I’ve heard of drummers becoming frontmen, but why would a frontman demote himself to being the slobbering idiot in the back that does nothing but pound on stuff with sticks? That’s right, Josh Homme, lead vocalist of the greatest rock band in the world, Queens of the Stone Age, has taken the leap. This time, he’s going to make you dance like a meth-head at a Cars concert. Quite possibly the catchiest party record to hit the shelves in the last 20 years, Eagles of Death Metal’s debut, “Peace Love Death Metal” (Ant Acid Audio), is unadulterated, unabashed Ramones-driven boogie. Fronted by some dude with a mean mustache — Jesse (the Devil) Hughes — whom Josh grew up with in the desert, it gives new meaning to the word “weird.” Drummers always have the most fun, anyway.
~Dave Grohl.