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Coatls are swimmers not fliers

Coatls don’t and can’t fly in the air, they are too fat and their wings are too small for that, instead they “fly” in the waters much like penguins. Their second pair of wings most likely be the there to help steer when swimming fast in the water while they catch their prey. 

Penguins have small wings and a large body and small legs, as do the Coatls.

They also ONLY eat Seafood! 

So in other words, Coalts are kind of like the Penguins of the dragoon world.

These are from my friend’s sister’s Facebook. As you can see, both are very sloppy. And ‘freedom’ is spelled incorrectly. The lines are wonky and the tattoos overall are just not good. Pretty sure they were done by a scratcher.


Unless it’s an abbreviation for “Free-DAMN this was a bad idea”?