Tumblr, how did you miss this?

BATWOMAN #25 confirms that the Kanes of Kate Kane’s family and the Kanes which comprise Bruce Wayne’s maternal lineage are one and the same.

Jacob Kane, Batwoman’s father, is Jewish.

Therefore, Martha Wayne (nee Kane) is Jewish.

According to Judaic law, if your mother is Jewish, that makes you Jewish.

My friends.

What we have here… is confirmation.


How to adapt The Question for film

If DC actually put effort (lol) into something, they could potentially have another great trilogy on their hands using someone whose name doesn’t rhyme with “Bratman”. And here’s how to do it, in my opinion: The Question.

Everyone knows and loves the Question as the nutty conspiracy theorist in the beloved Justice League Unlimited, and hey, that was a fantastic portrayal. But for the silver screen, it calls for something different. The Question, spread across three movies, and introducing some fan-favorite characters as time goes on.

For the first film, adapt O'Neil’s tun on Question. Thriller, trippy, noir-lite. It’d be a good way to introduce Question and Vic to the mainstream movie-going audience. Take some elements from the entire run and do something with it.

Second movie, let’s follow 52. Take this opportunity to introduce Renee and Kate Kane. Renee is a Gotham cop that wants to do what’s right, while investigating something on her own stumbles across an injured Question. She helps him out and becomes his protege. Kate comes into the picture while Renee tries to figure out the mysteries of the Crime Bible. Kate follows her back to Question’s place and joins their crusade. End of the movie is a trip to Nanda Parbat, Vic isn’t doing well. He reveals to Renee that it’s cancer, terminal. Movie ends with Vic’s death, Renee returns to Hub City, Kate is there to comfort her. Final scene is Renee taking the gas and psuedoderm and donning the mask (literally).

Third and final movie, Kate and Renee team up to track down the Crime Bible cult and find out the mystery behind it. Renee has become more violent in her crusade against the cult and carrying on Vic’s legacy. This is where you can establish Renee/Kate as friends, lovers, partners. You have LGBT+ relationship, diversity and the risky move of passing a legacy on to another main character. 

I dunno, I just want to see something risky from DC for once. I’m so tired of them trying to compete against Marvel in the most ass-backwards way possible and putting out the same thing year after year. Try to actually put effort and love into your movies and you can reap the rewards.