I really love cosplaying as Mark. He’s amazing to cosplay as and I got stopped so many times to get my picture taken. 😭😭 If anyone sees any pictures of me and my Jack, Dan and Phil, or Game Grumps, let me know!! But these pictures were taken at MetroCon 2016! So if you saw me, hi! :3

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Current Mark: Me // @shootingstarcosplay
Jack without Flower Crown: @kiragaaraisme
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Dan: @cinnamonbunsadie
Phil: IDK
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Important PSA to cosplayers

Okay I wanted to mention this since I nearly got sick from this at my last con when I cosplayed Ruby from SU and I made my ribs sore from it for at least 3-5 days after, and with it being con season and people cosplaying more often this is really important:

If you’re cosplaying using arm socks/sleeves, please be careful to make sure they’re not too tight around the ribs (the excess stuff that goes below your chest so the arm socks stay up, rather than just having sleeves that will fall down).

Mine ended up being too tight to wear for even around 8 hours (Should have I even been in cosplay that long?) and I hurt my ribs and overheated. I figured that since my arm socks were made from tights which I figured to be a breathable fabric, I’d be fine. But even in the air conditioned con center I overheated. Also I nearly made myself vomit from drinking cold water when I was overheated (don’t ever do that either, if you’re hot and need to hydrate, drink room temperature water or your body can go into some sort of shock or something and reject the cold water).

The overheating thing probably can go for those who wear morphsuits too.

Arm socks/sleeves are a lot easier and cleaner looking than painting your arms (for the many cosplays from popular fandoms such as Homestuck or Steven Universe that call for a certain color skin), but if you’re like me and become overheated (and are bad at staying hydrated), please please please be extra careful. Bring a change of clothes if you need to get out of cosplay, because your health and safety is more important than cosplaying.

I’m not sure if my arm socks just happened to be tight or if in general they can actually pose a risk to your health, but please just be cautious!! I ended up being okay in the end but I definitely could have gotten hurt had I not left to rest and get out of cosplay.


-Drink room temperature water if you overheat

-Stay hydrated (again, dont drink water thats too cold)

-Make sure your arm socks/sleeves aren’t too stressful on your ribs/any other part of your body

-Put your health/safety before your cosplay. Bring a spare change of clothes/more casual cosplay to change into if needed.

-Be extra wary of overheating if you wear extra layers such as a morphsuit or other things that cover your skin completely

-Be wary of tightness around ribs from arm socks/sleeves especially if you have a large chest/breasts. Also, you probably shouldn’t bind and wear arm socks based off what I experienced, but I’m not 100% sure if it poses a health risk to do so, so just make a safe choice whatever you do and don’t wear anything that restrains you for too long.

I had the absolute best day ever yesterday palling around San Diego with @summoplex who I am so blessed to have met this weekend. She’s made Comic Con a freaking blast and I’m so glad our love for the new Ghostbusters brought us into each other’s lives 💖 I can’t wait to see what today brings but in the meantime enjoy this adorable shot of us loving on @chisechu 😘 #friendshipismagic #Pikachu #raven #ravencosplay #harleyquinn #harleyquinncosplay #dc #dccomics #dccosplay #comicbookcosplay #sdcc #sdcc2016 #cosplay #cosplayers #angiviper

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I made this animated trailer for my Cosplayers collection book. Jesse Moynihan did the music. Thanks, Jesse!

Metrocon was so much fun!!!! Im so glad I got to debut girl ranma with the BESSSTTTT Ranma group of all time!!! I cant wait to get pur photoshoot pictures back bc they are abt to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!!!
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