rexulusblack  asked:

ABC's Castle characters sorted?

Castle: Slytherin
Castle is so Slytherin, it hurts. The whole premise of the the show is that he uses his influence and power to get to work with Beckett. He uses his contacts to get what he wants and is a little self centered. He would risk anything for his family, though. 

Beckett: Gryffindor
Beckett always puts her own needs behind others. She protects people that are scum, because it is her job and she knows that it needs to be done. She doesn’t want anyone to die that doesn’t have to, even if they are terrible people. She is very brave and charges into situations head first.

Alexis:  Ravenclaw
It is strange that the voice of reason comes from the daughter in this show. Many times, that role is taken on by the parent, but not here. Alexis is very logical and inquisitive. She takes a job at the morgue because she wants to learn as much as she can. She also applies for college early and uses her brain before making rash decisions.

Martha: Slytherin
Martha is very concerned with her acting career. She is incredibly ambitious. She is always trying out for another part or trying to further her acting school. She even tries to use her son’s influence o get a good review of her school in the paper.

Esposito: Gryffindor
Esposito is very brave. He also isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty in the sake of carrying out his own justice. He wants the truth and isn’t afraid to make a few enemies on the way.

Ryan: Hufflepuff
Ryan is also very brave, but his loyalty to his friends and is wife are much more defining traits. He is always there whenever anyone needs him and is willing to take on extra work to help the team.

Lanie: Slytherin
Lanie has a no questions asked attitude that makes her very Slytherin. She knows she is intelligent and very good at her job. She also makes sure everyone else knows that. She isn’t afraid to be brutally honest.

-Natalie (Slytherin)