“Fun” drinking game

take a shot of your favourite beverage everytime:

  • Matt clasps his hands
  • Taliesin rolls and says: “That will do”
  • Travis plans some violent scenario
  • Sam is being a little shit™
  • Shopping!
  • Shop keeper is being harrassed
  • “You can certainly try…”
  • Doors
  • Matt is doing intense in-character eye contact with one of the players
  • Sibling moment™ with the twins

Percy, insistently, voice quieting to a whisper as he speaks: Let’s back up, let’s back up, back up, back up…

Grog, to Pike and Scanlan: Super important question - did they see you?

Vex, in hushed concern: Did she see you?

Percy, whispering much more urgently now: Yes! *beckoning them with his hand* Run!

Pike, nervously: Uhm… I think probably…

Scanlan: Well, the broom stopped.. Flying…

Percy, rushed: Yes!

Vex, wide eyed: What do you mean?

Percy, voice straining to maintain his whispered yell: Run!

Grog: Hide? Are you saying we should hide Percy?

Vex: *quietly activates the broom*

Percy, desperate, still whispering: Yes, we should go, we should go-

Grog: Like where?

Mercer, to Laura: Clutching the broom in your hands…

Taliesin: Aw fuck.

Mercer: …as you emit the phrase that you’ve known to bring it to vibrant magical life…

Everyone else:

Ashley: Run, run, r u n 

Marisha: Oh no-


(Almost) Everyone else: 

Mercer: ………..the broom jumps to life.