Dear Ubisoft, there are some things that are perfectly appropriate things to do to characters. THIS was NOT one of them.
Sincerely, somebody who is absolutely still not over this, no matter how many years it has been. You douchebags.

Sometimes my brain goes “holy fuck Giovanni Auditore is such a good character” out of nowhere and then I usually fuck off to cry over some LiveJournal post from 2009 because that’s how much new content there is with this guy.

Pick Up Lines: AssCreed
  • <p> <b>Altair:</b> Are you a horse? Because please don't leave- PLEASE<p/><b>Ezio:</b> My love for you is like my Florins- endless.<p/><b>Connor:</b> If I knew how to flirt, it would only be with you.<p/><b>Shay:</b> The only girl more beautiful than the Morrigan is you.<p/><b>Edward:</b> I like you almost as much as I like rum. Almost.<p/><b>Arno:</b> You knew how to BaSTEELe my heart~<p/><b>Jacob:</b> Our relationship isn't a JOKE, JOKE, JOKE.<p/><b>Evie:</b> Whenever I'm around you, I become like my piano playing. Chaotic but meaningful.<p/><b>Desmond:</b> I think all the bottles in this bar must be jealous, cause your beauty is the most intoxicating thing in this place.<p/></p>