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Write your sentence, whatever that is. So it’s two guys I saw at a pub, they come out, they’re going on opposite directions and the dialogue is “Great having a drink with you. Really enjoyed it. Great game of darts, I’m going on, and I see you later”. People do write dialogue like that. And a good test is just keep taking words away, take them away one at a time so it still makes sense. So that gets rid of all the ‘I am’s and everything else, all the things. And if you do that, what you end up with is: “Later”. And that’s actually how people talk.

At first glance, My Super Sweet 16 appears to be a sugary bit of reality drizzle about some irritating American brats, but the more you watch it the more you realize it’s actually a stonehearted exposé of everything that’s wrong with our faltering so-called civilization.

Each episode follows an unbelievably spoiled rich and tiny cunt as they prepare to throw a despicably opulent coming of age party for themselves and their squealing shitcake friends.

Actually, I think this might be an Al-Qaeda recruitment film.

Fortunately for whining snotface, the party itself goes with a bang. She enters looking every inch the cosseted flesh-waste she is, and her and her nauseating idiot scumbag friends celebrate into the night: dancing, shrieking, acting like pillocks, and generally making you feel like getting down on your knees and praying for a nuclear holocaust.

In summary, our world is doomed.

- Charlie Brooker


Charlie Brooker on Mr Noseybonk


2011 Wipe has contributions from the great Adam Curtis, Doug Stanhope and even Limmy. It’s safe to say I officially cannot wait. Been waitin’ too long for a new Brooker fix.

Now, let’s get something straight, okay… I love Doctor Who. It somehow by-passes the cynical, nasty, gnarled bit of my brain completely and plugs straight into my gurgling, over grown child. I love the fact that it’s a big, populous drama, driven by ideas. Plus, it scares kids… shitless, and I hate kids; so, the longer they spend cowering in terror, the better.

 Charlie Brooker, Screenwipe S02E01