mygifs: zevran

also remember when bioware was all “oh yeah romanced zevran will have content don’t you worry it’ll be great!!”

well if connor is alive he gets more content than romanced zevran and that is not fucking great that is fucking stupid


It’s Alim and Zevran done by the wonderful Susias! I am absolutely giddy at the moment. It’s perfect!

I’ve got to tell you though, as pleased as I am with the picture, it was just the icing on the cake because the real joy was getting to deal with Iina. This was the first time I’d ever commissioned something and she made it a great experience. Don’t hesitate to contact her for commissions!

Thank you Iina!

How Does Zevran Feel About Not Being in Inquisition?
  • How Does Zevran Feel About Not Being in Inquisition?

As requested by  calliantabris a fan impression on how Zevran feels about not being in Dragon Age: Inquisition. 

So, I was recently asked how I felt about not being included in Dragon Age: Inquisition. And to be quite honest, I do not mind in the slightest. It is good to take a vacation from being a big daring hero and saving the world every now and then, am I right?

And between you and I, I have been keeping this ‘tears in the fade’ and 'demons threatening the world’ business a secret from our dear Warden. Because I now if they found out they would have to get involved and be in harm’s way and all that self-sacrificing business that comes with being a charming and lovely hero.

And quite frankly, I think one time is more than enough for my warden….so far as my own sanity can put up with….oh braska.

But fortunately so far, I have quite successful in keeping it a sec-Oh! excuse me one moment, would you?

Yes, my dear warden, what do you need?


A giant green tear in the sky, you say? Well surely that is impossible-

What do you mean you are going to 'check it out?’

No, this is nonsense, my dear warden! Please stay, I will get the cheese wheel and the soothing oils and we shall have a lovely-

My warden, I-

Warden! You get back here right now!


Sorry to cut this short but I need to collect my warden!