First Chapter of DC Bombshells is out Saturday - Here’s a Look

DC Comics new digital first comic DC Comics Bombshells hits the digital stands on Saturday and here via is the a look at the first chapter written by Marguerite Bennett and pencilled by Marguerite Savauge. 



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Some of the superwonderful Bombshell variant covers for August.

#Superman/Wonder Woman #20

Justice League #43

Justice League of America #3

Action Comics #43

Cover for DC Bomshells #1

DC Comics Bombshells,” which begins in July, will be an ongoing series in DC’s Digital First comic lineup. The series will introduce versions of Batwoman, Wonder Woman and Supergirl in an alternate reality where these female superheroes are on the front lines in World War II. The full line of Bombshells characters will be introduced as the series progresses.