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Let’s see surprising things here:

-There’s this girl who is a descent of Maria, but she’s like the younger sister of Callum. (She looks like she’s still teen)

-Moussa is in love with magician stuffs

-Lin and her Shao Jun’s shoeblades

-Lin ain’t fighting with cgi when come to ropedart part

-Moussa can snap ur wrists

-Alternate ending (Which is gladly deleted coz the characters are precious) where Moussa, Lin, Nathan are killed in the battle.

-Alternate endings

-Cal’s father isn’t really that killer monster

-Callum is dining with Maria’s descent and they turned out like siblings. (She’s like 13 year old but can kill, Cal is already like 30s) And Maria’s descent has a book of sketches including hidden blade blueprints

-A better ending where the movie didn’t kill all the notable Abstergo prisoners and they stand in the nightlights wearing hoods. And Cal sees his mother will always stand by him even as a ghost.

(This could turn out to be a good decision game If Ubisoft give an extra dare)

Dear Ubisoft, there are some things that are perfectly appropriate things to do to characters. THIS was NOT one of them.
Sincerely, somebody who is absolutely still not over this, no matter how many years it has been. You douchebags.

Sometimes my brain goes “holy fuck Giovanni Auditore is such a good character” out of nowhere and then I usually fuck off to cry over some LiveJournal post from 2009 because that’s how much new content there is with this guy.