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rough sex with yoongi/jimin?

Everyone always requests rough sex with Yoongi haha. I guess he seems like the dominant type?

*Note: I’m gonna start changing the tense that the words are in since saying things like “you’d” and “he’d” came off as a bit irritating to some people. If you guys would like anymore more changes, let me know!

**Note: This smut request might be a bit more explicit than others I’ve written since I started reading a mainly smut-based fanfiction based on Taemin from SHINee. >.< Sorry if it bothers anyone!

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Okay so this was my first time actually watching this (I’ve only seen gifs about it and heard about it through blog rants), and I must say, I am absolutely disgusted.

Like I wanted to cry. I couldn’t even finish it. I can’t sit there and watch Namjoon and Yoongi, some of the most hardworking Rookie hip hop rappers in South Korea right now be wrongfully judged.

“Hip hop is more than just rapping on a song.”

“You’re idols for girls.”

“Well, in our country…”

Who in the hell does B-Free think he is? He has no right to judge these boys, okay? They’re as much hip hop stars as Drake, J Cole, and other mainstream hip hop stars in America. BTS has substance, and they wouldn’t be successful if they didn’t. BTS is the reason I actually started to get into Hip Hop more. I mean, the allegations against them in this video are ridiculous.  B-Free basically said, “You’re not hip hop because you’re idols.”

Like sit down, B-Free. Please. Let them be successful and be happy for them, not jealous because they’ve achieved more in six months since debut than you have in three years of a career.

The Stepbrother

Characters: Taehyung

Author: Bubble Rum Admin

Summary: Your mom just got remarried. He also has an only child, a son. He’s such a jerk! You can’t stand him! Can you?


“Turn down the music!”

You yell and bang on your stepbrother’s door. He’s been blasting American rap music for hours! Normally, It wouldn’t be this loud but the parents are out and he thinks he can do whatever.

This is my house you bastard! YOU moved in HERE! I call the shots.

You’re about to bang some more but the door swings open and Taehyung has an annoyed look on his face.

“What do you want?” He asked, moving intimidatingly close to your face.

“I’ve told you already to turn down your music.” You say boldly but look down at your socks.

“Yeah, I heard you the first few times.”

“Well, why didn’t you turn it down? I’m trying to study.” You say with a tone.

“I did turn it down. One notch every time you told me to.” He says smiling.

“Well, it’s still too loud. I can’t concentrate.” You say folding your arms.

“Then go to the library or something. Stop bugging me.” He says about to close the door but you catch your foot in the door and force yourself in.

“Yah! What are you doing?” Taehyung yells.

You run to his portable speakers and turn it off. “That’s much better.”

Taehyung slowly walks over and turns the speakers back on.

“Stupid.” He says and shoves you toward the door.

“Hey! Don’t push me!” You say getting out of his grip.

“Then leave!”

“Not until you turn the speakers down to where I can’t hear it or turn it completely off!”

“I can’t! I like my music loud.”

“Then put on your headphones!”


“Seriously? You’re such a jerk!” You say storming to your room and slamming the door behind you.

That jerk! Who does he think he is? Telling me what to do and what he’s not going to do. I’ll kill him!

You return to your desk and focus on your studies. Then you notice that the music sounds much louder than before. Like it’s right outside your door. You get up from your chair and open the door. The hallway is blasting with music, you cover your ears. You look down and see a portable speaker right in front of your door.

“Very funny, jerk!” You say picking up the electronic and turning it off. But place on your dresser and continue working. But you still hear loud music playing. Furious, you get up and burst into Taehyung room without knocking.

“You stupid jerk! Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

Taehyung stares at you with a confused look on his face. Furious at his fake confusion he snatch his speaker from his dresser and run toward your room.

“Hey! Give that back!” Taehyung yells and runs after you but gets the door slammed in his face. He bangs on your door. “Give me back my speaker! I’ll kill you! Open the damn door!” He continues to yell threats and insults but you ignore him. It’s better than listening to his loud music.

Then you remembered there’s a key to your room downstairs in your mother’s office. But he couldn’t possibly know that. You relax and turn your attention back to your books. Taehyung has stopped banging on your door for a while now. The house is finally quite. You’re almost done with your English homework when you hear your door knob jiggle. You look over and see it wiggling.


Taehyung swings open the door. “Gotcha!” But he doesn’t see you. “I know you’re in here. You’re dead meat.”

You watch Taehyung from your wardrobe as he moves slowly about your room. You have a walk-in closet for your normal clothes and a wardrobe for your formal wear. Your mother gets invited to a lot of elegant parties so your wardrobe is full of long, short, puffy, all different kinds of dresses. He wouldn’t be able to see you at first glance unless he looks through the clothes.

Taehyung comes out of your closet and walks into the bathroom. You hear the shower curtain being pulled. You hear Taehyung curse. He comes out of the bathroom and gets on all fours and looks under your bed. He gets up and scratches his head.

“Maybe, she did go to the library.”

Taehyungs walks toward the door. Thank God. You move around to get more comfortable. The wardrobe creaks. Taehyung’s head turns toward the wardrobe. You look through the cracks and see Taehyung looking right at you. He moves slowly toward the wardrobe and opens it carefully. You hold your breath and move deeper into a corner. Taehyung squints his eyes. He runs his hand along the dresses and starts to look through them. Shit. He’s going to find me.

Taehyung gets closer and closer and you prepare yourself for an escape. You close your eyes and count down from ten until he catches you. Three. Two. Go! Just as Taehyung spots you, you push past him and make a run for the door. Taehyung reaches out and grabs you around your waist. You let out a scream. “Give me the speaker!” Taehyung yells. “No!” You refuse and pushes him on your bed. He grabs you and pulls you down with him.

Taehyung sits on top of you hold your arms up over your head. “Where’s my speaker?” He asks, a few centimeters from your face. You stay silent. “Where’s my speaker?” He asks, louder squeezing your wrists. You remain silent. Angry, Taehyung reaches down to your sides and tickles you. You laugh uncontrollably as Taehyung tickles your most ticklish spot. “Where’s my speaker? Where’s my speaker? Wheres my speaker?” Taehyung ask repeatedly, also laughing. “Please stop! That’s enough!” You scream.

“Will you tell me where my speaker is?”

“Yes! Just please, stop!”

Taehyung stops and you catch your breath, still giggling.

“Now, wheres my speaker?”

“In the wardrobe.”

Taehyung lifts himself off of you and walks toward the wardrobe and receives his speaker. “You are such a pain in my ass.”

You gasp and snatch the speaker out of his hand and drop it into your sweatshirt.

Taehyung stares, speechless at your sweatshirt then at you. Then he smirks, “Don’t think I won’t go in there.”

“Go ahead. I dare you.”

Taehyung doesn’t hesitate. He pulls out your sweatshirt from the top and reaches down into your shirt. He grabs the first thing he feels which is your left breast and you let out a soft moan. He coughs and blushes and continues his search. He grabs the next thing he feels, which is your right breast and you let out another moan.

“You’re such a pervert.” You say pushing him away from you. You reach up your sweatshirt and pull out the speaker. “It was all the way down to my belly button, dummy!” You say throwing the speaker to his chest. He catches it and laughs.

“I’m the pervert? You’re the one who told me to go under your shirt.”

“Whatever. Just get out of my room.” You say walking him to the door. Taehyung turns to you with a smug look on his face. “Admit you liked it, though.”

“Ugh! You’re so gross! Of course I didn’t!”

“Don’t lie! I heard you moaning.”

“Shut up! I didn’t!”

Taehyung then pushes you away from the door and closes it.

“What are you doing? Get out of here!”

“I’ll leave when you admit that you enjoyed me feeling you up.”

“You’re so sick! Leave!”

Taehyung then pushes you against the door and presses his lips against yours. You’re shocked but quickly kisses him back. He runs his tongue along your lip and you allow him into your mouth. He explores it eagerly. His hands creep up your stomach and he softly grabs your breasts. He only breaks away to say “Tell me liked it” or “Admit it. And you only response it a "Uh uh”.

“Admit it, then I’ll leave. But I know you don’t want me to go.” He continues to kiss you, growing more aggressive. Just then you hear the front door open and close.

“Kids we’re home!” Your stepfather calls. “Come downstairs.”

You push Taehyung away from you but he doesn’t budge. “Our parents are home! We have to stop!”

“I told you I’ll leave once you admit that-”

“Taehyung! We don’t have time for this!” You can hear the footsteps coming up the stairs.

“Kids! What are you doing up there? Come downstairs!”

“Admit it!” Taehyung whispers in your ear, sending a shiver up your spine.

“Fine! I admit it! I enjoyed you feeling me up! Are you happy now?”

Taehyung takes a step backward and smiles. “Yes. I am.”

“Good for you. Now lets go!”

You take Taehyung’s arm, open the door and drag him downstairs.


If Taehyung was my stepbrother… omg I’d tap that >:P