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NCT 127 Reaction to their girlfriend having stretchmarks


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“Is it weird that I find them cute?” He would love to see you be more confident about your body and would show you as much as he could that he loved everything about them. 


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*Runs to you if he ever hears you putting yourself down* He would be very open with how he feels about your body, complimenting you constantly. “You’re the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen” He would make sure you knew that. 


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*kisses them whenever you point them out* He would find them beautiful, just another part of you that made you, you. “Don’t be so embarrassed, I love them.” 


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“Nobody’s perfect… but you are.” He would put the biggest smile on your face, and he would hate to see you upset about something that to him, was gorgeous. 


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“I have those too, we’re like twins!” He would tell you that everyone gets them and that they’re kinda cute. He would shower you with love and cuddles until you agreed with him. 


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“Why are you making such a big deal out of them? Come back so we can cuddle!” He wouldn’t understand why you got so worked up over it because he thought they were perfect, just like you. 


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“I never noticed you had them, they’re adorable.” He would love them and trace them with his fingers whenever you cuddled. “How did I get such a beautiful girlfriend?” 


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He would be confused if you ever said you didn’t like them. “They look really cool” He would love to see you be confident about them, it would make him really happy 


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“Wow, my girlfriend really is perfect.” He would love every single inch of you and he would show it as much as he could. If he ever noticed you were insecure about it he would remind you just how beautiful it makes you. 

GOT7 Reaction: “They found out they were a bet”

You tell them they were a bet (assuming you two are dating)

Mark: *feeling very sad because you were his life”

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JB: “I refuse to belive that. You’re lying” *actually don’t know what to think

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Jackson: “Oh, I see… Nevermind” *trying not to seem sad, but dying inside*

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Jin Young: “I can’t belive you are doing this to me”

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Young Jae: “That’s the best joke ever”

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BamBam: “What? Is that even possible?”

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Yu Gyeom: *I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to cry… sh*t*

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Guess holding hands is a vmon thing ;)

BTS Reaction to Them and Their S/O Having a Fight but Wake Up Tangled Together


Seokjin grumbled and tried to shove your arm off of his forehead. Even though he had acted like he was super mad, he wasn’t. He couldn’t be when he loved his s/o so much. When you were finally awake enough to move he quickly pulled you back to him wrapping his arms around you tightly. 

“ God I actually didn’t expect to love you so much “

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When you and Namjoon went to sleep that night you guys fell asleep facing away from each other. When he finally woke up with his s/o’s head resting sweetly on his chest all of his previous anger melted away. He was always such a softie when it came to his s/o and he could never stay mad at them for long. 

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As Yoongi woke up he chuckled at the fact that he couldn’t feel his legs because they were in a very awkward position. Both of his legs spirally twisted with his s/o’s. He softly shook his legs from your’s and rubbed his thumb across your sleeping face. Now that he was calm he could finally think and he realized that what the two of you had been fighting about wasn’t that serious.

“ Gosh we are so dramatic “

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When you woke up and tried to shove Hoseok off you, he just grunted and pulled you even closer to him. In actuality he had forgotten that the two of you had even fought in the first place. A soft “I love you” fell from his lips and you could’t help sighing and melting further into his embrace forgetting all about your fight. 

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Taehyung was very intent on you not being upset with him. So when he woke up with the two of you snuggled together his heart swelled. He gently kissed your forehead and immediately went right back to sleep, embracing your warmth. 

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Jimin get off of me god” You mumbled to your alseep s/o. He woke up enough for the two of you to get out of the uncomfortable position you were in and plopped back onto the bed dragging you with him. He snuck his arms tightly around his s/o’s waist, spooning them. He could never be mad enough at his s/o that he would pass up a good cuddle. Burying his head softly in his s/o’s hair he went back to sleep. 

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Jungkook would be the one laying all over his s/o. Jungkook has all the strength in the world but he likes to be babied. He hates when the two of you get in fights. He always ends up trying to make the situation better even though sometimes he just makes it worse. When you woke up with Jungkook sprawled all over you, you could’t help but smile and whisper a small “I love this boy” under your breath. He immediately whispered “I love you too” and snuggled closer too you falling back asleep.

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BTS Reaction: Their s/o is an alcoholic

(Because their s/o can’t deal with loneliness and problems properly)

Jin: as the eldest in the group, I think he would be one of the most worried about you (because he uses to take care of the other members as well as Rapmon). He would try to approach to you and when you were able to tell him the problem by yourself, he would tell you that you had him, and he would be very supportive and help you to leave all your problems aside.

Suga: Suga would be very concerned about your helth. He would talk with you about the issue and as Jin, he would be really supportive and he would tell you shyly if he can be with you so you won’t be lonely again, so you won’t have to appeal to alcohol again.

J-Hope: He seems the type to search help even if you ask him not to do it. Not in the wrong way, he wouldn’t force you to go to the doctor, but he would be really scared that something bad would happen to you. He would stay by your side to let you know that you are not alone.

Rap Monster: The leader (as well as he takes care of the other members) would care a lot about your problems and he would search a lot of information to help you to solve your inner and deep thoughts. He’ll demonstrate you with actions that you have him and he won’t never let you go.

Jimin: He would be a bit scared because it would be a bit difficult to realize at first, but once he knows all about you, he would tell you that the alcohol is not the solution and he would offer you to search help and if you don’t want to, he would try to solve the problem with you. Since he is so soft, he would try his best to not to hurt you with his words or actions.

V: Taehyung may be a bit lost at first and not know what to say and how, but the truth is that he is so golden-hearted that he would be afraid to hurt you with his words as well. So, after hearing from yourself your deepest thoughts, he would do the impossible to distance you from alcohol.

Jungkook: the maknae would be also a bit lost like Taehyung, not knowing how to handle these kind of things. He would search a lot of information to help you the most and tell you that if you don’t want anyone else to help you, he would do it, because all he wants is to see you healthy and well.

seventeen first impressions vs now
  • dino then: CUTIE BABY
  • dino now : still a lil nug but lowkey A Man™
  • vernon then: he was my first love in svt
  • vernon now: i love my awkward boyfriend
  • jeonghan then: a girl but a pretty girl
  • jeonghan now: truly such a visual human, thank you God for creating such a beautiful person
  • woozi then: wow he tiny n cute is he like 16?
  • woozi now: still small and fragile but super important and grown up bc he's the producer
  • joshua then: kinda feminine bc his voice is so gentle ?? but he loves jesus so i love him
  • joshua now: PROTECT HIM he is soft but onstage he is Dad
  • mingyu then : he looks so intimidating
  • mingyu now : what a string bean!!
  • wonwoo then : if wonwoo punched me in the face i still wouldn't be able to identify him
  • wonwoo now : i want wonwoo to punch me in the face
  • s coups then : he's strange looking
  • s coups now : he's my actual father, please adopt me seungcheol
  • hoshi then : wait isn't that woozi?? all these squishy boys with cute names what the heck
  • hoshi now : important and talented lil bub!!! also he lowkey looks like xiumin from exo
  • jun then : PRETTY also a vampire
  • jun now: honestly still pretty, still a vampire, but he's always so done with life what a relatable guy
  • the8 then : he has a striking nose?? ahah idk why i noticed that first
  • the8 now : my precious son!!!! he's so soft n quiet and i love him!!!
  • seungkwan then : woah he looks like a dad
  • seungkwan now : he's only one year older than me and funny as heck ! i want to be his best friend he's so fun
  • dk then : that is a handsome man right there, he's gotta be the oldest
  • dk now : someone please stop my 12 year old son from embarrassing himself

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❃ Kang Daniel

Ong Seongwoo 

❃ Hwang Minhyun

Park Woojin 


Choi Seungcheol

Yoon Jeonghan

Hong Jisoo

❃ Kwon Soonyoung 


❃ Kang Dongho 



Yoon Jisung 

Ha Sungwoon

Hwang Minhyun

Ong Seongwoo

Kim Jaehwan

Kang Daniel

Park Jihoon

Park Woojin

Lee Daehwi 

❃ Lai Guan Lin


Kim Yongguk 

Ahn Hyungseob

Takada Kenta

Im Youngmin 

❃ Kim Taemin 

❃ Huang Justin

❃ Kim Donghyun


❃ Kwak Aron 

❃ Kang Dongho 

❃ Kim Jonghyun 


❃ Yoon Jeonghan 





Exo Reaction to Their Gf Walking Away in the Middle of Making Out


Just as things started to get heated, you pulled away and started to walk off. 

Xiumin caught your arm. “Is something wrong?

No. I just need to go somewhere.” You lied, smirking.

His arm snaked around your waist. “Don’t lie. You won’t be leaving me like this.

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His mouth fell open slightly.

What?” You asked, covering up your laugh.

We’re not doing that.

Well I am.

Suho walked over. He pulled on the hem of your shirt lightly, starting to slip his hand under.

He leaned his head closer. “You sure about that?

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You pulled away and strutted off.

He stood there, confused. “Uh.. are you okay?

Yeah, I’m just done.


I’m done.” You smirked.

He started to walk towards you and whispered in your ear, as his hand trailed up your thigh. “Don’t start things you are not going to finish.

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He gasped.


You just walked away!

I know, that’s because I’m done now.

What? Y/n, don’t do this to me.

You took a seat on a chair. “What are you going to do about it?

His tone of voice got deeper. “Oh, you’ll see.

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He grasped onto your hand before you fully managed to get away.

He pulled you closer and whispered, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

“Do what?”

His hot breath on your neck sent shivers through your body. “Mess with me, you might regret it..”

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You walked to the bedroom, leaving Chanyeol standing there. When you did that, it kind of set him off. He followed you into the bedroom.

Yes?” You asked, knowing exactly what you were doing to him.

Don’t tease me.

You turned around, smirking at him. “You can’t tell me what to do.

His eyes darkened, forcing you onto the bed a second later. His hands were on both of your wrists and he was above you.

He growled near your ear, “Say it again, and I’ll use more force.

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You let go and started to open the door, a hand slammed against it, stopping you.

I have to go get something.” You lied.

D.O. was pressed up against you. “And what would that be?


His hand traveled up your body and grasped onto your hair.“If you go, I’ll just have to punish you when you get back.

*I know this gif is his psychopath role, but it just works.. punish does not mean kill in this context

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His breath was becoming staggered, pulling his shirt off. 

As you were moving away, Kai’s grip on you got tighter.

A smirk spread onto his lips and his hands went up the back of your shirt to your bra. “Don’t play with me.

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Sehun was going to connect lips again, but before he could you stepped back.

Um.. what are you doing?

Going to bed.

Hah. No.

What do you mean? I’m going to bed.” You said in a teasing tone.

He grasped onto your waist and pulled you close in one swift movement. “You won’t be sleeping tonight.

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Hi, I just wanted to ask how would Levi, Eren, and Connie react to finding kitten on their doorstep? Hope you have a good day/night!

Aw thank you!

-thinks practically on how to handle the situation
-starts calling people to take it
-he gets a hold of Petra who is happy to take it
-he looks down at the kitten
-It snuggles right up to him, sleepily purring
-the warm fuzz ball melts his heart
-“Sigh…Hey, Petra. Sorry but-”

-confused on what to do at first
-just takes it inside
-trying to figure out what to do when he feels a tiny tap
-looks down
-the kitten is batting at his hoodie strings
-he smiles and begins swinging the string around for the kitten
-the kitten eventually gets tired and passes out right on top of him
-best friends from then on (Armin is secretly jealous)

-opens his door
-starts playing with and loving the cat immediately
-“I love you I love you I love you I lo-”
-posts tons of selfies
-everyone’s Snapchat is blown up until the end of time