Recipe #81 - Soft Pretzel

Oh hot dang, this is my jam! I cannot gush enough how wonderful it is when a recipe nails texture AND flavor. My taste buds are having a great night.

I failed to mention it in my first post (because I was starting to ramble) but not only was this a great pretzel recipe but the author (creator? chef?) also tacked on a fantastic sweet mustard dip. This dip was a perfect pairing with the buttery, salty pretzels (sweet and sour with a honey tang) but I feel like it could be used as a great complement to anything that goes well with honey mustard (it reminded me of a chicken dip). Good balance of flavors, good consistency. I might even use it as a salad dressing later. 

Anyway, back to the star of the show. The pretzels reminded me of my favorite dinner roll recipe: super soft and easy to tear and pop into your mouth. I haven’t tried these as leftovers yet but I’d still recommend them fresh out the oven because I’m sure that’s when they reach peak-heavenliness. Pretzels aren’t something I ever thought I’d make but now I want to make them about 50 more times…


Here is my source

-1 cup milk

-1 package active dry yeast

-3 Tbsp light brown sugar

-2 ¼ cups flour

-10 Tbsp unsalted butter

-1 tsp fine salt

-1/3 cup baking soda

-2 Tbsp coarse salt

For the sauce:

-¼ cup mayonnaise

-¼ cup dijon mustard

-3 Tbsp light brown sugar

-½ tsp cider vinegar

Even though the fandom’s hitting hard times right now with delays I’m feeling pretty excited for Cluecrewcookin movin’ forward. I’ve been getting more and more tools in my kitchen lately and feeling really inspired. I will be going strong throughout this hiatus and for as long as I can :) See you next time and keep on cookin’! 

Recipe 81 - Soft Pretzel

“Soft Pretzel” is the fourth and final recipe I’ll make based on the snack options in Anja’s gift shop in The Captive Curse. The former 3 can be found here, here, and here

These were super fun to make and I’d recommend them if you want a really entertaining recipe to make with kids. There are a bunch of little steps I can imagine them helping out with (like stretching the dough, painting on the water solution and sprinkling the salt) and the end result is equally fun to eat. I was wary about shaping the dough and worried that it wouldn’t maintain its pretzel form through baking and rising but it ended up being a lot easier than I thought it would. 

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy making the pretzels but they came out PERFECT taste wise. Golden brown on the top and a darker on the bottom, I was satisfied to find them unburnt and cooked to perfection when I pulled them out of the oven. After being dipped in butter and cooling a little I was impressed by how soft and delicious they were with just a slight crunch from the coarse salt. I downed 2 even though I should have eaten just 1, they’re probably pretty fattening!  

I would highly recommend this mouth-watering, buttery snack and I definitely plan to make it again.