Reasons to love Evie Frye

💗Tall lady (5'7" or 5'9" if you count the heels)

💗Leading lady

💗Female character whose assets are not sex appeal


💗Curvy but fit

💗Situationally better than or equal to Jacob

💗Not a tank, but can hold her own in a fight

💗Cinnamon roll but could kill you

💗History geek

💗Kicks enemies in the nuts

💗Done with your misogyny

💗Has a personality, motivations, and goals not motivated by Generic Romantic Interest

💗Romance subplot isn’t forced down your throat

💗Loves information and data but believes in ghosts

💗Mom friend

💗Skill set actually supports her character and doesn’t hold her back when something isn’t her specialty

💗Wardrobe is modest and suits the time period (corsets, heels, silk details, etc)

💗Character development

💗Interacts with Jacob like a real sibling

💗Frustrations with Jacob’s shortcomings are justified (like when Jacob crashed the economy)

💗Badass and she knows it


“You’re such a pain in the arse. Damn it, you should have been the one to outlast me.”