Photo Album: Castle in Pszczyna, Poland

Pszczyna Castle  is a classical-style palace in the city of Pszczyna (formerly called “Pless”) in south-western Poland. Constructed as a castle in 13th century or earlier, in a Gothic architectural style, it was rebuilt in a Renaissance style in the 17th century. During the course of the 18th and 19th centuries, the exterior of the castle was partially changed into a Baroque-Classical style. The castle is often described as one of the most beautiful castle residences in Poland.

Puddle Jumping

This is for @bunysliper and @whatifellinlovewith since I know they’re both feeling a little down at the moment. And for anyone else who needs a little pick me up.

Kate laughs as she watches her little boy jump along the sidewalk in front of her, water splashing up and staining the knees of his jeans.

“Evan, baby,” Kate calls. “Slow down a bit please.”

Evan jumps into the puddle in front of him but goes no further, instead turning to smile at Kate as she comes up behind him.

“Mama! Jump puddles!” He exclaims with a happy wiggle. “Splash splash, Mama!”

Kate laughs again as she bends down and fixes the top button on his yellow raincoat and kisses his nose.

“I see you jumping, baby. Is splashing fun?”

Evan nods again and bounces in place and kicking up small amounts of water in the process. “Is so fun, Mama! Do more splashes?”

Kate glances down the sidewalk and sees that they’re pretty close to Black Pawn. With a smile she focuses back on Evan and nods. “Yeah, Ev. We’re a little early to meet Daddy so we have lots of time to splash.”

“You splash too?”

Kate nods as she stands again and takes Evan’s hand–what’s the point of wearing rainboots if you don’t jump in at least one puddle? Together they make their way down the sidewalk, jumping into every puddle they come across. Normally, Kate would be hyper conscious of being in people’s way and the looks some of the other pedestrians are giving them for bouncing all over the sidewalk, but Evan’s giggling laughter with each splash ensures that Kate doesn’t give a damn that they might be inconveniencing people. Instead, she allows herself to become fully immersed in Evan’s game, jumping from island to island to avoid the oceans of lava.

“Oh noes, Mama!” Evan cries out, and Kate comes to a halt, bending down to her son’s level.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

“We too far!” He cries as he points to the next puddle, definitely a little far for his little legs to jump. “The lava gonn’ gets me!”

Kate smiles as she ruffles her son’s hair before hoisting him up and settling him on her hip with a squeeze. “I’ll help you, Ev. I won’t let the lava get you.”

Evan clutches at Kate’s coat tightly even as his legs band around her waist, and as Kate prepares to jump to the next puddle she can feel the water from the bottoms of Evan’s boots seeping through her coat, but she tightens her grip on Evan and makes the leap to the next puddle. Just as she’s about to land, Evan lets out a squeal and Kate gets distracted, causing her foot to hit the pavement and begin slipping. For a heart stopping moment she’s certain both she and Evan will hit the ground, but then in the next second a strong arm wraps around her and steadies her.

“Thank you,” Kate says hurriedly as she casts a glance to Evan to make sure he’s ok. “I appreciate your help.”

“Enough to give me a kiss?” A deep voice asks and Kate looks up in surprise, only to smile and kiss her husband’s cheek in response.

“Of course.”

“Not the kiss I meant,” Castle says as he leans in and kisses her lips slowly.

“Daddy!” Evan cries as he pushes between them to wrap his arms around Castle’s neck.

“You’re killin’ my game, Ev,” Castle grumbles playfully as he takes his son and blows a raspberry into his stomach.

“Can’t be that dead,” Kate says softly over Evan’s giggles, her eyebrow raised as her hand lands on the bump her shirt barely manages to hide.

“Kate Beckett.” Castle scolds playfully. “I never.”

“Oh, hush,” Kate says as she shoves him gently, giving him an eyeroll for his exaggerated stumble.

“Daddy, no!” Evan cries. “No go in the lava!”

“There’s lava, buddy?” Castle asks as he turns to his son.

Evan nods seriously and points to where he and Kate had come from. “There’s lava and we gots ta jump from puddle ta puddle.”

“You know, Ev,” Castle starts as he sets Evan on the ground. “Mama and I have our lava protection shoes on. But you can still jump from puddle to puddle to stay safe alright?”

Evan looks between his parents with a smile before nodding and holding out both of his hands. Kate takes one hand with a smile while Castle takes the other, and together they lift Evan over the gaps between the puddles as they make their way down the street toward their favorite cafe.

And if Castle notices that Kate occasionally jumps from puddle to puddle or makes a bigger splash than is strictly necessary, well he certainly isn’t going to say anything about it.


Castle Night Shot 8_24_2016 by Dominick Tabon