Big brothers having a chat.
  • Itachi: I love my brother.
  • Zeref: I love my brother.
  • Ace: I love my brother too! Why not you guys tell me about them!
  • Itachi: I had to massacre all of my family except him. He hated me and he killed me.
  • Zeref: I ruined his whole life. He hates me and wants to kill me.
  • Ace: oh..umm...I gotta go!

This year, after I abandoned it, I promised I’d get back to drawing more of ‘Mashima’s style’ art at least once. I can’t believe i held it back till the very end of 2016 lmfao what the hell ice.

So here it is! Anyone is free to colour but make sure to tag me so I can scream about them! And there’s more couples to arrive because these drawings are going to be used for @taleen777‘s and I’s collab.

Merry Christmas amigos.