180124 Jimin’s Tweet

못봤으면 어쩔뻔했어
진심으로 고마워요 딱 들어왔다가 봤네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 신기하다
고마워요 여러분 나도 사랑해요

What if I hadn’t seen it
Thank you, truly, I saw it just as I was coming on (to Twitter) kekekekekeke It’s really cool
Thank you everyone I love you too

Trans cr; Alli @ bts-trans

Namjoon: Are you mad?

Seokjin: No.

Namjoon: Okay, good. Thank god.

Seokjin: Joon-ah, do you have sweet tea?

Namjoon: No, hyung. But, I have unsweetened iced tea and I can give you some sugar with it.

Seokjin: *in one breath*

Seokjin: It’s not the same, you fucking yankee, because now the tea is already cold and the sugar won’t dissolve in it and it’ll all just sink at the bottom and be nasty. Learn basic fucking solubility, this is 9th grade chemistry. You have a fucking IQ of 148, how about you use it for once. That’s why sweet tea exists, you fucking dildo. How the fuck are you leading a goddamn band when you don’t even know tea etiquette. You bloody heat the tea and then while it’s still hot you add the sugar and then you chill and there you have sweet fucking tea. How the hell have you kept yourself alive, you’re literally the dumbest person I’ve met and yes I say that despite knowing Jungkook. I bet you pronounce pecan like peecan, you four seasons-having piece of shit.


INFO ABOUT #ThankYouJimin

180114: ARMY decided to trend #thankyoujimin on the day he made his first tweet (January 24). ARMYs heard that Jimin likes and feels happy hearing ‘thank you’ and as he thanks us all the time we should thank him too. Just as planned ARMYs all around the world trended the hashtag. 

Jimin saw it and tweeted the following: 

“What am I going to do if I didn’t see it. 
I am sincerely grateful. I saw it right after I came in (to Twitter) *laughs*. It was really amazing/wonderful. 
Thank you everybody. I love you all too. #JIMIN #ThankYouARMY

EVEN when we thank him he thanks us. An angel!!

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