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Foo Fighters in Atlanta 10/4/15
  • An actual conversation between Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins.
  • Taylor: No Paris Hilton here.
  • Dave: No not here tonight.
  • Taylor: No Paris.
  • Dave: God dammit I invited her, but she fucking blew me off again.
  • Taylor: You're probably not the only one she's blew off.
  • Dave: That's going viral.
  • Taylor: (while laughing) Don't even say viral.
  • Dave: Nevermind. No pun intended. Hey!
It was when we were on tour last year. My youngest is eight, he’s in second grade right now, and all of a sudden on tour, he clued in to sort of how the rest of the world views our band. And I found him over and over Googling my name and looking at pictures of me online, like on his computer. That was his sort of way of wrapping his head around it. And he would ask me, like, weird questions, you know, about Dave…He was real curious about Dave and Taylor…He was just trying to figure it out…
—  Chris Shiflett