Just wanted to say

Everyone is with their head stuck with the Felix thing but just wanted to say
Even if things are messy now the community is still here and if you’re sad or bored or whatever the community is still in here!❤

Quick reminder for everyone reading this because I’ve seen people thinking this community crushed down just because the situation got the spotlight of the recent time

But we all good, the community is still together❤

Have a good day💚❤💜💛💙


Susan Tan tells us how libraries created communities and have impacted her life. 

Nikodemus Dren: An Antagonist Idea...

By puzzles-and-large-lizards:

Ok, so, I got this idea after the party’s barbarian killed an innocent merchant, and I sicked some law enforcement on them:

If the party ‘accidentally’ kills a friendly NPC, the most logical thing to happen (if the body is found) is the city/town law enforcement trying to figure out who killed the NPC.

So, if the family of the killed NPC decides to seek some professional help, they hire a private investigator, Nikodemus Dren, a human ranger.

Think less wild druid-like protector and more Sherlock Holmes meets Borimir.

The party has no clue who this human is, all they know is that he kind of looks like Tom Hardy’s character in Taboo.

He’ll be accompanied by about twenty or so thug looking body guards, spread out so at a glance, it doesn’t seem like they are all one group.

If they are encountered on the road, they might be in separate carts or walking spread apart, if in a pub, they slowly enter, one at a time, as one or two slowly escort people out, while five or so surround perimeter.

If encountered in a city, a group of silent thugs might subliminally force the party into an alley, where they are surrounded by these thugs. If the players don’t attack, Nikodemus will go on a bit of a speech about how the killed NPC had a family and such.

He always escapes, and always has 5-20 men with him.

Should the players bring him down to 0 hit points, instead of dropping and going unconscious/dying, he drops his weapon’s and attempts to challenge the player to a fist fight.

In this scenario, he gets the tavern brawler feat, and gets 15 temporary hit points.

Should he and his group subdue and capture the party, unless they escape, you get to roleplay a court hearing, with the dead NPC’s family as witnesses and you get to do a whole bunch of insight and charisma and persuasion and deception rolls.  

In the end, the players will need to convince the court that it was someone else, or they would need to escape before the hanging and become wanted criminals.

I think this would work best as a side adventure, considering with the main campaign, although it could work as it’s own adventure.


Because they were the only ones that told me not to fucking kill myself for the three years I was constantly alone and led me to heart warming communities where I could get some help.
And now all these people in the community I loved and trusted are saying without proper evidence that these people are facists and anti-semitics. They are actually tearing a loving community that has helped so many people into fucking pieces. And I’m pissed because we all know better.

I’m not standing to defend these two great guys.

No, they’re grown men. They don’t need a teenage blogger to fight off their “haters”.

I’m standing because what Mark said was done right true and because pewds made an apology and explained himself (aka he recognized what he did was wrong and pointed out how the media twisted his image completely).

And I’m making this post because someone does need to call the community out on this shit though. Because we, as people, are better than name calling and insults. We can discuss with civilized manners and talk about proper view points that have reasoning behind them.

So we all need to calm the fuck down before we speak, watch the videos in full (because half the arguments I’m hearing sound like they were based off guesses), and listen to one another.

And hey, Marks doing a charity Livestream today. We need to band together for that to help people again. Remember how we raised millions of dollars to help people? Together? Well we can do it again! And let’s try to break another goal!

Together, as a community, we can help the world. Please don’t forget that.

(I won’t be able to watch the Livestream tomorrow due to a 36 hour guard competition (yay) I’m going to compete in so if anyone could donate a bit for me or give me updates that would be great!)

EDIT: I will say that Jack DEFINITELY handeled this better than both of them and I’m really proud of him as person for saying what he did. They all had different approaches and I, personally, agree with them all.
Ok so heres a thought.

So I know how much you all love world building and such, especially you 90.5% squaders. So I had an idea, how about we do an collaborative work to create a fleshed out world, unrelated to a fandom. before you say “oh it’s impossible” think about this. counting the only 2 people currently on board, we already have the ability to make weapon designs, magic types, and environments. Probably more but that’s the for certain stuff. Imagine what we could do with 3 or 4 people. I’ll be making a doc or slides or something and anyone will be allowed to join and voice opinions, and help. I honestly think if just a few of us work together we can create something great as a community.


P.S. thanks to @doggosdoodles for talking about an area that lighted this idea in my head.


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@teruel-a-witch replied to your post “Cool Ranch Lunatic" (from the story telling halloween episode) is my…”

Lol i still don’t know what that means, something to do with sauce? *gg*

Cool Ranch is a flavor of Doritos. :)

Going back a bit further in that scene, Britta says

Jeff mocks her by saying

That’s a snarky reference to Extreme Doritos, a line of extra-flavorful Doritos that was around briefly in the early 2000s. And then of course


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