken her she devil form. Therefore never truly seeing that she needed to move on from lisannas “death”

-All fairy tail members would have died. (Let me explain) Lucy, natsu, happy, Wendy, Carla, and Gajeel were the only people not trapped in the lacrima in edolas. So Lucy would not have saved natsu and Wendy, and because Gajeel would have never joined, gray and erza would have never been freed. Therefore they could not save natsu and Wendy from being drained of their magic and the king would of killed all the exceeds and members of ft.

BONUS (Because everyone would be dead anyway)

-Cana would never tell gildarts that he’s her dad

-The love and Lucky guild would have been robbed.

-Lucy would have to marry and have children with someone she didn’t love.

-Aquarius wouldn’t have “died”

- eclipse wouldn’t have activated because Lucy has 3 gold keys

-Lucy wouldn’t have been in the 7 year gap.

And worst of all…

-Gajevy, gruvia, nalu, and graylu wouldn’t exist….

So don’t you DARE tell me that she has no purpose in this show.